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10 Things You Didn't Know about Gilad Almogy

Gilad Almogy and Ultima Genomics have been hitting the headlines lately for raising $600 million to fund their innovative genome sequencing products. According to Globes, the company also announced that it can now sequence a human genome for $100 compared to the $500 to $600 from its biotech competitors. Ultima Genomics was established in 2015 to drive the genomic information scale to allow unparalleled advancement in biology and enhancement of human health. Now that he is in the limelight, what do you know about Gilad Almogy? Read on for 10 things you didn't know about Gilad Almogy.

1. Gilad Was Born in Israel

Most people might think Gilad has his origins in the USA because it's where he is based today. But no, his home country is Israel, where he was born. He grew up in Israel, where he received a solid educational foundation during his childhood years. Like most kids, Gilad attended his lower and high school educations before advancing into the university. Today, Gilad resides in Palo Alto, California, in the united states.

2. He attended the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Gilad attended the Hebrew University in Jerusalem's Talpiot program, where he attained a BSc in Mathematics and Physics. This is an Israeli military's elite Talpiot program that engages various students to study their university education. The university is among the top reputable institutions in Israel for its strength in engineering and biological sciences.

3. Gilad has a Ph.D. in Applied Physics

After his undergraduate degree, Gilad Almogy went on to earn a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) from 1991 to 1995. Gilad went from Israel to the USA as a graduate bachelor's in mathematics and physics to advance into a doctorate, where he graduated with a Ph.D. in Applied Physics. Caltech is renowned worldwide as an engineering and science research and education establishment where extraordinary students, faculty, and staff find answers to complex problems ad discover new knowledge. He acquired several technological and management skills that he has used throughout his career journey.

4. He Is the Founder and CEO Of Ultima Genomics

Gilad Almogy is the founder and CEO of Ultima Genomics. He established the company in December 2016 and is currently working as the CEO. The company's mission is to consistently reduce the cost of sequencing to allow the era of data-driven healthcare, renovate biology, and enhance human health. before establishing Ultima, Gilad had gained applied deep engineering technology and leadership expertise to drive technological boundaries and transformation across several industries. Today, Ultima Genomics has raised around $600 million from various partners that share their vision.

5. He Was the Founder and CEO Of Cogenra Solar

You probably did not know that Gilad Almogy was the founder and CEO of Cogenra Solar, based in Mountain View, Calif. Cogenra Solar is a manufacturer of high-performance, innovative, affordable, and high-reliability PV systems and panels. The company is an inventor of record-breaking shingled solar modules with more than seven gigawatts installed globally to date. Gilad was the CEO of Cogenra from inception until (NASDAQ: SPWR) SunPower acquired it in 2015. He worked there for six years, from 2009 to 2015.

6. Gilad Almogy Was a Senior Vice President for Applied Materials (NASDAQ: AMAT)

Before joining Cogenra as the CEO, Gilad Almogy worked as a senior vice president for Applied Materials. The company is the leader in materials engineering solutions to virtually generate each new semiconductor chip and advanced display. At Applied Materials, he led the Process Diagnostic and Control Group and later the Display Group, a more than a billion-dollar revenue franchise yearly. According to Crunchbase, Gilad Almogy joined Applied Materials via its acquisition of Orbot in 1997. While at Applied Materials and Orbot, Gilad headed the development of wafer inspection systems which are today massively adopted in semiconductor fabs throughout the world.

7. Gilad Is on The Board of Directors of Nanoh2o

Gilad is on the board of directors of NanoH2O. This is a desalination startup company that purifies water. NanoH2O improves current polymer-based membranes with nano-structured material that gives extra control of key membrane properties. This results in a broad range of valuable membrane characteristics, including enhanced throughput at requisite salt and contaminant rejection levels, active and passive fouling resistance, and flexibility to address certain water chemistries.

8. Gilad Is 50 Years Old

Now that you have gone through Gilad's career journey and achievements, you probably want to know how old he is. While he has achieved so much in his career, Gilad Almogy is only 50 years old. He is also married to a beautiful wife, and they have four kids between 8 and 17 years. Although he likes to keep a private life, particularly with his family, he is a family man who cares about his family a lot.

9. Gilad Was Named the Hi-Tech Manager of The Year by The Israel Institute of Management

Dr. Almogy's efforts and professionalism were recognized as the Hi-Tech Manager of the Year by the Israel Institute of Management. This was a well-deserved award because Gilad has proven to inspire great innovations in the companies he has worked for previously and the innovations he is aiming to achieve as the current CEO of Ultima Genomics. He has a transmittable enthusiasm for everything he touches, evident in the many boards he has headed.

10. Gilad Is Not a Fan of Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter

Social media has gained tremendous popularity today, with millions worldwide spending a few hours on social media platforms daily. However, you will be surprised to know that Gilad Almogy is not a fan of social media. According to the Mercury News, Gilad does not require an active user of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It is hence unlikely to see social media posts from his online accounts. It is also claimed that Gilad still uses a Blackberry even after the current innovative technology on smartphones.

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