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The Ultimate Primer for the Bonhams Monaco Sale


On May 13, 2016 in the Principality of Monaco, the 27th auction sale of Bonhams will take place at the Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo. Philip Kantor, Head of Department Motor Cars Europe and Director Eu Board welcomes guests to enjoy the auction. Of great interest to collectors and sports enthusiasts is that 2016 also is the 10th bi-annual Monaco Historic Grand Prix.

Included in this year’s auction are a Bugatti Type 35, which is one of the finest early Grand Prix models extant. Also included is an original Jaguar C-type which is a veteran of the Le Mans 24. This Jaguar is presented to the market for the first time in 53 years.

Kantor and his colleagues have prepared 40 motor cars which have been carefully curated for this sale. These automobiles represent historic and exceptional examples of competition, sports and quality touring cars. Fine, selected automobilia provided from a private, single-owner collection is also included in the auction.

This is a distinguished auction event for Bonhams and a definite opportunity for automobile collectors. In the Motor Cars section of the auction, the 40 cars offered start out with a collective initial bidding total of close to €20 million. The 10 Automobilia lots offered start out with an additional initial bidding total of €45,700.

Though it would be fair to say that all the lots up for bid are of excellent quality, there are several in the Motor Car section that are further distinguished by their provenance. Some have extensive historical records and photographs; which can be rare, or even non-existent. There are those which ran in significant races, driven by famous drivers, and there are those which have survived as single best examples of their class. Here is the list of the five stellar auction candidates:

1. The Cream of the Crop Motor Cars


A. 1953 'C-Type' Jaguar Roadster

This roadster is a two seat car for sports racing. It carries original and new stamps created by Jaguar Cars Ltd. In the year 1954. The registration and chassis numbers are included in the auction description.

€4 million - 5 million (US$ 4.6 million - 5.8 million)

B. 2011 Aston Martin One-77 Coupé
€1.75 million - 2.25 million (US$ 2 million - 2.6 million)

C. 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO Coupé
€1.3 million - 1.7 million (US$ 1.5 million - 2 million)

D. 1973 Porsche Carrera RS Touring Coupé
€470,000 - 570,000 (US$ 540,000 - 660,000)

E. 1988 Porsche 959 Komfort
€500,000 - 600,000 (US$ 580,000 - 690,000)

F. 1965 Ferrari 275 GTS
€1.5 million - 2 million (US$ 1.7 million - 2.3 million)

2. A Baker’s Dozen


This group of thirteen motor cars are an appetizer listing of the broad range of vehicles for auction. To enjoy the full meal, photographs and details are included in the Bonhams Auction eBrochure online.

• 1982 Finnkart 85CC SF A1
€10,000 to 20, 000

• 1971 Fiat Jolly Beach Car
€20,000 to 30,000

• 2013 Fiat 500 JollyCar
€35,000 to 55,000

• 1989 BMW Z1 Roadster
€35,000 to 55,000

• 1959 Moretti-Branca Formula Junior Monoposto
€85,000 to 125,000

1963 Ferrari 330 America Coupe’
€290,000 to 350,000

• 1973 ISO Grifo 6.5 Litre Series II Coupe’
€300,000 to 350,000

• 1956 Talbot Lago T14 LS Special Coupe’
€220,000 to 260,000

• 1957 AC Ace Bristol Roadster
€250,000 to 300,000

• 1994 Ferrari 512 TR Coupe’
€180,000 to 220,000

• 1973 Porsche 911 2.7 Carrera RS Touring to “Lightweight” Specification
€470,000 to 570,000

• 1980 Lancia Rally SE 037 Prototype Group B Competition Car
€320,000 to 400,000

• 1988 Porsche 959 Komfort
€500,000 to 600,00

• 1967 Jaguar E-Type Series I 4.2 Litre Roadster
€230,000 to 280,000

• 1971 Range Rover 4X4
€50,000 to 70,000

• 1959 Bentley S2 Continental Flying Spur Sports Saloon
€160,000 to 200,000

• 1962 Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint Speciale Coupe’
€75,000 to 115,000

• 1982 Ferrari 512 BBI
€290,000 to 340,000

• 1972 Lamborghini Espada Series III
€110,00 to 140,00

1987 Ferrari Testarossa
€110,000 to 130,000

3. Choice Automobilia


These are four of the ten lots of automobilia for sale. The owner kept these items in excellent condition; preserving valuable insights into the history of the automotive world.

