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The Top Five Restaurants in Tuscany, Italy

The region of Tuscany Italy is has one of the richest culinary cultures in the world. Tuscany has an abundance of fresh produce, prime meats and choice wines. Chefs throughout the world journey to Tuscany to learn the best ways to create a fusion of tradition and innovative dishes. The region features a variety of the best farm to table restaurants and the best modern restaurants in the world. Here are our picks for the top five restaurants in Tuscany, Italy.

Il Canto del Maggio

Il Canto del Maggio offers an intimate, farm fresh food experience in a quaint setting overlooking the arno valley along the Pratomagno Mountains near the town of Arezza. Il Canto del Maggio is nestled in a thousand year old Borgo owned and run by father daughter team Mauro and Simona. The site features eight apartments where guests can stay, a quaint restaurant, pool, terrace, and large garden and orchard. The garden is meticulously cared for by Mauro and the food made by Simona and her husband is created from the produce of the on site garden with meat, cheese and wine grown locally.

The farm to table concept of Il Canto del Maggio offers a variety of delicious cuisine. The family creates communal meals including fresh pizza, fresh pasta, fresh salads, and home baked bread and cakes. Food served at Il Canto del Maggio include artichoke soufflé with pistachio, cheese plates with homemade marmalade, sliced fennel with oranges, duck egg with truffles and asparagus, veal tartare, and deconstructed cheesecake. The family also offers cooking lessons, truffle hunts, sunset picnics, and excursions to local spas. Il Canto del Maggio brings the simplicity and elegance of the Tuscan region to every guest.

Il Faconiere

Il Faconiere is a resort located in the countryside of Cortona, Arezzo. The seventeenth century residence is owned by Silvia and Riccardo Baracchi. It features the main residence and several private guest rooms. The property features gardens, olive trees and vineyards. Silvia offers cooking classes and Riccardo offers wine cellar tours and tastings. The couple also offer falconry courses and hunts for wild boar and partridge. The estate also features The Thesan Etrucan Spa. Il Faconiere offers a sustainable lifestyle without creating waste. The restaurant offers Tuscan cuisine created with locally grown produce, fruit, local meets and wines made onsite.

Il Faconiere's restaurant is Michelin Star rated. The restaurant is located in the estate's glass and wrought iron old lemon house. The main dining room features vaulted ceilings and seats 60. There are more intimate dining rooms including one with 5 tables, one with a banquet table for special events, and the intimate clock room. The panoramic terrace is open seasonally and overlooks the rolling hills and valley of the Tuscan countryside. Chef Silvia Baracchi offers an extensive tasting menu with all locally grown ingredients. Other items on the menu include beef carpaccio skewers with celery jelly, burrata cheese ravioli, and potato tagiolini with mint pesto, sauteed mushrooms and pancetta. The traditional Tuscan cuisine includes homemade olive oil, fresh fruit and wines from the Baracchi winery.

Da Delfina

Da Delfina is an award winning Tuscan restaurant located in Artimino, Carmignano near Florence. The restaurant specializes in authentic Italian cuisine made from locally grown ingredients. The owner and chef is Carlo, the son of the restaurant's namesake Delfina. Delfina began her cooking career feeding hungry hunters in Artimino, and her son carries on her legacy of fresh Tuscan cuisine. Delfina can be seen caring for Da Delfina's gardens and carefully choosing the fresh vegetables, mushrooms and herbs that are used in the daily specials.

Da Delfina's dining experience is traditionally Tuscan. Guests are seated in one of four comfortable rustic wood and brick alcove rooms or on the quaint terrace with views of the rolling countryside of the Medici Valley with its vineyards and olive trees. The house specialty is rabbit sautéed with olives and pine nuts. The seasonal menu offers a variety of traditional Tuscan meals and sides with locally grown ingredients. Da Delfina also offers an extensive wine list with focus on the Tuscan blends.

La Bottega Restorante

Located in the charming Tuscan village of Volpaia La Bottega Restorante is a family owned restaurant dating back 300 years. The family recipes have been passed down to the current family owners whose matriarch is Mama Gina. La Bottega features indoor and outdoor seating. The terrace dining area looks out over the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

The menu at La Bottega features the finest of Tuscan cuisine made with locally grown fresh ingredients. The menu features a variety of appetizers, pasta, meat bread and vegetables, decadent desserts and fine wines. Appetizers include mixed breads with sauces, red chicory and pecorino cheese with balsamic vinegar, and grilled aborigine with mint. Pastas include hand made ravioli with spinach and ricotta cheese, and tagliatelle pasta with truffle and duck sauce. Meat dishes include stewed rabbit with olives, stewed wild boar with olives, stewed meat in Chianti wine, and pork roasted meat with Chianti herbs and pecorino cheese. The menu features other items like eggplant with mint and cured proscutto and other Tuscan style meals.


Caino is a small Tuscan restaurant located in the hilltop medieval market town of Montemerano. The village is located on natural thermal springs which help the growth of grapevines, olive trees and produce gardens. Caino is owned by husband and wife Maurizo Menichetti and Valeria Piccini. The couple grew up together and took over the restaurant that Menichetti's family owned. Since 1987 Valeria Piccini has perfected her skills as a chef and the couple have created a double star Michelin restaurant.

Valerie Piccini believes in creating sophisticated Tuscan dishes using simple home and locally grown ingredients. She combines the natural flavors to create unique cuisine. The restaurant features fresh homemade cakes and biscuits and authentic Tuscan dishes. Meals are served in a cozy room decorated with nineteenth century furniture. A five course tasting menu is Caino's specialty. The meals are served with fine wines, many of which come from the onsite wine cellar run by Menichetti. For an upscale Tuscan meal that brings together simple local ingredients, Caino is a highly rated restaurant.

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