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10 Reasons to Visit Freetown-Fall River State Forest


The Freetown-Fall River State Forest is a publicly owned forest located in Massachusetts. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts owns the forest while the Department of Conservation and Recreation is in charge of operations in the forest. The Freetown-Fall River State Forest is a 5000-acre forest that features 25 miles of trails wghich are often used for hiking, horseback riding and off-roading. Near the main entrance of the forest, there is a picnic area, wading pool, fields, and restrooms. The Freetown-Fall River State Forest is well known because of the Profile Rock which is widely believed to be Chief Massasoit. The forest is home to the famous Wampanoag reservation. In addition, the forest is a play land that is used for snowshoeing, skiing and sledding. During hunting seasons, hunting is allowed in some parts of the Forest. The forest holds the annual “Fun Day in the Forest” event and the Big Bang Mountain Bike Race. The Freetown-Fall River State Forest offers a true adventure in the woods. It is a one stop destination with all types of outdoor recreation. Here are the ten reasons why you should visit Freetown-Fall River State Forest.

10. The Ledge Loop

The Ledge Loop is a moderately trafficked trail that is located near Assonet, Massachusetts. The Ledge Loop approximately measures 5.3 kilometres. The place is very rocky and offers an attractive view from the top of the Ledge. The trail is a home to very beautiful wild flowers. The Ledge Loop features a number of activities that include: hiking, mountain biking, walking, bird watching and running. The trail is both dog and child friendly but must be kept on leash. This place is accessible all year round.

9. Copicut Woods

Copicut Woods is a unique destination that portrays the area’s natural ecological features and lively agricultural past. The Copicut Woods is a peaceful natural retreat that features quietly flowing streams, towering trees and flourishing vernal pools. The local history of this place is seen through the moss-covered stone walls and foundations. Copicut Woods is a home to various wildlife including the sensitive ones such as hawks and turtles. The Copicut Woods is well known for its access to an Atlantic White cedar swamp.This is an enjoyment site with exceptional scenic, historic and ecological views.

8. Freetown Fall River State Forest Loop

Freetown Fall River State State Forest Loop is a moderate loop in Massachusetts, measuring 2.1 kilometres. The Loop is well known to have a great forest setting. It is a very peaceful and quiet place with great views of the Reservoir. The Loop is good for a number of different activities for example hiking, walking, bird watching and running.

7. Profile Rock

Profile Rock is also known as the Old Man Of Joshua”s Mountain. It is a heavily trafficked loop measuring 1.0 kilometer which locals believe to be an image of Chief Massasoit. Profile Rock is a state park tourist attraction. The top of the Rock offers amazing views of the entire area. Various fun activities like hiking, nature trips and bird watching are carried out in this trail. Profile Rock offers a seasonal adventure that is best used from April until September.

6. Breakneck Hill Loop

Breakneck Hill Loop is one of the state forest’s trails that features a waterfall. The Loop measures 5.5 kilometres. Breakneck Hill Loop is a difficult hiking trail making it a perfect hiking site for experienced hikers. The trail is well known to be used for: hiking, rock climbing and nature trips. It is pet-friendly therefore dogs are able to use the trail. Breakneck Hill Loop is seasonal, only used from April until November.

5. Westgate Trail Loop

Westgate Trail Loop is a beautiful and open trail with a free parking facility on the site. It is a 6.3 kilometres trail located near Westport, Massachusetts. Westgate Trail Loop offers a beautiful view of the state’s southern coast. Some of the facilities in the trail include: a pavilion, picnic area, scenic viewing area, splash pad and a wading pool. The trail is primarily used for hiking, fishing, hunting, biking and horse riding. Westgate Trail Loop is accessible all year.

4. Doctor Mill’s Pond

Doctor Mill’s Pond is located near Somerset, Massachusetts. It is a lightly trafficked loop measuring 5.0 kilometres. Doctor Mill’s Pond is a home to frogs, turtles and salamanders that bring the place to life. Hiking, walking, fishing, running and bike riding are the main activities that are carried out in Doctor Mill’s Pond.

3. Pine Needles Loop Trail

Pine Needles Loop Trail is the best when it comes to mountain biking. Averagely, it takes an individual 4 minutes to complete the trail. The trail features a lake and is known to be good for all skill levels. Some of the common activities carried out in the trail are: nature trips, bird watching, hiking and walking. Best months to visit the trail are the months of April until September.

2. New Bedford Whaling Museum

This museum focuses on the science, history, culture and art of the international Whaling industry. The museum features a collection of fine art, glassware, locally produced decorative art, furniture and works by major American artists. New Bedford Whaling Museum houses 20 exhibit galleries. The museum offers a great educational area where locals exchange ideas.

1. ButtonWood Park Zoo

The ButtonWood Zoo is located in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The Zoo is a home to over 200 animal species and plays a part in supporting various conservation programs. The Zoo features exhibits that are categorised in five main areas. These areas are: North America East, North America West, Aquatics, Elephants and Domestics. Some of the animals in these exhibits include: black bears, wild turkeys, shorebirds, harbour seals, elephants, horses, rhinos and bald eagles. The Zoo is a great place to acquire some knowledge about wildlife.

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