A. Circa 1971 Jomoro Child’s Racing Car

a. Restored in 1998
b. Weighs 180 pounds
c. Suitable for children ages 5 to 14
d. Capable of 60 to 65 km/h
€20,000 to 30,000 – No Reserve

B. An Enzo Ferrari 1958 Letter

It was signed in Modena, and dated on the 5th of August.

a. It is typed on a single sheet of paper with the Ferrari letterhead.
b. The letter is addressed to Dr. Caro Recanti.
c. The letter thanks Dr. Recanti for his kind telegram sent upon the departure of Peter Collins.
d. The signature is written in purple ink, and includes an envelope.
€3,000 to 4,000 – No Reserve

C. A Model of Jacques Swaters’ Ferrari 500F2

a. Finished in Belgian racing yellow.
b. Fitted with Pirelli rubber tires on metal wheels.
c. Based on famous promotional model by Toschi.
d. Comes with engraved brass plaque.
€3,000 to 4,000 – No Reserve

D. Two Tinplate Clockwork Toys

These toys commemorate world land speed records.

a. A 1,000Hp Sunbeam by Kingsbury, America, circa 1927
b. Stars & Stripes and Union Flag decals
c. A Gold Arrow by Kingsbury, America, circa 1929
d. Both replicas of cars driven by Sr. Henry Segrave; cars in working order
€1,200 to 1,500 – No Reserve

The Bonhams Monaco eCatalogue details very specific instructions for buyers and sellers. Anyone planning to attend the event must know these details in order to access the auction. There are requirements that must be completed in advance of the sale and specifics for taking home purchased items.

4. Auction Viewing Times and Sessions

Viewing Times:

• 12 May 2016 10:30 - 17:00 CEST
• 13 May 2016 10:30 - 19:00 CEST

Auction Times:

• Friday, 13 May, 2016
• Automobilia – 7:30 CEST
• Motor Cars – 7:45 CEST

5. Gaining permission and access to the auction is a three step process:

Follow these Day of Sale Instructions exactly to gain entrance:

Step 1 – Go to AFIM Real Estate ,1 Grande Bretagne, near the Hotel Metropole on 13 May Friday, to request a complimentary access badge. You will need this badge to allow you access to cross over the bridge at av. des Speluges, and to access the roof-top entrance to the Fairmont Hotel. It is situated near the Buddha Bar.

Step 2 – Cross av. des Speluges using the bridge over the circuit.

Step 3 – The auction is only available by accessing the Fairmont Hotel’s roof-top entrance on 13 May, Friday beginning at 12:30 P.M. Only those with access badges will be allowed entry.

6. How to Access the Hotel on Auction Day

The Fairmont Hotel is located on the race track. The track is open for the public on Thursday, May 12 and Friday May 13, closing at 12:30 P.M. It will open again in the evening at 20:20 P.M.
While the track is closed, special access to the hotel is required of Bonhams customers and hotel guests. Access during the Friday closed period is via Casino Square, entering through the hotel’s roof terrace. Normal access through the main entrance of the hotel is allowed during the times when the track is open for the public.

Hotel Address:

Fairmont Monte-Carlo Hotel
12 avenue des Speluges
MC 98000 Monaco

7. Before the Sale Day Bidders Information

Anyone who intends to bid on any lots during the auction must register in advance with Bonhams. Bidders should be prepared to submit bankers references early enough so that Bonhams can act upon them. Bonhams reserves the right to refuse bidders, without providing reason, and at the sole discretion of the firm. Buyers must complete a Bidders Registration Form including contact information and full identification. Once the form is accepted, buyers will be given a paddle number to use during the sale. Proof of identity must be provided at the site on the day of the sale, as well. Bidders must purchase a Catalogue at the price of €50. This gives the catalogue owner two passes to the sale. The international phone numbers for Bids service and Sales registration are listed in the online catalogue.

8. Post-Bidding Rules and Regulations

The Bonhams online brochure lists very specific requirements for paying taxes on purchases, dealing with customs issues, collection and storage of vehicles, and making preparations for transport and shipping of vehicles. Because every buyer has different needs, Bonhams requests that potential bidders read through the entire eCatalogue to become familiar with these legal and practical necessities.

9. Banking Requirements

All buyers should familiarize themselves with the payment methods accepted, such as electronic funds transfer, cash, and checks drawn on a French or Monaco bank. Bonhams will not release purchases until checks and fund transfers have cleared the bank. There may be additional fees required, and buyers must have sufficient funds to cover those as well, or purchases will not be completed. Buyers must provide the full purchase price no later than noon on Monday, May 16, 2016 or the purchase will be cancelled. No third party payments are allowed or accepted due to strict Monaco money laundering laws.

10. Expect Road Closures and Traffic Delays

Potential buyers should be aware that road closures and increased traffic congestion is common the week of the event. Due to the strict rules imposed on transporters collecting cars from the auction, it is recommended to call Bonhams for further information about handling these schedules and dealing with the authorities.

After all the logistical and legal details are taken into consideration, anyone who attends the Bonhams auction will be seeing history in the making. Not only will a select amount of top drawer automobiles make significant historic changes of ownership, but the auction house is celebrating its success as well. Bonhams is returning to the Fairmont Monte-Carlo with fond memories of the location because the first Bonhams auction ever was held at the hotel in 1987. Attendees can expect all the fanfare, elegance, competitive bidding and fun that is certain to be part of this milestone automotive event.

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