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What is the Hulk Rolex and Is it Worth It?

Hulk Rolex

Rolex is a well-known luxury watch brand that is also reputed for being expensive. The Hulk Rolex is a model that has created quite a stir among luxury watch enthusiasts. Some buyers get their names on a waiting list and others question its inherent value. To determine whether the Hulk Rolex is worth its average cost of $18,500 one needs to examine its virtues, the materials and unique aesthetics, along with the reasons why it has become such a popular mode.

What is the Hulk Rolex watch?

The Hulk Rolex was first released in 2010. The watch has is a member of the Rolex Submariner collection and is a certified dive watch. The first edition of the watch was created in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the brand's Submariner dive watch. This instantly elevates the status of the timepiece with divers and those fond of water sports.

Distinguishing attributes of the Hulk Rolex

The Hulk has gone down in the history of the Rolex brand as being the first diver to sport an all green color profile. Submariners, up until this point in time were offered in blue or black options. It's the first green diver to be made available. Other updates to the original Submariner include a thickening of the lugs with a Maxi dial and a ceramic bezel insert. This gave the Hulk a chunkier aesthetic and when combined with the green coloring, the logical nickname became "The Hulk."

It's a celebrity's choice

The general public is influenced by the choices of admired celebrities, and this applies heavily to fashion accessories, and wristwatches in particular. The Hulk Rolex has been seen on the wrists of several popular celebrity personalities. Mark Sanchez, Matt LeBlanc, also known as Slash of the rock band Guns N' Roses, as well as the famous actor Robert Downey Jr. This has helped to increase the exposure of The Hulk and has in turn made it a popular model among fans of the stars who wear their examples publicly.

Qualities of the Hulk Rolex

The Rolex Submariner Hulk is made with a very special type of material. It is a diver's watch that is made of one of the best steel alloys on the market today. It is constructed of 904L steel that is referred to as Oyster steel. This metal can hold up under the harshest environmental conditions and it is corrosion, spot, and scratch resistant. The case is made of Oyster steel and measures 40 mm in width.

It is a Rolex in-house creation

The Hulk Rolex is also popular because of the name and reputation of the brand. Rolex designed and produced each example released of the Hulk in-house and by hand. This gives the company complete control over the quality of the materials and craftsmanship, and Rolex insists on the highest level of quality and perfection. A careful inspection of the dial reveals a green background that is referred to as green gold with a metallic finish and solei pattern. The hour markers that are crafted of 18k gold, and applied to ensure a three-dimensional visual quality. The colors dance when the dial is exposed to bright light.

The bezel is made of ceramic in green, which is rare for a diver watch. This ensures that it is resistant to spotting and scratching and the color of the bezel will not fade through the passage of time. The bezel is a rotating type with 60 minute graduations engraved for decompression stops and monitoring diving time. The zero marker features a luminescent capsule for high legibility in all lighting conditions. Knurled edges make the bezel easy to operate underwater.The indexes and numerals on the dial also features platinum material.

The bracelet is impressive

Even the bracelet of the Hulk Rolex is awe inspiring. It is made of oyster steel for durability and a lovely finish. This is where form meets function in harmony. The oyster clasp is strong and secure with a glide lock feature for making small adjustments without the need for special tools.

The movement is advanced

The movement that powers the Hulk Rolex is a caliber 3135. Those who understand the importance of the movement can appreciate this self-winding type that is a certified Swiss chronometer that has met the requirements of the Swiss chronometer testing institute. The build of the movement makes it resistant to temperature extremes and against shocks.

It's the ideal diver's watch

As a member of the Submariner family, the Hulk Rolex has found favor with luxury watch enthusiasts who enjoy water sports. It can safely be worn while swimming, in the shower, and for diving up to 1,000 feet. For diving, this precision watch provides an accurate accounting of the time with central hour, minute and seconds hands with date and time available simultaneously. The Hulk Rolex is both fashionable and highly functional.

Is the Hulk Rolex really worth the money?

Based upon our knowledge of the quality of construction and the precious materials used in the creation of the Hulk Rolex, this is a watch that is arguably well-worth the asking price for dyed in the wool loyalists to the Rolex brand. For those who appreciate the finer things in life and the elegance of the Rolex luxury brand, the cost is fairly reasonable. This diver's watch is made to last a lifetime with superior construction and expensive materials. It represents a new phase in the diver's classification with upgrades and an aesthetically pleasing look. We realize that not everyone would agree with this assessment which leads us to add the caveat that the value of the Hulk Rolex is determined by the worth assigned by the buyer. It's a question that can only be answered by the individual who is considering making the purchase. The majority of buyers are not looking to make an investment, but rather to procure a visually stunning diver's watch that is highly functional and will serve them well for years to come.

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