10 Things You Didn’t Know About Slalom CEO Brad Jackson

Brad Jackson’s dynamic personality is relevant in his role as co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the award winning consulting company Slalom. Slalom has brought innovative ideas to the forefront as it helps companies expand their business while connecting with their communities. Slalom carries their home grown philosophy of bringing a “purpose driven” policy to business and technological companies around the world. Not only does Slalom philosophy help businesses expand, Slalom helps businesses foster a good working relationship and connect with the communities that their products assist.

Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Brad Jackson, Slalom CEO.

He’s from Washington State

Brad Jackson spent most of his formative years and remains a fixture in the community of Seattle, Washington. He graduated from Washington State University in 1985. He earned a double degree. Jackson has a Bachelor of Business Administration and Accounting.

He has worked his way up in his field

After graduating from Washington State University in 1985, Brad Jackson found the job of his dreams at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Brad Jackson worked as an auditor at PwC for the first four years of his career. His experience at the London based international company that offers professional services would help Jackson create the foundation he needed to found his own consulting company a decade later. In 1989 Brad Jackson took the position of Information Technology Manager for Robert Half International, Inc. Robert Half Inc. is a company that focuses on placing qualified staff in jobs including IT, accounting, legal and other specialized positions. The international company prides itself on its innovative technology to provide the perfect job placement. Working with Robert Half International, Inc. further provided Brad Jackson with the experience and creativity that would help Jackson form one of the fastest growing and innovative consultant firms focused on the business, accounting and technological fields.

The founding of Slalom Consultants, LLC

Slalom began as Accounting Quest LLC in Denver, Colorado. It was 1993 and the company started out as a job placement firm focused on placing applicants in accounting jobs. Accounting Quest would become Two Degrees LLC and eventually Slalom Consultants LLC which opened its Seattle Washington Office in 1995. Slalom began as a job placement company but became much more.

Slalom Consultant’s early years

From the start, Brad Jackson and John Tobin had big dreams for Slalom Consultants LLC. The company would hire consultants who would work with clients to help their businesses grow. Slalom became a mentoring company focused on helping its clients sell their financial and business services to their communities.

Slalom’s mission

Slalom’s mission statement was and is “Love Your Future”. The consultants at Slalom work with clients to build their business with focus on the future. The goal of every Slalom consultant has been and remains to help clients understand the present needs of their community, interpret the future of their business growth, create a plan to execute, and continue to get the work done.

Connecting to communities

Slalom’s mission does not just focus on the growth of the businesses the consultants help. Slalom takes great care to focus on the particular needs of the communities which their clients are selling to. Slalom’s advisors research the communities of each client and take great care to help clients establish a relationship with their community. Good business is dependent on providing for its clients.


Slalom has grown exponentially over the two decades it has worked with clients. Today Slalom has more than 4800 employees in 25 offices in the United States and has recently expanded globally with offices in Canada and London, England. The company saw great growth over the past few years bringing in millions of dollars. Slalom has already reached the $1 billion mark in revenue in 2017 and poised for more growth in 2018.


Slalom has been recognized for what it does: build businesses, emphasize work-life balance and provide purpose driven solutions. The company has been recognized by Forbes Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Consulting Magazine and Glassdoor. Not only is the company recognized for its achievements in helping businesses grow, but Slalom is consistently recognized for the greatness of its own team environment.

Brad Jackson’s secrets to success

Brad Jackson has recently been lauded for his presentation to the business world “5 Secrets to Creating a Consultancy with a Culture of Innovation”. Jackson’s theory of proper consulting is creating an environment of innovation. Jackson promotes providing a supportive working environment, establishing proper goals, becoming a part of the community you sell to, create an appropriate plan of action, and looking forward to the future. Brad Jackson was named “Best CEO to work for” in 2017.

Best Company to work for

Many of Slalom’s accolades have revolved around its great working environment. Employees of Slalom are treated with respect and dignity. Motivation is a consistent aspect of the firm in all of its global offices. Slalom has been named a “Great Company to work for” by several prominent business publications.

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