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What Differentiates the Interior of a BMW from Other Cars?

Interior of a BMW

Bavarian Motor Works has a leg up on the competition when it comes to the interior of their vehicles. The brand has distinguished Beemers from other luxury vehicles with its unique approach to cabin design. What differentiates the interior of a BMW from other cars? Read on to discover how the design geniuses layout space and fill it with just the right amount of luxury and creature comforts. Here is what sets a BMW apart from the rest.

The fulfillment of a promise

BMW has intelligently designed the exterior of their vehicles to provide a preview of what is to come when a driver gets behind the wheel. The outside is inviting with sporty elegance and the notion of power, fun, and prestige. According to The BMW Group, the focus of the team is on the driver and delivering on that promise.

BMW interior design

Interior of a BMW

The cabin of each BMW vehicle is planned with ergonomic configurations that meet the needs of practicality and comfort for the driver. Before instrument panels and the center console are installed, attention to the tiniest details is paid to ensure the utmost in driver comfort. If you'll take a close look you'll note that these elements are angles toward the driver to put them within his or her reach. It's not a situation of one size fits all when it comes to these configurations. Each model gets its special attention. This individual approach ensures that each model portrays a distinct personality. Control elements are integrated into optimal positioning to ensure that the interior design reflects premium quality and perfection of placement.

Check out the horizontal lines

Each BMW features a cabin that allows for generous space for practicality as well as aesthetics. The instrument panel is laid out horizontally with the center console vertical featuring technical equipment for driver convenience. There is a certain flow to every element that combines a sense of space perception for driver and passengers along with creature comforts to make the journey the most pleasant experience possible.

BMW compared with Mercedes Benz

Interior of a BMW 2

Wonderful Engineering points out that the interiors of a BMW and Mercedes go in two completely different directions. It's almost like comparing apples with oranges. Although Mercedes has established a reputation for creating the most luxurious interiors, BMW instead, focuses on ergonomics. An inspection of the interiors of each immediately reveals the differences. If you look, you'll discover that the BMW has taken great effort to ensure that the driver is surrounded by user controls that are placed in the most convenient locations for ease of access. This is the most obvious difference when the two are compared side by side. While the Mercedes targets a more mature audience of drivers, the BMW is all about the younger drivers who appreciate power, performance, and a useful and easy to navigate interior. When you add the fact that the BMWs are generally priced a bit lower than its competition, the odds are beginning to stack in favor of the BMW for the more practical-minded drivers who want to experience the thrill of the drive.

Does BMW have the best interior design?

This depends on who you talk to. For some, the interior design of the BMW can't be beaten. Others prefer the high-end luxury in the Mercedes that is hard to rival. BMW Blog suggests that BMW may be taking the lead in the automobile design race. According to their analysts, even the Beemers with a safer exterior have the potential to blow your mind with what's behind the doors. The designers have stepped it up a notch and brought the cockpit design to an entirely new level.

Elements that set BMW apart

Interior of a BMW 3

BMW Blog continues to point out that many of the other luxury brands stuff as many luxuries features into a cabin as they can to advertise the massive number of driver and passenger comforts. BMW hasn't inclined to overstuff their cabins with features that are not practical. BMW designers don't add equipment or special design features for the sake of the looks of the inside of the car. There is a purpose for everything added to the cabin. Each element exists within the easy reach of the driver.

Understated glory

BMW's designers keep the interior a bit on the understated plane. While not quite minimalist, they love to create a sense of space inside. Everything caters to the driver's needs and desires. The goal for the cockpits is to achieve a look that screams premium in a stylish yet sleek aesthetic. The team achieves balance and harmony in each interior and this is one of the aspects that sets the interior of BMWs apart. Sometimes more can be too much if it only gets in your way when you're trying to drive. A minimalist approach can strip away too many creature comforts leaving you with a feeling of emptiness. BMW has got it just right with its middle-of-the-road approach.

Final thoughts

Interior of a BMW 4

If you're a BMW fan, then you've likely already experienced the BMW difference. Some believe that BMW has risen to the top of the pack in their interior design excellence. The cabins may not offer tons of frills and fancy equipment that you don't yet know how to use. They keep those options in the add on packages. The interiors are far from minimalist. They do bridge the gap between the latter and going overboard with lavish opulence that is functionally unnecessary. If you are a driver who loves to drive and enjoy the full experience on your journey, you'll appreciate the ergonomic features that BMW installs into each new vehicle. Everything in a BMW cabin is situated in a manner that makes the task of driving less work and more fun. We must agree that few come close to the perfect balance and spacious layouts BMW has accomplished.

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