The 20 Most Expensive Things In The World

If you were so wealthy that you could buy anything that you wanted, what would it be? Would you still clip coupons to save money at the grocery store or would you throw caution to the wind and spend like there was no tomorrow? Some of the people who were born into wealthy families are just like the average blue collar worker in many ways. Not everyone who has tons of cash spends it on extravagant items, but there are those who have so much money, that it’s never been an issue. They spend money like we drink water. There are also collectors who would go to any length and pay any price to obtain the treasures that they place a high personal value upon. We’ve found 20 of the most expensive things in the word. Some of them are high end collectibles and others are novel items. Would you buy any of the things on our list?


Huia Bird Feather –  $10,000

Can you believe that one single feather costs $10,000? This is no ordinary feather and they are very difficult to find. Plumage from the Huia bird was once used to decorate the wardrobe of the Maori chiefs. This was tradition, but it has gone by the wayside. Huia birds are now extinct, so the feathers that have been gathered from them are very rare and there will be no way to obtain them once those which remain are gone. These are considered to be the most valuable feathers on the planet, so if you’re looking for a novelty that is highly collectible, for ten grand, you can own a single Huia bird feather. The most recent sale of a Huia Bird Feather took place at an auction in New Zealand.


1963 Ferrari GTO – $52 million

When it comes to automobiles, the 1963 Ferrari GTO is the cream of the crop. The vintage Italian sports car was made more than 55 years ago, but it’s value has continued to increase with the passage of time. This is the most expensive car in the world. The red beauty was last sold to a high end and rare car collector living in the United Kingdom. The sale was made to a person who wished to remain anonymous, so we don’t know who actually owns it, but it’s probably not for sale. There are other rare cars out there, but none quite like this one. The collector is rumored to have also purchased a 1962 model of the same vehicle at an auction price tag of $35 million. It seems that he is quite fond of rare examples in the Ferrari line.

Parking Spot in Manhattan – $1 Million

Natives of Manhattan understand that every single inch of ground in the area comes with a high price tag. Could you imagine what it would be like to have your very own parking space? Drivers in New York City know the value of such a space and although it comes with a high price tag, those who can afford to pay the price know that it’s a real bargain. The cost is estimated to be six times as much as the average home sold in America. This particular parking spot is located in the heart of downtown Manhattan and it’s a highly coveted space.


Gold Plated Bugatti Veyron – $10 million

Most of us would think that simply owning a Bugatti Veyron would be something special. This particular model was customized to meet the specifications of a billionaire from the Middle-East. It’s obvious that money is no object with the customer. This car buff knew what he liked and he had gold plating added to make it a one of a kind collector’s item worth a cool ten million.

“Dead Shark” Art collectible – $12 million

This is one of the most novel items we’ve found in our collection of the 20 most expensive things in the world. The piece is most commonly called “Dead Shark,” to make it easier to refer to. We can see why the name has been shortened. It is actually a 1991 creation by the English artist Damien Hirst. The actual title of the piece is “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living.” For those of you who already have a problem with sharks, it’s the kind of item that can inspire nightmares. Hirst used the carcass of a tiger shark which has been preserved in formaldehyde to create the frightening image. The current owner of the 12 million dollar “Dead Shark” is a hedge fund manager who wished to remain anonymous.


Magnetic Floating Bed – $1.6 million

The Magnetic Floating Bed is perhaps one of the coolest items on our list. Could you imagine sleeping on a bed that floats just a few feet above the ground? This is not an example of visual manipulation. The bed really floats off the ground, and this amazing feat is accomplished through the use of new technology that uses a magnetic system to keep the bed suspended. There is no need to be afraid of the bed falling when you climb aboard, because it is rated to support a weight of up to 2,000 pounds. It’s mind boggling that the tech used can support a full ton of weight without caving in. The owner of this bed can truly say that they have something that their neighbors don’t.


