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What It's Like to Fly Alitalia Business Class

When you're a frequent flyer, it's good to check around to make sure you're booking your flights with the best airline carrier. While price is often one of the most important considerations, it isn't the only one. Service, meals, convenience, cabin and seat comfort and amenities can also make a difference in the quality of your experience. Here is what it's like to fly Alitalia Business Class if you're looking for the best deals on air travel.


If you're planning a flight from the United States to Italy, booking isn't a bad experience. It's a good idea to book your flight early so you can get your choice of a seat. The odds are that you'll be flying on a 777-200 and the flights feature two Business Class cabins with 46 available seats, so this is why it's important to book as far in advance as possible for the best selection. You can do this on their website fairly easily. If you have any bonus rewards miles accrued on a credit card, you can cash them in to save money on the fare and if you have enough of them saved up, you may only end up paying $250 or so for your ticket.


The check-in process is fast and easy when you arrive early. You simply go to the front desk and you're issued a boarding pass. This is where you check your bags and they may weigh your carry on if it's warranted. You should plan on a little wait when going through airport security and you'll need to take your shoes off and remove all metal items from your pockets into the tray that they run through a scanner.


There are times when it's a seamless experience to find the right line to get into for boarding the flight. The attendants are good at indicating which passengers are up next, so keep your ears peeled and you shouldn't have any problems. During peak travel times you might experience a little confusion but in general, it's not a bad process if you're paying attention.

The Business Class Cabin

Once you've boarded, the attendants are good at making you feel welcome and offering you a beverage right away. The Business Class cabin is clean and well maintained. It has an attractive black and gold color theme which is an improvement over the sterile and plain environment aboard some other airlines. The attendants are all dressed in a retro style uniform that is reminiscent of the 1950s and it sets the stage for a pleasant experience which is unique. When you firsts arrive at your seat, there is a menu waiting or you so you can take a look at it once you're settled. There are three menus including one for foot, another for coffee and a third for wine, which is a classy way to do things.


You're given an amenity kit that comes with standard items including a dental kit, lotions, socks, and an eye mask. The flight attendants also pass out pajamas so you can take a nap or sleep during longer flights. A pillow and light blanket are also offered. The seats are lie flat in business class and while not large, they offer enough comfort to stretch out and sleep comfortably for several hours at a time.

In-flight entertainment

The attendants come by and offer noise canceling headphones that work okay. You have your choice of watching from their selection of movies or from pre-programmed television shows. The selections of both are limited, so I recommend loading your own entertainment for the flight or bringing a book.

Food and beverages

Alitalia doesn't serve gourmet meals in business class, but the food is solid and great tasting. They start taking orders and serving as soon as the craft reaches cruising altitude. The meals are delivered quickly and the attendants are very intuned to the passengers. Beverages are offered often and the service is top notch. You have a choice of a variety of different menu offerings, and there's a little something for every taste aboard the flight. The coffee is remarkably good and the wine is also. The menus are well planned and give you plenty of good choices. Snacks are offered throughout the flight and instead of serving nuts, they offer a variety of different appetizers and canapes which is a nice departure from the norm. The breakfasts are diverse and you have your choice of a light fare with pastry or a more hearty meal and they're filling.

The bottom line

Traveling Business Class aboard Alitalia is a pleasant experience. It doesn't rival first class and although the food is not remarkable it is tasty and appealing. The attendants are attentive and respond as quickly as possible with beverages upon request. Overall, the airline does an amazing job.

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