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Top Reasons To Charter a Helicopter to the Grand Prix

Every year, the British Grand Prix occurs at Silverstone, attracting hundreds of thousands worldwide. It is one of the most popular events in the sporting calendar, with many taking the day off from work to either go to Silverstone or watch the race on television. To truly experience the British Grand Prix, you must travel to the event and witness the action and intense atmosphere in person. The event is highly popular, making it tricky to get to Silverstone at this time without a long commute. However, one of the best ways to skip this issue is to fly to the event in a helicopter. Below, we will go through what it is like to charter a helicopter to the Grand Prix and how you can book it.

Silverstone F1 GP

This year, the main event of the British Grand Prix is on July 7th at the famous Silverstone circuit. The practice race will start on July 5th, with the qualifiers taking place on July 6th and the final race on July 7th.  This means you can take advantage of the three days of racing and pack a weekend full of action and fun with your friends and family. All of the world’s most famous Formula 1 drivers will be there, including the likes of Carlos Sainz, Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, who will be battling out to stand on that first-place spot on the podium on July 7th.

The three days of action at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix make for a fantastic weekend away; however, because so many travel to this part of England, the commute there can be pretty long.  To skip the queues, one of the most popular modes of transport that many people choose to take advantage of is a helicopter charter. This will allow you to avoid waiting in traffic and provide a unique and luxurious experience to make the weekend more special. 

Popular Helicopter Routes to Silverstone

There is no quicker way to get to Silverstone than by chartering a helicopter, which is available from several locations around the UK. Suppose you plan to stay in London while attending the British Grand Prix. In that case, you can take a helicopter from Battersea Heliport directly to Silverstone, which will take around 25 minutes. This will allow you to save between five and eight hours, a significant amount of time you would otherwise spend on the road behind other commuters. 

Other popular locations people often stay in whilst attending Silverstone include Cliveden House in Berkshire and Hartwell House in Buckinghamshire. Chartering a helicopter from these locations to Silverstone will save you approximately three hours, taking just 25 minutes to reach the famous British Grand Prix circuit. 

If you are planning on flying into the UK to attend Silverstone on race day, you can also book a helicopter charter from Birmingham Airport to take you directly from the airport to Silverstone, which will take just 20 minutes. This will make the entire trip less stressful and allow you to relax from when you land to when you arrive at Silverstone. 

Once you get off the helicopter, a vehicle will be waiting to drive you on a VIP route directly to the racecourse. This means no long queues to wait in to get into the venue, so you can jump straight into enjoying the action. Once the race has finished and it's time to head home, you will once again be driven to your helicopter, which will be waiting to fly you home. 

What’s On at Silverstone

Apart from an opportunity to see some celebrities attending this year’s British Grand Prix, there will also be several performances from some of the top UK artists. Stormzy will perform on the main stage on Friday to provide a fantastic show after the first day of racing. 

On Saturday, The Essential Orchestra, Jules Buckley, and Pete Tong will all take to the main stage to start the party. On Sunday, Rudimental will close the weekend by performing some of their biggest songs, which will be the perfect way to end one of the UK’s biggest sporting events. 

Book Your Tickets for Silverstone

This year’s British Grand Prix looks like a fantastic event that should be on everyone’s calendar. If you are considering attending Silverstone this year, it is a good idea to start planning your trip now and consider booking a luxe air transport to the event to make the weekend as efficient and enjoyable as possible. 

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