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The Top Five Rated Hotels in the Occitanie Region in France

Occitanie is a new region in France established January 1st, 2016. It is an administrative area of France named after the historical and cultural district of Occitania. The place enjoys four seasons with warm winters, plenty of summer sunshine, beautiful springs, and gorgeous autumns.  The Occitanie destination is famous for its medieval castles, colorful food, villages, wines, farms and stone buildings with a lot of character. It also offers numerous sports opportunities ranging from cycling, sea, skiing, rugby, golf, and a lot more. The area serves as an excellent choice for schools and airports. Anyone who wants to have fun exploring the land has an incredible list of hotels they can choose from.

Below we discuss the top five rated hotels in Occitanie region in France.

Hotel Cap Pirate

It is one of the best hotels with a design that adults are spellbound by, and children adore thanks to the degree in detail. It blends comfort, luxury, and fun for the young ones in an impeccable manner. The resort is home to 46 luxury and spacious suites giving guests an option of a private garden or terrace. All these have different decorations and furnishings to provide guests an experience of a lifetime. These are also equipped with numerous prestigious amenities making the stay there worthwhile. Its location is also educational as it teaches revelers about the lifestyle of pirates with an information hunt.

The restaurant here going by the name O’Pirata welcomes individuals to a pirate-themed atmosphere allowing them to get lost in the taste of Mediterranean flavors. It presents bistro lunch menus and fine dining in the evenings. List of wines at the bar is extensive and is also serves exciting homemade cocktails.

Cap De Castel

It is one of the establishments in Occitanie that presents guests with the heritage of a castle, individuality of a guest house, and finesse of a hotel. It boasts of a professional and friendly team that delivers exceptional service making everyone feel right at home not wanting to leave even when their vacation is over.

The 18th-century distillery has the hotel’s main building and a world-class restaurant. These feature terracotta flooring and Mediterranean colors that enhance serenity and warmth. All the rooms offer convenience, peace, and comfort with high ceilings, exposed beams, and bathtub and walk-in shower. It also has a sitting area where friends, family, or business associates can catch up.

On-site, visitors can relax as they take a dip in the large swimming pools or wander amid aromatics and flowers in the beautiful gardens. There is also an option of savoring cocktails or reading a book in the incredible zen area while taking in the spectacular view. Visitors even get a chance to soak in the rural atmosphere every Wednesday at the local market.

Hotel Des Beaux-arts

The background of the hotel resembles a gorgeous painting with the Pyrenees and white peaks in winter. The second a person steps into the hotel, they are treated to a charming space that is full of history yet illuminates exceptional modernity.

The hotel only has seventeen rooms all that offer breath-taking views of views of the Garonne. In addition to being comfortable and spacious, they have unique pieces of furniture that add to their appealing effect. Gorgeous wall coverings and fabrics renew the experience of the guests together with designer lamps. It also has a beautiful hotel and brewery where people can enjoy finger-licking meals and a beverage of their choice.

Les Flamants Roses

Located on the edge of a lake, guests at this hotel can enjoy beautiful views of the sea and mountains. It is one of the best luxury hotels in France with 63 suites and rooms. Guests can also choose to stay in apartments if they do not want to reside in the hotel rooms. Visitors also get the opportunity to pick a suitable Thalassotherapy treatment package that takes them to a world of elegance and comforts.

Taste buds of the guests are in perfect hands in the L’Horizon restaurant. Professional chefs make meals from scratch using the finest fresh ingredients to leave people feeling like they want to lick their plates when they are done. The hotel is a subtle combination of chic trendiness and charming authenticity.

La Plage Art et Emotions

It is a property that is located only 2-minute walk from the beach. It features a terrace and guests can enjoy WiFi to keep up with what is going on in the world as well as post hundreds of photos they will have taken while in the establishment. Visitors can also take their favorite drink at the on-site bar.

All the rooms in the resort come with DVD player and flat-screen TV. Some also come with sitting areas where revelers can relax as they read a book, or enjoy a cup of tea/coffee. They also have private bathrooms complete with all toiletries that guests require. The property allows guests to rent bikes to enjoy biking in the area.

Staff speaks English, and they are accommodating and friendly. Other activities in the hotel include a swimming pool and different types of massages as well as cleaning and concierge services.

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