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10 Things You Didn't know about Univar CEO David C. Jukes

David Jukes

As the CEO of Univar, David C. Jukes heads a company that was founded in 1924 and operates more than 700 distribution facilities around the globe. Univar distributes basic and specialty chemicals from its producers in North and Latin America, Western Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Univar’s chemical distribution network is significant due to its broad product portfolio and deep network of technical professionals.  In recent news, Univar USA, a subsidiary of Univar, agreed to pay $62.5 million to settle antidumping evasion allegations. The U.S. Justice Department said that 36 shipments of saccharin originating in China were transshipped through Taiwan. This resulted in a lawsuit seeking to recover unpaid penalties and antidumping duties. The government’s allegations were that Univar had failed to determine that the Taiwanese supplier had imported the saccharin from China. In light of these problems with the U.S. Court of International Trade, Jukes will need to rally as much of his business leadership acumen as possible to keep Univar moving forward.

1. Jukes’ salary is estimated at $5,330,340

According to Wallmine, this is the total amount combined for his three executive titles, which include President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director of Univar Inc. Only one other Univar executive, Stephen Newlin, is compensated with the higher amount of $7,504,290.

2. The alleged predatory publisher OMICS Publishing Group claims Jukes as an Ophthalmology Expert

His research interest is listed on OMICS International as Eye Diseases and Disorders. Jukes connection to ophthalmology is equally simple and convoluted. Jukes served as the Vice President of Corporate Development of the polymers division at Ellis & Everard, which he joined in 1991. Ellis & Everard’s polymer division was the plastics distributor Distrupol, which according to was Europe’s “eminent” plastics industry company. In 2012, the 12th annual Plastic Industry Awards in London honored Distrupol for its supplier partnership role as a polymer distributer working with Adlens to supply inexpensive eyeglasses for “some of the poorest communities around the world”. The judges were impressed with the fact that Distrupol received no commercial benefit from supporting the Adlens “Vision for a Nation” program. Vision for a Nation has made extensive improvements in Rwanda, particularly after the Rwandan Genocide. Every Rwandan will be reached with eye exams and eyeglasses through the work of the Vision for a Nation charity.

3. Jukes is a Non-Executive Independent Director of DCC PLC

Jukes is recognized for his extensive experience with international chemical distribution. His basic compensation for this role is a fiscal year total of 78,000 EUR. He is a member of the DCC Remuneration Committee.  DCC operates four divisions including Healthcare, Technology, Retail & Oil, and LPG. DCC is recognized as the number one venture capital business in Ireland. Its headquarters are in Dublin and the company is publicly traded in the U.K. The Healthcare division provides services and products to healthcare providers and owners of health and beauty brands. The company partners across Ireland, the UK and Continental Europe and the Middle East.

4. Jukes Tweets are protected.

He joined Twitter in May 2011. He has at least 203 Following and 70 Followers for his @davidcjukes Twitter account. Only approved followers may see his Tweets.

5. Jukes was Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing and Industry for Omnexus.

Omnexus is a plastics industry consortium e-commerce platform.

6. Jukes includes three Influencers as those who interest him

The list includes Jack Welch, Executive Chairman of The Jack Welch Management Institute; Richard Branson, the Founder at Virgin Group; and Ilham Kadri, the CEO at Solvay. Welch has 7,118, 140 followers on LinkedIn, Branson has 15,841,381 followers, and Kadri has 35,799 followers.

7. Jukes follows four companies and one school on LinkedIn

He lists the BBC News, Dow, BASF, Dow Performance Silicones and the London Business School as his interests.

8. Jukes net worth is estimated to be a minimum of $6.6 Million

According to Wallmine, this estimate was current as of March 5, 2019. He is said to own more than 16,774 units of Univar stock and these are valued at more then $1,266,096. He hasn’t sold any UNVR stock worth more than $0 in the last two years. This net worth is in addition to the salary he makes in his current position with Univar. The SEC has a Form 4 indicating that Jukes has traded Univar stock in at least 4 trades within the past two year. His most recent exercise was 16,774 units of Univar stock which was worth $372,718 and which happened to be the largest amount he’s ever traded. He does trade approximately 6,184 units every 91 days and it is estimated that he owns a minimum of 56,980 units of stock in Univar.

9. Jukes praised Gerry Moore, who won the Personal Contribution Award at the 2012 Plastics Industry Awards

The Plastic Industry Awards is a significant part of the Plastics Design & Moulding exhibition and conference is the most comprehensive event of its kind in the U.K. Plastics design and production professionals attend the informative event for education and inspiration. Not only was Distrupol (related to Juke’s employment history within Ellis & Everard) acknowledged for its Supplier Partnership as a Polymer Distributor for Vision for a Nation, but Juke’s colleague, Moore (Chief Executive for Distrupol Europe) was honored. When asked to comment, Jukes responded that “Moore is a true leader in his field” and his passion for innovation and constant pursuit of excellence” were the things which distinguished Moore for the award. Moore was identified as a founder and supporter of the Plastics Industry Awards since its inception in 2000.

10. In 1998, Ellis & Everard, then based in Chertsey, England, acquired Performance Polymers Inc. in Leominster, Massachusetts, and Jukes was to take over as Vice President of Corporate Development

At the time, Ellis & Everard was seeking to broaden its plastics business to the United States and Performance Polymers was said to be the fourth-largest distributor of resin in the United States. When interviewed by Plastics News, Jukes noted that goals for the acquisition included developing Performance’s nationwide presence by opening new offices on the West Coast, and creating an even product mix by moving to a 55-45 commodity/engineering mix based on that of Distrupol- Ellis & Everard’s resin distribution business in Europe. Of course, Ellis & Everard eventually became defunct and no longer exists in Leominster. Plastic manufacturing was once so important to the City of Leominster that The National Plastics Center and Museum was once located there on Lancaster Street. Leominster, the “Pioneer Plastics City” was home to plastic combs, Foster Grant sunglasses, Tupperware, and plastic pink flamingo lawn ornaments.

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