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Tips on How to Best Ship a Motorcycle

Getting the best motorcycle that meets your needs takes time. You may need to visit a few dealers across the country before you get your dream motorcycle. Once you buy your dream Harley or any other bike, you may have to ship it into your garage. There are various ways to ship a motorcycle safely, including using a shipping company or breaking it on a road trip home. Time and money are often the deciding factors for the optimal shipping method for your motorcycle. How quickly do you require your bike delivered? Is there a deadline for it to arrive? And what is your financial plan? These are other factors to consider before selecting one of the methods below for shipping your motorcycle.

1. Try doing it yourself

If you are moving out of state to collect your motorcycle or relocating, this is something you will want to think about twice. Traveling across states might be significantly more difficult and dangerous for your bike. If you do not want to entrust your wheels to just anybody, DIY transportation is the way to go. To begin, you will need a vehicle large enough to transport your motorcycle. That vehicle could be a lorry with a large bed or an SUV with a large cargo area. According to Motorcycle Shippers, you may either bring your own trailer or rent one. Whatever vehicle you use to transport your bike, be sure the platform is large enough to fit the bike's length and free of debris or boxes. For loading and unloading your motorcycle, you will also need a slop/ramp.

While some riders may advise you to build your own ramp out of wood or other solid materials, the safest ramps are built of iron or other solid metals. They are designed specifically for shipping motorcycles or other vehicles. To keep your motorcycle stable on the truck or trailer bed, you will need a bike chock. Chocks are special devices that protect the front wheel of a motorcycle and keep it upright during transit. When you ship your motorcycle yourself, you ensure that it never leaves your sight, reducing the risk of unintentional loss due to neglect. However, if you need to purchase expensive tools or equipment, such as a trailer or a chock, it could cost as much as, if not more, than professional transportation.

2. Coordinate with the seller

Ask the seller if they can handle this aspect for you because you will not be around to hand over your motorcycle to the delivery guy. Although it is not tough, you could want to give them a little extra or post them a very great review online.

  • Before picking up the motorcycle - The day before the delivery driver arrives to pick up your motorcycle, the transportation firm will ensure to get in touch with you. Make sure your seller is aware of the pickup date and time, as well as the location of the delivery. If your seller agrees, you should also provide the company with their contact information if the driver has difficulty locating them.
  • On the day of pickup - According to Move, your driver will do a shipment inspection with your seller once they arrive. They will both sign a paper stating that they agree on the motorcycle's condition. The driver will then load the motorcycle onto his vehicle and drive it to you. It is essential to note that some motorcycle shipping firms are brokerage, which means they outsource their deliveries to other companies. The individual who arrives to pick up your bike may have a different branding on their truck. There is no need to be concerned. Brokerages make up a large portion of our favorite businesses.

3. Contract a motorcycle transport company

If you prefer shipping your bike using a motorcycle shipping firm, ensure to use a reputable company. Reliable motorcycle shipping companies can provide you with various perks, such as individual shipping crates, protected carriage, expert service, and appropriate insurance. Before closing the transaction with an expert car transport business to move your motorcycle, double-check the amount and type of insurance coverage the company offers. If you decide to transport your motorcycle professionally, you should prepare your bike for the trip by removing all personal goods, including disabling the anti-theft system, locking the handlebars, leaving the bike in neutral, and folding the inside mirrors. Drain the petrol tank and remove the battery if you plan to ship your motorcycle in a crate. Before shipping your motorcycle, clean it and photograph any scratches or dents, regardless of the manner of transportation you choose. With that, you can prove to your insurance company that the motorcycle was not damaged during transit, in case the unfortunate happens. Professional shipping does not require any specific tools or equipment; they are responsible for all crates, harnesses, and trailers.

How much can it cost to ship a motorcycle?

According to Moving, a motorcycle is not cheap to ship, but it is less expensive than a car. You should expect to pay around 3 cents per mile on average. Of course, the price may vary depending on your motorcycle’s make and model, as well as how you prefer to ship it, whether, on an open or enclosed trailer, you have a crate built. For instance, if you want to ship a motorcycle 1,000 miles with a competent motorcycle shipping firm, you may expect to pay between $750 and $800. On the other hand, if you use a freight firm, you may expect to pay nearly double, with the crate accounting for the majority of the additional cost. Whatever the reason for shipping your motorcycle, the most important thing to remember is to make sure it arrives in perfect condition. Moving your motorcycle yourself is a viable choice if you consider the true costs of the process and have the necessary tools. If you do not want to do it yourself, you have a few options: independent services, freight firms, and motorbike shipping. These services vary in terms of experience, pricing, insurance coverage, and transport equipment. Therefore, it is vital to weigh all of your options before settling on the best motorbike transport option for you.

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