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10 Awesome Things to do in Coombsville, Napa Valley

Coombsville California

Coombsville, California is a city that is not far from Napa, but it's easy to overlook if you're not familiar with its many amenities. Californians view it as a rising star in the wine industry. The city has a storied history with small wine producers creating products that are taking center stage. It's the home of rolling hills, farmland, and some grape production. More people are paying attention to the emerging wineries and rich wine touring industry. Wine grapes were grown in Coombsville for over a century. Italian immigrants settled in Napa Valley and began their legacy of producing fine wines. Others grow fresh produce with small production facilities including walnuts, fruits, olives, and herbal teas. Some wineries go back as far as the 1880s. If you're planning to be in the Napa area, we recommend checking out Coombsville to check out the wine tours, but there's so much more. Here are the ten best things to do in Coombsville, California.

10. Visit the Oxbow Public Market

The Oxbow Public Market is one of the best venues to visit when you're nearing Coombsville. It's not far from the town and it's a great place to tour if you're on your way to one of the natural settings in Coombsville for hiking or picnicking. You'll find restaurants and cafes as well as boutique distillers. The Market occupies 40,000 square feet of property with outdoor decks in scenic areas overlooking the Napa River. You'll find artisan cafes, organic produce offered by local food vendors, and your choice of sit-down dining, or places to pick up your picnic supplies. The artisans at the market are passionate about sustainable agriculture and promoting a healthy environment.

9. Tour Shadybrook Estate on horseback

Shadybrook Estate is a winery that offers both foot tours and horseback rides to see the vineyards. Tours may be arranged privately and for groups. Shadybook Estates was formerly the Rapp Quarter Hose Ranch. Enjoy the expansive patio that allows tastings year-round. The large grounds and tasting areas allow adequate spacing for social distancing. Shadybook Estate offers guests a tasting kit along with instructions for conducting a virtual wine tasting experience if you like. You may tune into the Youtube channel of the winery and invite friends to enjoy an enjoyable evening. The kit comes with four wines, a wine key, tasting mats, pens, information on the winery, and suggestions of the best cheese selections for pairing with each wine.

8. Eat dinner at The Grove at Copia

The Grove at Copia offers an exquisite dining experience for guests. It's an on-site restaurant at a branch of the Culinary Institute of America where some of the finest chefs learn the secrets of creating culinary perfection. Guests may dine outdoors in the edible garden and feast on dishes made from farm-to-table ingredients with Mediterranean cuisine with bold flavors. The venue provides a casual dining experience with meals For dinner, The Grove at Copia embraces the chill Coombsville vibe. The onsite restaurant at this branch of the Culinary Institute of America has views overlooking Copia’s edible gardens and prix fixe, family-style meals prepared by the school’s many, many chefs. Enjoy a family brunch among the Olive trees, or dine indoors where you will have a view of the open kitchens. The venue is conveniently located near Oxbow Market.

7. Book a room at the Meritage Resort and Spa

Why not spend the night in Coombsville? You may choose between spending a day at the resort and spa or making it a full overnight experience. It's the only resort in Coombsville. The Meritage Resort and Spa welcomes guests for a unique spa experience in a former wine cave. Enjoy all the amenities and relax in the comforts of a four-star hotel with comfortable rooms after spending a day touring and relaxing with the many services offered at the spa.

6. Tour Trinitas Cellars

Trinitas Cellars is another interesting winery that is worth visiting. Visitors will enjoy the tasting room that is not far from the Meritas Resort and Spa. It provides the perfect opportunity for sampling the labels to find the perfect bottle of wine to take back to your room to relax after a trip to the Spa. If you're hungry, the Oak and Hay restaurant is centrally located on the property of the resort and it's perfect for couples, singles, or families. It's an Italian-themed venue that is known for its extensive menu with fresh ingredients. Enjoy its signature pizza with mozzarella di bufala and honey, a side of Brussels sprouts with maple agrodolce, and a lovely authentic Italian spaghetti dinner with in-house-made Calabrese sausage. Guest enjoy eating on the covered patio, where they enjoy the view of the vineyards and the swimming pool in the foreground.

5. Add the Palmaz Vineyards to your itinerary

The Palmaz Vineyards is a lovely old estate. It's been a local fixture for decades. The history goes back to one of the founders of Napa, Mr. Henry Hagan. He built the original structure. The Palmaz family has their origins in Argentina. They took over the property and brought their expertise and family secrets to the winemaking industry. The winery is known for its blend of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon wines with six wines for tasting and tasty tidbits to complement the flavor. Guests enjoy tasting and sampling wines and foods on the lovely terrace.

4. Enjoy Barbecue and Brew at Stone Brewing

Not far from The Meritage Resort and Spa is Stone Brewing. The Brewery is known for signature IPAs. Beverages are brewed on-site. The establishment is in the Borrero Building, across the river from Napa, California. The brewery is known for its craft brew and restaurant that serves barbecue platters and plates with generous portions. They also offer whole smoked chicken or pulled pork sandwiches to enjoy with your growler of IPA.

3. Tour the Ackerman Family Vineyards

Another place to enjoy the diversity of wine labels from Coombsville sourced grapes is Ackerman Family Vineyards. The family-owned winery is known for its varietals and flavors. It specializes in cabernet sauvignon, sauvignon blanc, and super-Tuscan labels. The family acquired the 1888 Victorian in its restored state and offers house tours with magnificent inlaid glasswork, high ceilings, and furniture from the Victorian period. The tasting room is modernized and located in the backyard which leads to a private courtyard.

2. Stay at Stanly Ranch

Stanly Ranch offers visitors to Coombsville a choice of room accommodations with 133 cottages and suites. Guests have access to spacious terraces and outdoor showers within the resort, in Vista Collina Resort. It's centrally located in the heart of the Coombsville AVA to enjoy all the amenities.

1. Have fun paddleboarding

Napa Valley Paddle is the premier recreational venue. Napa Valley Paddle is the ideal option for couples or families. Guests enjoy outdoor activities for a change of pace when visiting Coombsville. The enterprise offers rentals of 2 hours or more charged at an hourly rate. They offer kayaking, rafting, and paddleboarding tours. Water sports are a great way to have fun outdoors and get physical activity.

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