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15 Different Types of Bars You Can Visit


There are several types of bars, each with its unique name but all of which sell alcoholic beverages. The possible range is nearly limitless. Depending on some different factors like location, scene, appealing bar design features, a great customized playlist, and mood, you may probably choose one bar over another. Bars appear to be so fundamental to human culture that they have been around since the beginning of human history. Public houses and bars served pricey watered-down beer-like drinks to their clients for crowd engagement and better publicity. Since the legalization of alcohol in 1933, the alcohol and entertainment businesses have grown significantly, and we now have a variety of bars that you should experience. Bars and clubs are not only a trend nowadays but also popular hangout spots for many individuals, particularly Generation Z and millennials. This article has compiled a list of different bars to make your search easier, each with a detailed explanation. You may have visited some of these bar styles before, but you will also find fresh and unique vibes to explore and experience. Here are fifteen types of bars that you need to experience at least once in your lifetime.

15. Hotel Bars

Hotel bars are among the most common sorts of bars globally, so it would be nice if you got the chance to experience one of them. One notable fact about hotel bars is that they accommodate and suit a wide range of guests, hence their large inventory of liquor in stock, and they rarely have a specific theme attached to them. In addition to serving drinks, hotel bars also serve a wide selection of cuisine, and some also do various types of snacks. Hotel bars offer the best customer service, and they are fundamental in style, design, and size. With their wide range of drinks, from White Russian to cold beers, you are assured of having the drink of your choice. The hotel bars are welcoming but straightforward, which is one of the numerous reasons why even locals frequently visit them.

14. Live Music Joints

These aren't the most luxurious bars, but they offer liquor and feature live music. These kinds of bars are usually very crowded and feature loud music. Live music joints can be a little uncomfortable and perhaps smell a little odd, owing to the large number of individuals who frequent them on any given night. Under no circumstances should you wear open-toed shoes to a live music venue because the floors in these places can be sticky and dirty. Most people over the age of 30 find live music joints irritating because you can barely hear anyone speak, even if they’re screaming at you. Of course, if you're young, you'll probably enjoy the live music joints, and if huge crowds and loud music are your idea of a great evening, live music joints should be your first stop.

13. A Champagne Bar

If you want to feel special and luxurious, then a champagne bar is the best place to visit. Champagne bars are the real definition of luxury. Unfortunately, these kinds of bars attract only those individuals who are able to afford to pay the prices charged at these bars. In the United Kingdom, the average age of a champagne drinker is 50, since most young people cannot afford these prices. Champagne bars are usually very appealing and comfortable for their clients, so they are the best places to chill and relax after winding up a long day.

12. Nostalgia Bars

The Nostalgia bars depict ancient eras of bars in modern times. A nostalgia bar is one that began as a tavern during the prohibition era, as is one that has a theme devoted to old movies or music. These bars are characterized mainly by old black-and-white photos and yellowed newspaper articles on the walls. Many individuals believe that these bars simply provide basic wine and beer. You can't get creative and fancy with them because they are pretty simple in design and general look and feel, but this is not to say you will not have a good experience. Be sure that if you want a drink that was popular decades ago, they will almost certainly be able to create one for you.

11. Wine Bars

Wine bars have an extensive range of available wines on their menu. The main area of specialization is wines of all kinds, mainly the most expensive wines. Most wine bars throughout the world constantly ensure that their clients receive exceptional service and that they have a unique selection of wines and appetizers. Customers may buy bottles of wine for consumption later or drink them in the wine bar itself. Wine bars are also the best choice for a chilled and relaxed time. Some wine bars focus on wines of a certain type of origin, such as Italian wine or Champagne.

10. Sky Bar

Sky bars usually attract a larger crowd because they are set up on rooftops. They give off a classy and refined vibe with their unique drinks and beverages and fantastic cuisine. While having a good time in sky bars, you get to experience amazing and breathtaking views from the bar, considering it is set up on rooftops. This is definitely a plus because you are assured of creating life experiences. This type of bar is well-known for drawing tourists and creating an expensive vibe. If you are a bar goer, especially an expensive one, you must visit a sky bar at least once for a fantastic experience.

