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A Closer Look at the UHZ50 Projector


We're staunch fans of Optoma products, The Taiwanese brand makes some of the best projectors on the market today. The crispness and clarity of the images are unrivaled, however, we had to darken the windows in the rec area to get the best images. Imagine our delight when we heard about Optoma's new UHZ50 projector that lets you watch video content without adjusting the lighting. We had to look a little further to find out how Optoma achieved this feat. We learned that the new upgraded model comes with convenience features that make it many times the superior choice for community or family movie nights. We use our projector for both but have been limited to use in a darkened room or waiting until the sun goes down for movie nights at the park. Here is what we learned.

Changing the way we view projected images

The Robb Report brought Optoma's latest projector model to our attention. They were among the first to more fully explore the new unit and to reveal the details about how Optoma leveraged its advanced technology in image projection to deliver a premium system that addresses the challenges associated with using some of the older models. The biggest change is that you can use the new UHZ50 projector anywhere you have a power source and you can even use it during daylight hours without the need for darkness to maximize your viewing enjoyment. Most standard projection units work better when the room is darkened. it's a fact of life we've been dealing with for years now. This is the first projector that eliminates the need for making adjustments to the lighting. It's a breakthrough in projection technology that deserves a closer look to understand how they made this happen.

A closer look at the UHZ50 Projector

The Optoma UHZ50 Projector uses the brand's patented DuaCore laser technology. They partnered with Texas Instruments, using DLP technology to further enhance the power of the projector to produce two results that make this one of the best laser projectors that money can buy. The first is the brightness produced. The UHZ50 produces a brightness of 3,000 ANSI lumens. This is thanks to laser technology. The contrast ratio is 2.5 million to 1. The second amazing feat of the projection unit is that it allows you to adjust the size of the image you project without distorting the image. The technology is a 4K ultra high definition projection with a value of 3,940 x 2,160 pixels. The pixelation values allow you to enlarge the image without getting a grainy effect. You can just the size of the image from 34 inches to more than 302 inches without interfering with the quality of the image. On top of that, you no longer need to darken the room to achieve a clear, legible view of the images. You can watch movies with the lights on and with the curtains pulled back.

Entering a new generation

Projector Screen reports that the UHZ50 comes with features in a new generation of home entertainment technology. The unit also comes with other benefits, including an upgrade to the smart home features. They equipped the new projector with the brand's Optoma Marketplace with connectivity, a file manager, creative cast, and voice assistants with remote control. The bulb lasts longer so you can enjoy up to 30,000 hours of viewing without turning the unit off. You should turn the projector off when it's not in use. The unit can last for years when you remember to turn it off.

True 4K UHD

The UHZ50 produces ultra-sharp images with true color and contrast for lifelike images. A feature that we found remarkable is that it can display 2.07 billion colors. That's a large spectrum of colors, with 8 million active pixels. This feature delivers sharp and crisp images that have a more lifelike appearance, loaded with details. You may switch between normal and Cinema display modes for premium color saturation, natural skin tones, and other enhancement that use all color nuances on the spectrum. It's an exciting new upgrade for home entertainment enthusiasts.

Entertainment options

The sky is the limit using the new UHZ250 projector. You can connect various devices to the unit, including soundbars, amplifiers, gaming consoles, and more. It works with Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Nvidia Shield, Chromecast Ultra, Roku, Xbox Series X/S, Play Station 5, and more via the HDMI 2.0. All you need to do is download the apps for each product you want to use. It's suitable for viewing streaming media, hooking up your other media access devices, gaming when you set the unit to the enhanced gaming mode. It also displays 3D content, including 3D Blu-Ray devices. It also impressed us with this low blue light option for reducing optical stress.

Price and availability

The Optoma UHZ50 Projector is available for purchase through multiple vendors at brick and mortar retail outlets, the official Optoma website, and various online vendors. The price is solid at $2,799. It's not a cheap unit, but it is worth every penny of the cost. Optoma's latest 4k UHZ50 laser projector offers improved technologies for home entertainment systems.

Final thoughts

The Optoma UHZ50 Projector is an example of how quickly technology is advancing. It holds the potential to change the way we entertain ourselves with more convenient features that take away the need to darken a room to enjoy watching a movie. The new unit switches on and off with instant readiness and no waiting for the bulb to warm. When you hit the button, it's ready to go. They also equipped the projector with Smart technology that makes it easy to operate and enhances the versatility of the projector. It's compatible with multiple different devices and services for the ultimate in-home entertainment.

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