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How Yung Gravy Achieved a Net Worth of 600K

Matthew Hauri, better known by his stage name Yung Gravy, is a renowned rapper whose love for rap music began at an early age. Today he drives his fans so crazy that some have offered to give him their birth certificates. Others get so close to the stage disrupting it that it has to be set up severally. Yung has performed for as many as 7,000 fans; with his career on an upward trajectory, the future seems bright. He has also managed to accumulate an incredible amount of wealth from his music so let’s take you through the journey of Yung Gravy’s net worth climbing to 600K.

Becoming Yung Gravy

The Depaulia interviewed Yung, who revealed that he has always loved rap and soul music. So after getting home from school, he would go to YouTube and find music from the 70s, 80s and 90s. By the time he was in UW Madison high school, he had fallen so much in love with rapping that even when he went to summer camp, freestyling was his favorite pastime.

While other high spirited teenagers were partying, Yung and his friends would be in the bathroom rapping and making the most of their leisure time despite the weird glances from fellow students. It is during his stay in the camp that the name “Yung Gravy” was born. He was freestyling, and one line just came out of nowhere; Matthew was rapping that he was wavy and smooth so people can call him young Gravy. Although Matthew had acquired a few monikers like “Lil Steamer” and “Mr Butter,” before, “Yung Gravy” stuck from that day to date.

Taking Music Seriously

In junior high school, Yung Gravy was still rapping in his free time, since he spent most of his hours working in a startup accelerator, Gener8ator. He was in charge of marketing and a business idea popped in his mind. Upon seeing how the startup was buying patents and doing other things to ensure it was secured, Yung Gravy decided to start recording. Besides with inspiration from rappers like Ugly God and Lil Yachty, Yung Gravy believed his music was going to take him places.

Therefore, according to the Post Bulletin, the budding rapper bought recording equipment, but he was still not confident enough of his ability to make an impact. Thus, he recorded in secret, this time taking rhyming seriously as his mentors did. However, also the fact that his lyrics were not something that his female boss or mother would approve of due to the profanity he spilt enticed him to keep a low profile with his music. Yung Gravy also loved his job and did not want to lose it. So even when word got around of his talent and went to perform, he kept his identity a secret. By this time he had met Englewood and DJ Mondo who helped him to put up shows in Madison. Sometimes, destiny will give you a push in the direction and in the case of Yung Gravy, it came with his boss’s decision to transfer him to Indianapolis or Ann Arbor as soon as he graduated. He had only three months left to graduate, and although moving up the corporate ladder would have been most teenagers’ dreams, it was not in line with Yung Gravy’s plans. Therefore Yung Gravy quit his job and focused on making music that entire summer.

Making Money from Music

Yung Gravy told DJ Booth that he began using YouTube and Soundcloud in May 2016. He collaborated with music producers who were aware of Soundcloud and his dedication to music paid off. He stayed relevant in the music industry, and his popularity began rising when he posted videos on Instagram still with his identity remaining a secret. People got curious about the upcoming musician, but their mystery was solved when on August 31, 2016, Yung Gravy released “Mr. Clean.” For the first time, he showed his face, and it helped him gain a lot of attention. Three months later, he did his first tour, which sold out faster than he imagined. He has done other tours, and all of them have been worth it.

He, however, realized that there was more money in Tunecore and Spotify than SoundCloud, so he switched to Tunecore to attract more fans. By the time he had a semester left to finish college, Yung Gravy was making $10, 000 a month. He had the option of dropping out of college and concentrate on music but wanted to make his mother proud, so he held on convinced to pursue music as soon as he graduated. He joined a record label, and although he is playlisted in Tunecore, his diehard fans have helped push his popularity further through word of mouth. It has been worth his while because Tunecore pays $0.01 per stream, but Yung Gravy also has YouTube to make him some money. “Mr. Clean” video has over 53 million views and since the amount one makes for a million views is usually $5,000, more or less, it is safe to say, Yung Gravy’s video has made him at least $250,000.

Another Revenue Source

With his religious following, Yung Gravy still makes a killing from branded merchandise. Merchandising enables artists to receive about 30% for each product sold, but the percentage usually depends on one’s popularity. Prescient Digital advises that the best time to make money from selling merchandise is during shows because then fans are emotionally engaged. If Yung Gravy does that, then he has lots of chances of fattening his bank account since he confessed to loving tours and seeing the energy of his fans as they respond to his music. Besides, there is so much to choose from for the diehard fans: sunglasses, t-shirts, sweatshirts and stickers among others meaning that all preferences are well catered to by the wide range of products posted on RedBubble.

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