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Top 10 Richest Roblox Players in 2023 (+Their Net-worth)


Ever since its debut, Roblox has become increasingly popular. Not only are Roblox gamers playing on this platform for fun, but many are making a living playing their favorite games. In fact, some of the top Roblox players have become quite rich by regularly playing games. Gamers on Roblox can earn money in a number of ways, and many will sell virtual items, monetize their gameplay through sponsorships and ads, and create YouTube channels based on Roblox characters for monetization. 

Others make money as Roblox players by offering private servers and earning Robux, which is the official Roblox currency that can be cashed in for real money. Most players earn money using all these methods, especially the richest Roblox player.

What's so unique about Roblox is the fact that users create the games that are available to be played. The platform offers a variety of games, making it easy for any gamer to find at least a few games that they enjoy. 

From fighting to horror to RPG and many other genres in between, it's easy to get lost in the world of Roblox and have fun while earning some big bucks. Some of the most popular Roblox games are Adopt Me, which has an incredible 18.8 billion visits and has an average of about a half-million current players, Blox Fruits, with 501K current players, Doors, with 70.3 active players, BedWars, with 71.5 active players, and many others. 

Here are overviews of the 10 richest Roblox players as well as how much Robux they currently have. Each player has their favorite games, has created their own games, and more.

10. Saturniidae - $41.5 Million

Initially, this player's Roblox name was ColdLegacy, and he is a Roblox clothing creator. Saturniidae has 32.4 million RAP, and he has 1,443 collectibles. This player joined Roblox in December 2010, and he owns a group by the name of Limited Lunatics, he has also started a clothing trend called Sparkle Time, which became popular in 2015.

9. Azarth - $47 Million

This Roblox player has $56,920,082 RAP and 84 collectibles. He joined Roblox in August 2012, and he has created clothing, weapons, and other Roblox items. Many Roblox players are private and like to have their identities and real lives private, Azarth is one of them, and his real name isn't publicized. Anyone who contacts this Roblox player refers to him by his Roblox name, Azarth.

8. CV10K - $49 Million

This player is the 8th richest Roblox player, and he has 402 collectibles and an RAP of $12,468,134. He joined Roblox in November 2014, and he is the current owner of a Roblox group called Club CV. Some of CV10K's favorite Roblox games are Zombie Rush, Faction Defense Tycoon, House Party RP Voice Chat & Mic Up, Flex Your UGC Limiteds, and more. He has also created various catalog avatars for the platform.

7. BuiltintoGames - $56 Million

This rich Roblox player has 331 collectibles and 154,955,463 RAP. The player has revealed that his real name is Preston Park, and he has developed Roblox games as well as games on other platforms. This player joined Roblox in June 2011 and he is well known for playing games like Giant Survival, Giant Survival 2, and Pet Simulator X.

6. Zlib - $62 Million

Zlib is currently a moderator for Trade Hangout, and he joined the Roblox platform in June 2015. He has 3,640 collectibles, and he has 108,983,034 RAP. His favorite game is the Bee Swarm Simulator. He has created Roblox clothing, and some of his favorite games are Boss White Hat, Ban Hammer, and Dominus Empyreus, among many others.

5. EarlGrey - $78 Million

EarlGrey joined Roblox in August 2006, and in 2018 he was banned for a short time. EarlGrey has 46 collectibles and 115,113,042 RAP. EarlGrey has visited over 12,000 places, and he is the creator of Grey City.

4. Linkmon99 - $103 Millon

Thomas Doyle is a 24-year-old gamer who became a millionaire as a Roblox player. He joined the platform in 2007 but didn't become a serious gamer until 2017. Linkmon99 currently has 628 collectibles and $166,859,611 in RAP. Linkmon99 earns the majority of his month through YouTube videos, in which he creates tutorials, challenges, vlogs, game plays, pranks, and montages.

3. Son of Sevenless - $106 Million

Son of Sevenless, whose real name is John James Shedletsky, III, is the third richest person in Roblox. He joined in October 2007 and currently has 1,458 collectibles, with a RAP of $165,776,190. Shedletsky, III worked as an engineer for Roblox from 2007 to 2014, when he resigned to pursue a business venture. Some games created by Son of Sevenless are Nuke the Whales and Sword Fight on the Heights IV.

2. Stickermasterluke - $149 Million

Lucas Mason Weber, AKA "Luke" is the second-richest Roblox player. He has accumulated 2,836 collectibles, and his RAP is $200,779,285. Stickermasterluke created many of the original Roblox games, with Natural Disaster Survival being one of his most popular creations. This top Roblox earner joined Roblox in October 2007 and has worked hard to reach his current level.

Stickermasterluke has won Roblox contests, including The Winter Wonderland and Spring Block Party.

1. Roblox - $232.8 Million

The creator of Roblox, David Baszucki, created the platform in 2006, along with his partner, Eric Cassel, and since then he's been working fervently to attain wealth and recognition. He has exceeded the expectations of everyone, and his wealth continues to grow. Roblox has accumulated 2,499 collectibles, and his RAP is $277,834,733.

The Roblox co-founder currently lives in San Francisco with his wife and four children. He and his partner have received various awards for the creation of Roblox, and Baszucki and his wife are philanthropists. Not only have they created "Baszucki", a philanthropy company, but they have either contributed to or started other organizations related to bipolar disorder, chimeric antigen receptor T-cell, and more.

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