9. Sports Bars or Game Bars

Gaming is a very huge aspect of people’s livelihoods, especially in Europe. Sports and game bars are becoming common in our society today. Sports bars are usually decorated with sports equipment such as baseball bats, sports jerseys, hockey sticks, trivia, video games, and giant TVs with projectors showing several football or baseball games. These particular bars are usually made for watching sports while drinking liquor. They frequently have food and snack menus shaped like sports equipment and food dishes named after local teams or even sports venues or stadiums, and the most significant thing is that the newest ones have a whole different vibe than traditional sports bars. Sports bars were once thought to be dangerous to hang out and have a good time since drunk men frequently got into fights, but this is no longer the case.

8. The High Concept Bar

These unique bars are primarily found in big cities like New York City and Los Angeles. Business is always great for the high concept bar owners since most of their customers are primarily classy visitors who are always ready to spend a fortune to have a great time. The high concept bar features the newest trends in nightlife, an aspect most people want to experience since they borrow their themes from popular books, artwork, music, or even movies. The luxury of these establishments knows no bounds, and they are constantly finding new and more innovative ways to attract a crowd.

7. Cocktail Bar

Cocktail bars are usually characterized as affluent, trendy, and stylish. You don't have to experience the same bars and drinks you are always used to. If you desire a new and fresh experience, then you should visit a cocktail bar for new experiences and tastes. Cocktail bar menus feature unique, elegant drinks with complex mixes of flavors. These drinks are often created by expert mixologists and bartenders, so one is assured of high-quality drinks. Some of the drinks you might come across in these bars include spicy ginger margaritas or apple pie martinis. The unique decoration and aesthetics of these bars are on another level. Cocktail lounges are ideal for those who wish to feel as though they are enjoying something special when having a mixed cocktail containing alcohol. One good example of a good cocktail lounge bar is the Velveteen Rabbit in Las Vegas.

6. The College Bar

College bars are ideally suited to college students. Most of the time, you'll notice a lot of frat boys and girls in there. We all know that college students are full of life and energy, so if this is the vibe you are looking for, the college bar is the place to be. College bars can be a little loud and crowded, but that appears to be what most college students enjoy about them. Most of these bars feature fun foods to dig into, different school colors, live bands, entertaining games and activities, and plenty of alcohol. Another significant advantage of college bars is that many of them are located within campus environs, making it possible to go there even if you don't have a car.

5. The Irish Pub

You are assured to feel Irish the instant you walk into this type of bar, even if you aren't. The Irish pub is mainly known for only serving green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. This place serves a wide variety of beer and whiskey from Ireland on other regular days. These places offer a fantastic setting and an overall vibe that emphasizes fun and relaxation while listening to some great music, including musical instruments such as the fiddle and guitar. The bartenders and waiters at these establishments are usually quite friendly. Because they want you to return, they will make an extra effort to offer you a peaceful and comfortable ambiance that makes you feel like you're drinking a beer in the comfort of your home in your basement.

4. The Neighborhood Dive

These bars are frequently owned and operated by a well-known community member. The neighborhood dive mainly accommodates the locals of the area. The local dive is the place to go if you want to have a drink and fun and still be reminded of how certain things never change and would probably not change. These bars are very rigid in accepting various changes, and their ancient and out-of-date appearance usually adds to their attractiveness. They may or may not serve snacks or meals, but they are unlikely to be of the most outstanding quality in town if they do. The fantastic thing about these bars is that they provide inexpensive drinks and are usually placed in a convenient location near where many of these local individuals live, which contributes to their popularity among the locals.

3. The Pub

Pubs are larger and cleaner than neighborhood dives, and their food is usually much better as well. They serve both the locals and tourists. Pubs, despite their size, are regarded for having a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Some pubs own karaoke machines and can host karaoke nights. Pubs serve reasonably priced food and drinks, including everyone's favorite fatty cheeseburger. You can either sit at the bar and enjoy your liquor or sit at a table and order your food and drinks. They are pretty comfortable and a terrific location for individuals to unwind. Snacks like nuts are always available in pubs if you choose not to eat the main meals.

2. Over the Top

The over-the-top bars typically have fancy labels for their drinks and are slightly pricey. However, they can be one of the most authentic and unique places you will ever visit. If you are a member of the high-and-wealthy lifestyle club, then the over-the-top bars are your place. They support local talent by featuring local artists and are a fantastic place to hang out; and they also serve a wide range of elegant cocktails.

1. Vertically Challenged Bars

The vertically challenged bars usually have a unique size and shape and are primarily underground bars, six feet below. A distinctive group of people, like dwarfs, fur-wearers, leather enthusiasts, and bikers, hang out in these types of bars. The vertically challenged bars are usually very difficult to locate, and only locals have been aware of their existence many times.

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