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The Top Five Special Edition Corvette Models of All-Time

Corvette is one of the brands that has made a name for manufacturing fast and fun vehicles ever since the very first model was released back in the 50s.  The brand been around for about six decades and is one of the companies that proves American drivers do not have to invest in European brands as they can get their dream cars right here at home.  Having made great strides in the industry over the years, the automaker has been known to introduce unique edition Corvettes that stun its customer base. These are perfect for drivers who want to ride in exclusive cars that everyone else does not own. Here you will uncover our picks for the top five limited editions of all-time:

2009 Chevrolet Corvette GTI Championship Edition

These are vehicles released to commemorate the participation of Corvette Racing team in the GTI class of American Le Mans Series. The package includes various color options, and it features “Jake” logo from the racing team. The lower section of the door will display the victories of the team. The car will come with embroidery on the center armrests and seats. A notable feature will be pure black leather spotting a yellow accent stitching. The model will be available in Z06. Coupe, and convertible options. Only 600 units were available in the market with 100 of each of the models in each color. These also have a unique engine cover with yellow Corvette lettering and carbon pattern. 

2008 Chevrolet Corvette Limited Edition Z06

The automobile only needs 3.4 seconds to accelerate from 0-60mph. It offers drivers plenty of cargo space, reasonable fuel economy, and a top speed of 198-mph. The model was produced to honor the 427. Similar to other unique edition Corvettes, it presents a trim package with outstanding wheels and color, i.e., Crystal Red Tintcoat. Floor mats and seats of the car have particular dark titanium color. Production of the model was limited to only 427 cards for Canada and Us and 78 for countries that are not part of North America. Each of the vehicles is numbered and also signed by Wil Cooksey, the person in charge of Corvettes Assembly Plant for around 15 years. It remains one of the most iconic vehicle models culture status symbols of the 60’s.

2014 Corvette Stingray Premiere Edition

Limited to only 500 units, it is among special edition corvettes that are not hard to pick from a crowd. It comes with Stingray logos right on the center caps of the chrome wheels and the sill plates as well. The hood features a prominent stringer stripe and Vette branded luggage that Thule designed. The premiere edition is only available in Laguna Blue. It also comes with brown faux suede interior trim and upholstery. This is in addition to an exposed carbon fiber roof and carbon fiber trim décor package. Car enthusiast can identify all the examples with their individual VINs and individually numbered plaque features on the dashboard. 455-hp LT1small-block V-8 guarantees tire-munching performance. Variable exhaust system ensures drivers get full attention from bystanders and neighbors.

1995 Indy Corvette Pace Car

It was a model that the brand produced to celebrate its 11th anniversary. It displayed a step up in performance as well as sophistication with traction control, substantial brake rotors, and optional run-flat tires. Critics said that it was a stock Corvette other than the fact that its safety features were in line with regulations from Indianapolis Motor Speedway. These features included special roll-bar, strobe lights, five-point safety for passenger and driver, and fire suppression system on board. Chevrolet just built three cards to be the race car one with six-speed manual gearbox and two with automatic transmission. Chevrolet general manager at the time Jim Perkins used the manual transmission option for race day activities. The vehicles spotted eye-catching dark purple metallic with a two-tone paint scheme (artic white). It also comes with a unique Indy decal package not forgetting Indy emblems. There were only 527 Pace Car replicas available for sale to the public.

2003 Chevrolet Corvette 50th Anniversary Special Edition

Initial plans were to produce a Polo White that would offer red interior similar to 300 models the company released in 1953. However, manufacturers opted to go for Aztek Gold, but nobody was pleased with the hue. For this reason, the minds behind creating unique edition corvettes stuck with purple-red a color that is often selected in the company. To mark the celebrations, the models have cockpit embroidery and anniversary badges complementing the unique shale interior trim. Dampers do not have standard oil. Instead, they are filled with MR (magnetorheological) fluid. It is a synthetic oil that consists of small iron balls in millions suspended in it. The balls have proprietary coating making them less abrasive and assisting them to float in the shock fluid evenly. Dual processor computer adjusts existing about one thousand times per second based on car speed, brake application, wheel travel and speed, lateral acceleration, steering wheel angle, and temperature.

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