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10 Things You Didn't Know about Edouard Bonlieu

Edouard Bonlieu

Edouard Bonlieu is one of the co-founders of Koyeb. Currently, he is serving as its CPO, meaning that he plays a very important role in ensuring that its product is well-suited for its intended users. For those who are curious, Koyeb is focused on serverless infrastructure, which is a field that sees a lot of interest to say the least.

1. Based Out of the Greater Paris Metropolitan Area

Bonlieu is based out of the Greater Paris metropolitan area. This should come as no surprise because said region has been the heart of France from the very start. As such, Paris and its surroundings are a logical choice of location for tech start-ups.

2. Bilingual

It is interesting to note that Bonlieu is bilingual. Chances are good that interested individuals can guess that he knows both French and English. Specifically, Bonlieu is a native French speaker. Meanwhile, he possesses professional proficiency when it comes to English, which makes sense considering its status as the language of international business as well as so much more.

3. Went to EPITECH

Education-wise, Bonlieu went to EPITECH, which is a private institution of higher education that can be found headquartered in the suburbs of Paris. Previously, its fuller name was the European Institute of Information Technology. Nowadays, its fuller name is the Paris Graduate School of Digital Innovation. Whatever the name, EPITECH has specialized in computer science ever since it was founded in 1999. Besides that, it is known for a number of other things. To name an example, EPITECH has a fondness for teaching using practical cases rather than theoretical cases.

4. Went to Concordia University

Bonlieu studied at both the undergraduate level and the graduate level at EPITECH. For whatever reason, he studied at the graduate level at Concordia University as well. Said school can be found in the Canadian province of Quebec, which speaks French rather than English for the most part. However, Concordia University is rather unusual in that it is one of three schools in Quebec that teach in English for the most part. Two of those three schools can be found in the city of Montreal, with one being Concordia University and the other being McGill University. Considering his education, it seems safe to say that Bonlieu wasn't exaggerating about his proficiency in the English language in the slightest.

5. Worked With Computers

Unsurprisingly, Bonlieu went on to work with computers. For instance, he spent some time working as a software engineer before going on to become a system engineer. As such, Bonlieu seems to have plenty of relevant expertise and experience for his current role as a CPO. This is particularly true because he went on to gain executive experience, meaning that he didn't just go from being a system engineer to being a senior executive all of a sudden.

6. This Wasn't His First Time Co-Founding a Company

As mentioned earlier, Bonlieu is one of the co-founders of Koyeb. However, it is important to note that this wasn't the first time that he has co-founded a company. Instead, that would be his time with Yesfuture, which he spent working as a developer on the project. In total, Bonlieu spent two years' time on that company. Something that presumably provided him with useful experience that he has since applied to Koyeb. Simply put, running a start-up is challenging even under the best of circumstances. As a result, any advantage can be very useful. Certainly, previous entrepreneurial experience counts as one such thing.

7. He Is Working As the CPO

Currently, Bonlieu is working as the CPO, which stands for the Chief Product Officer. One of his co-founders is working as the CEO while the other is working as the CTO. Generally speaking, a CPO is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, which is to say, the person who is responsible for overseeing a company's product-related activities. A category of things that tend to be both numerous and important in nature. Besides this, CPO can sometimes stand for Chief Procurement Officer instead. In that case, said role is responsible for overseeing the acquisition of both the products and the services that a company needs.

8. His Company Is Focused On Serverless Infrastructure

Bonlieu's company is focused on serverless infrastructure. Essentially, infrastructure is necessary for a wide range of companies in a wide range of industries to do their jobs. However, infrastructure comes with a host of potential issues. For example, there is the issue of making sure that it performs as it is supposed to. Similarly, there is the issue of keeping it in such a state that it continues to perform as it is supposed to. Serverless infrastructure is meant to enable companies to build things as well as run things without having to worry about servers. Something that can save them a fair amount of time, effort, and other precious resources.

9. Acknowledges that Going Serverless Has Challenges

Of course, Bonlieu acknowledges that going serverless comes with challenges. After all, everything comes with challenges, so if anything, pretending otherwise can cause other people to raise their eyebrows. Something that isn't in the interest of most companies out there. Instead, Koyeb went with the tried-and-true method of acknowledging challenges before providing explanations for how each of these challenges can be mitigated by it.

10. His Product Has a Free Tier

Bonlieu's company is still at a relatively early point in its existence. Still, its platform has reached the point that it can now offer a public preview to interested parties, which isn't bad considering that it has only been working on this since early 2021. This public preview includes a free tier, presumably because that is a tried-and-true strategy for convincing potential clients to try something out free-of-charge before slowly working on convincing them to become paying customers in exchange for more features. Time will tell how well everything will work out for Bonlieu as well as the rest of the people working at Koyeb.

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