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A Closer Look at the $43,000 Tibaldi Bentley Crew 60th White Gold

Tibaldi Bentley Crew 60th White Gold

For those who are well versed in the world of collectible luxury fountain pens, the asking price of $43,000 is a fair value. While those of us who are content to make use of bargain-priced fountains may think it to be an exorbitant amount, thoughtful fountain pen enthusiasts and serious collectors understand the attributes that create value in these prestigious writing instruments and there are some who will not settle, insisting on certain qualities for reasons of their own including prestige, exclusivity, but most often, their personal preferences and satisfaction. These are the passionate fountain pen enthusiasts who can afford the cost of these luxury items. If you're wondering how a pen could possibly be worth $43,000, here are the factors involved with building their value.

The Tibaldi for Bentley Crewe

When it comes to the Tibaldi for Bentley Crewe, each is a limited edition and the company boasts an available inventory of a few model choices of 20 solid white gold roller balls, 40 solid white gold fountain pens, 200 silver roller balls, and 400 silver fountain pens, each exclusive and a bit hard to find for the more expensive and rare iterations. The material used for the barrel is the finest premium Sterling Silver. Each features a nib of 18k gold available in fine, medium and broad degrees of writing. The filling mechanism is a piston filled style with refills available. The Italian company has been in existence since 1916 and it has a rich history and an established reputation for providing only the finest writing instruments.

What makes the Bentley Crewe 60 Years so special?

As you may have already assumed the name of the model Bentley Crewe is associated with the high-end luxury vehicles produced by Bentley. Two very special pens have been created with design cues that originate with the two limited edition vehicles manufactured by the Bentley motor car company. The two vehicles are the Arnage and the Continental GT Diamond Series which were designed and produced for the Diamond Jubilee of the Crewe factory. The premise behind the design and creation of the pens lies within the interior design codes with references to the satin finish of the Continental GT and the Arnage's chrome finish. Both of these pens were commissioned by Bentley in a collaborative effort with the Italian pen maker Tibaldi.

Features of the $43,000 Tibaldi Bentley CewePens

The Crew 60th limited edition is a precise match for the dashboard of the Bentley. This adds a special quality for the aesthetics as well as for the references to prestige and quality. Now we get to the really good stuff. While the pen has an air of exclusivity about it for the luxury factor, it's also made from some very expensive premium materials which may escape the eye of the average beholder. Tibaldi chose 18k yellow gold material for the tip of the pen. This is overlaid with ruthenium and rhodium. A transparent window has been inserted to provide the ink levels as an alert for when it's time for a refill. Upon the clip, you'll find the Tibaldi signature which is a requirement to ensure authenticity because there are a few knockoff versions around. This pen is not only a significant symbol of the collaboration between one of the best luxury automakers in the world and the best Italian writing instrument makers, but its also made to be practical as well as luxurious. A knurled cap and barrel on the pen gives it a comfortable grip. Yes, this pen was made to be used instead of merely placed in a collector's display case. To round off the value factor, there have only been 40 pens ever made in this commissioned and strictly limited edition of solid white gold pens. It's also worth noting that the barrel of these special edition pens is etched with the Sheffield Assay Office Bentley Hallmark and each nib is two tones in their appearance.

The science and philosophy behind Tibaldi pens

The philosophy of divine proportions referred to as Phi involves the structure and design of each Tibaldi pen and it scrutinizes the initial conception of the design of the pen through completion for ultimate perfection in proportion. This is a common principle which has for centuries been used in music composition as well as in architecture and art, whether intentional or not. Phi represents natural beauty as it is an element that consistently occurs within the natural world. It is found in the patterns of rocks, trees, animals flowers, and other beings and objects. The phi coefficient which is the ratio 1.618 is applied to the visible portion of the barrel when the pen is closed and it is the proportion that occurs between this part of the pen and the cap.

Final thoughts

It's important to understand the depth of thought, planning and handcrafting that goes into each of Tibaldi's luxury and limited edition pens produced. Only premium materials along with a philosophical and scientific method go into the design scheme. The collaboration of Tibaldi and Bentley in the production of the Tibaldi Bentley Crew 60th White Gold limited edition pens is a melding of two of the finest representatives from each industry, enhancing the inherent value of the commissioned collectible pens for passionate collectors with an understanding that the quality and prestige of these fine Italian writing instruments simply cannot be improved upon. As for the price of $43,000, it's the cost of exclusivity. You may rarely find an example offered for a lower price at an auction, but beware of buying a knockoff instead of the authentic version of these ultra-rare pens. Bear in mind that there have only been forty of them ever produced in the world, and the odds of the proud owners parting with them are slim.

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