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10 Rules of Success According to Meryl Streep

Every Hollywood star and starlet has their can’t miss tips for success that carry them through a good portion of their career if not all of it. While some fade out and are eventually forgotten, others tend to stick around thanks to the values and rules of success that they have cultivated and subsequently live by. The greatest actors have found a system by which they can enjoy and even thrive in their chosen industry, becoming mainstays in an industry where a flash in the pan is all too common and a true legendary figure is hard to come by.

While some see her as a benevolent figure that gives of herself in full measure, others might find a different view from which to observe the highly talented actress named Meryl Streep. Having developed a highly successful career throughout many appearances in film and other venues, Streep has become a very iconic figure that seems to easily define what success and how it can be obtained by virtually anyone. With her long years of experience and adherence to her craft, Streep is perhaps one of the greatest actresses to ever enter the industry. Her fan base has only grown throughout the years, establishing her as a living legend in her own time.

10. Work hard.

There is no substitution for hard work. While it is possible to work smarter, not harder, the truth remains that one must always be willing to put in the time and effort if they want to succeed. Simply sticking your hand out and asking for what you haven’t worked for is the province of those who don’t often fully appreciate what they have, and can breed ignorance as well as unfounded arrogance. Streep knows much like anyone what it means to work hard at her craft, creating each persona she has ever used through dedication and adherence to the demands of her craft.

9. Express yourself.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself in whatever way you see fit. Go on and put yourself out there for the public to see. Be daring, be loud, and express yourself in ways you might never have thought about before. Fortune favors the bold after all, and in an effort to blend in with the crowd sometimes you must stand out in vibrant style.

8. Live a Zen life.

This might not always be an option for everyone, but then it is a highly subjective term that can encompass a great many lifestyles. Known primarily for its meditative aspects, this allows living a Zen lifestyle to fall into many different categories, so long as the focus is to relax, reflect, and gain insight into one’s own personal ambitions. Streep is well known to be self-reflective and has shown throughout her history in film that this type of lifestyle has granted her both poise and balance of the sort that is not gained overnight.

7. Find your drive.

Everyone has something that allows them to keep moving forward, be it a person, thing, abstract thought, or even just a vague dream of what they could possibly accomplish. It’s sometimes necessary to go back and reflect upon one’s drive and focus intently upon what this truly means to them. If there is no direction in which to go then most people become aimless wanderers, tripping and bumping through life without a clue as to what might come next. In order to succeed it is necessary to have a sense of drive, to know that you have a goal that is attainable and well-defined.

6. Be empathetic.

Kindness seems to come at a premium in this modern era. Whether one believes in karma or just being nice to others, empathy is when you decide to take matters a step further. Meryl Streep has shown an increasingly large amount of empathy towards the plight of others throughout her career, and has been seen as a beacon of hope to many as a result.

5. Learn from challenging times.

The easy times are of course treasured for a short time and quite often taken for granted. It is difficult to learn from the good times, as the sheer enjoyment is far too overwhelming to pay heed to any type of lesson that is to be learned. During adversity it is quite easy to learn the lessons that are being preached. Focus sharpens to a well-honed point when challenging times emerge, and like many others, Streep has often risen to that challenge.

4. Find your passion.

Much of life can be lived without a true passion for anything, but it will be a life squandered without any real sense of pride or accomplishment. The passion that one feels for their chosen field and the work they do is quite important as it allows the enjoyment that is to be gained a chance to be felt by the individual and others. There is a very big difference between actors who are passionate about their craft and those who are simply acting for a paycheck. Streep is one of the few whose passion shines brightly in every performance she gives.

3. Be your real self.

This might seem like an odd thing to say to any actor, but it is still good advice. Don’t ever act like someone else thinking that it will benefit you in some way. People wish to see the real you, the person that is unique and without peer when it comes to just being you.

2. Immerse yourself in your work.

There are always constant distractions and ways in which any person can be drawn away from that which they love and the work they are so inherently passionate about. These distractions can lead to lost time and lost opportunities. If you must lose yourself in something, lose yourself in your work, and allow the enjoyment of what you do to envelop you as nothing else can.

1. Have fun.

The number one, most important thing of any job, career, or hobby in the world is to have fun doing it. Many people don’t enjoy their jobs, but they will enjoy their hobbies. Some people actually have hobbies that aren’t fun so that they will enjoy their job. In any case the idea is to have fun at something, anything you do in an effort to make life worth living and your success a possible goal that can be reached.

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