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10 Things You Didn't Know about Ale Resnik

Are you familiar with Ale Resnik, the founder and CEO of long-term home rental company Belong? The company itself is quickly taking America by storm, providing long-term renters with options that simply weren't available only a few years ago. The question is, what do you know about the person behind all this? You might be surprised to learn that there are actually a number of things about Resnik that might surprise you. If you're curious to learn more, here are 10 things about him that you probably didn't know before.

1. He was born and raised in Argentina

It's true that Resnik lives in America, but he wasn't born there. In fact, he was born in Argentina and even spent his childhood there. As such, he has a tendency to consider both countries home because he has fond memories of his upbringing and simultaneously, he also loves the opportunities that have been afforded to him after he moved to America.

2. He knew how to program software before most can write their names

Some people are just gifted when it comes to the things that are truly interesting and Resnik is certainly no exception. As a matter of fact, he started programming software at age five, younger than a lot of other people are capable of writing their own names. It was then that those around him truly learned that he possessed gifts and talents that most children simply don't have, especially not at that age. Obviously, it quickly became rather apparent that he had the skills that he needed to achieve virtually anything he wanted to do in life. As such, his mother became especially attentive to the things that he was interested in, in an attempt to further encourage him, something that has clearly worked well.

3. He’s an MIT graduate

After he achieved his first college degree at ORT in Argentina, he went on to achieve another degree in industrial engineering at the same university. Following that, he went to Massachusetts to get a master's degree from MIT. At the same time, he developed a strong interest in entrepreneurship and decided that it was time to start exploring that end of things as well.

4. He knows a thing or two about creating a successful company

Some people have even gone as far as calling him a serial entrepreneur. Throughout his career, he has developed companies such as Beepi and Global Vitamins LTD. The first company was meant to serve as something of an online car marketplace and cut car dealerships out of the process. As you have probably already figured out, Global Vitamins is just that, a company that sells vitamins to customers around the world through an e-commerce site. Eventually, he developed the Belong, his current company.

5. His idea for Beepi came out of a personal incident

Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned and that is exactly what happened to him when he came up with the idea for Beepi. He had purchased a jeep that was destroyed after it caught fire only two days later and the dealership where he purchased the vehicle refused to give him a refund. The entire ordeal played out for several months while he took them to court. He came up with the idea for the company because he wanted to make sure that no one else ever had to go through what he had gone through with this particular vehicle.

6. He knows how to raise money for his ventures, too

There's no question about it, he knows how to raise money. As a matter of fact, he raised $120 million while he was still at MIT, all of it for Beepi. After he graduated, he went on to raise another $500 million for the company on his own. That's definitely saying something, because some people are very good at coming up with the practical side of things and not so great at getting people to invest. Clearly, he excels at both.

7. He believes that software development can help fix most things

He says that he's always had a strong belief that in the right hands, software can help fix a majority of problems that people are experiencing in their lives. That's because software can often be used to help people by making something possible that might not have been possible before. Just as in the case with the automobile he purchased, software was eventually created that made it easier for people to buy and sell cars. The same is true with almost everything else and that's something that excites him a great deal.

8. He has a strong desire to help others

Of course, much of this comes from his strong desire to help other people. It seems to be something that was just bred into him from an early childhood. He's always wanted to help other people in any way that he could and he routinely uses his skills and talents to do exactly that.

9. He loves the ocean

Something else that he came to love during his childhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina was a love for the ocean. That's a love that he still has today, and one that has only grown since he moved to America and set up shop in San Francisco, California.

10. Others have recognized him for his merit

Last but not least, he was recognized by both the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology and MIT for his merit. It is directly related to his entrepreneurial development and his desire to use his skills to help other individuals in ways that improve the world. Being recognized by one of these organizations is an honor that most people can only dream about. Having the opportunity to be recognized by both of them is definitely something that most people don't get the chance to experience. It's also something that he treasures and says that he will continue to do so for the remainder of his life.

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