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10 Things You Didn't Know about New Startup Enigma

Enigma is an intelligence and operational data management company that primarily specializes in data analytics as well as connected data. With its headquarters situated in New York City, the organization is popularly known for the Enigma Public, a store for public data. By utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, the organization manages and connects internal and external data for clients in a variety of use cases. This data runs from pharmaceutical safety monitoring and healthcare to financial services compliance to insurance underwriting and lending. Enigma works alongside a range of fortune companies such as ADP, American Express, Merck, Celgene, BB&T, as well as PayPal.

The primary mission of Enigma is to empower individuals to enhance and interpret the world around them. They do this by transforming how data is viewed and utilized in an organization. As seen above, Enigma connects external and internal data to surface understanding that help in decision making, solving issues, as well as unlocking new business opportunities. From preventing money laundering in improving drug safety, the technology and data utilized by Enigma are changing the way the world uses data.

1. Started in 2011

Enigma Technologies, Inc. was officially started in the year 2011. Fast forward to present, other companies rely on the data and technology offered by Enigma to connect datasets as well as streamline operations. Enigma is changing the way people interact with data by making it more accessible, connecting it to the real world, and bringing it for use on regular decisions. The huge knowledge that Enigma possesses on places, people and organizations, grounded in public data, develops an excellent map of the real world for both companies and individuals. If combined with a third party or internal data, companies gain access to a new picture of their world, and in the process makes smarter and much more informed decisions.

2. Founders names are Hicham Oudghiri and Marc DaCosta

Marc DaCosta invented enigma Technologies, Inc. as the chairman/co-founder and Hicham Oudghiri as the CEO/co-founder. They met at the University of Colombia as philosophy students. The two were upset that despite the vast amount of data, there was no simple way to find let alone connect the data to form a new and useful worldview. The two gents felt the work of wrangling datasets did not need to be complicated and went out on a mission to make data much more connected and accessible. Shortly afterward, enigma was born. The company presently has over 100 employees.

3. It Tabularized the Rising Costs in Real Time and published it as (Government Shutdown 2018-2019 tracker)

In order to achieve this, Enigma acquired info from the Office of Management & Budget’s contingency programs across 109 federal departments. It also visited to get info for standard salaries and employee counts for forty-six agencies. In order to create a tracker, it searched through two-thousand pages and two million spreadsheet rows of federal data. The shutdown can be accessed for free, but the ability of Enigma to make sense of numerous disconnected data sources, private and public, has made it famous across the world.

4. Enigma developed street-by-street risk scores for apartments that do not possess smoke alarms

By acquiring information from the National Fire Incident Reporting Software, Enigma can retrieve the cause and location of any fire in the United States. By working alongside Fire Department in 2014 after a fire killed five individuals in a smoke-detector-less house in New Orleans, Enigma was able to identify the locations where fire safety is weakest.

5. Experts in Finding Complicated and Hard-To-Get Information

For example, by utilizing the Freedom of Information Act requests, Enigma can tap into the CBP’s Automated Manifest Software to track all container ships that come in the United States, including the importer as well as a port of call.

6. It Has Synthesized Over 100,000 Data Sets

To date, Enigma has synthesized more than 100,000 sets of data in over 100 countries. It has also organized intelligence in thirty million small businesses and amassed a hundred and forty billion points of data on the United States population. It has indeed mapped all molecules utilized by the United States pharmaceutical industry, as well as patent filings, trials, and adverse events.

7. Conference Rooms Are Named After Philosophers While Scholarly Tomes occupies the Bookshelves

The conference rooms ate Enigma are named after great philosophers such as Michel de Montaigne and Augustine. Also, the bookshelves are occupied by scholarly tomes, from coding manuals such as Data Quality and Record Linkage Methods and Machine Learning for Hackers to classics such as Rousseau’s Confessions, Dialogues of Plato and Ulysses.

8. Enigma Public

Enigma public is typically a data warehouse site that offers an aggregated collection of public data from multinational agencies, businesses, and companies. It is the most extensive collection of public data that is open and searchable by any user and can be accessed via Enigma’s web-based friendly User Interface.

9. It Developed the Pay Gap

In the 2016 American community survey, Enigma developed median earnings by gender in five hundred and fifty-eight occupational categories to find where the pay gap is most substantial. By doing this, it identified that some of the leading disparities occur in accounting, retail, as well as sales.

10. It Connects the Fragmented Pharmaceutical Landscape

More than sixty percent of Americans over the age of 20 presently take at least one prescription medicine. In the United States alone, prescription drugs represent a $300 billion industry. Despite the public availability of prescription drug data and popularity of pharmaceutical usage, few individuals have an understanding of how prescription medicine is invented and eventually get to a patient. With these issues, Enigma comes into help by linking crucial healthcare data from ten separate public datasets to drive a more in-depth discovery of over eighty pharmaceutical drugs.

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