The Domain ‘’ – $16 million

The internet is filled with millions of domain names. Online businesses come and go. Domain names are formed and sold every second of every day, but this one is very special. It comes with a high price tag that sets it apart from the other millions of names in creation. It just happens to be valued at $16 million. In fact, the domain name ‘’ is listed in thee Guinness Book of Records for being the most expensive domain name that has ever been sold. Quinstreet is the current owner of thee domain name. They are a marketing firm that is based out of the state of California. We’re quite certain that they could justify the expenditure. The well-known domain name has no doubt generated several times its initial cost in revenue for the company.


Crystal Piano – $3.2 million

Do you remember the crystal piano that was used in the Olympic Games at Beijing? This is the same piano. The unique and beautiful piece is not just eye candy, although it’s beautiful to behold. It is a playable musical instrument that has recently been sold at auction. A private bidder won the auction and purchased the historic piece for a whopping $3.2 million in USD. We wonder if it still gets played or if it is sitting safely stored in a showcase? We’re wondering what the insurance would cost for this pricey collector’s piece?


Chopard Wristwatch – $25 million

Watch collectors are constantly on the lookout for unique, rare and valuable pieces, but how about paying $25 million for a collectible watch? This rare example is a timepiece that has been created by the Chopard watchmakers. It’s a high end company to begin with, but the use of 874 diamonds has upped the value of the piece considerably. In total, the Chopard masterpiece boasts 201 carats of the precious gemstones, making it a rare and very expensive timepiece. Do you think that the owner wears it for special occasions, or just keeps it safely stored behind the glass of his showcase? It would definitely generate conversations at a party.

Antilia – $2 billion

Antilia is a building that is valued at roughly two billion dollars. It’s no ordinary building though. One may initially think that it has to be a high rise office building, but it’s actually a 34 story home. This unique structure is owned by Mukesh Ambiani, an Indian billionaire. It has been constructed to hold up in an earthquake. The home has been outfitted with three separate helipads for air traffic and transportation of the family who lives there as well as accommodating the arrival of very special guests. The parking garage in the home alone holds up to 160 cars. Do you think that they sponsor an event or two here? The massive home requires a full time staff that consists of six hundred people who work just to keep it running and in working order. Ambiani named the building Antilia, after a mythical island. It appears that he likes the aura of mystery, but there is little that is mysterious about the highly functional home that is built to withstand most of what mother nature could possibly throw at her.


The History Supreme Yacht – $4.5 billion

When your husband wants to buy a new boat that costs $20,000, it’s really not that big of a deal, when you consider that the History Supreme Yacht costs 4.5 billion. This is among the most expensive floating palaces in thee world. You may wonder what could possibly make the luxury yacht worth so much money? This is a very unusual yacht. It has been crafted of the most expensive and unique materials. Try wrapping your mind around the fact that the History Supreme is made of platinum and solid gold. It also features some very interesting statues that have been made from genuine dinosaur bones. Who would have thought to incorporate this rarity into the decor? It’s a truly amazing vessel. A very fortunate Malaysian businessman Robert Kuok is the owner. This truly is the man with everything and it would be very difficult to find a suitable Christmas present to give him. He’s used to boarding a yacht that contains 100,000 kg of pure gold, and decor made from miniature meteorites and T-Rex bones. He’s the guy who has it all.


Villa Leopolda – $506 million

How would you like to own a home on the French Riviera? The Villa Leopolda has recently gone on the market and is now available for purchase if you have a spare $506 million on hand. The sprawling estate is located in Villefranche-sur-Mer. It was previously used as a hospital in World War II. It has been transformed into one of the most beautiful estates on the French Riviera and some think that this historic Villa is a steal at $506 million. If you’re interested, you’d better act quickly because this property is not likely to stay on the real estate market for long.

If you’re not really into buying an estate, but would like to enjoy a few days of unbridled luxury, you could opt for a few nights at the Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson in Geneva. For a cost of just $65,000 per night, you could enjoy a suite with 10 rooms and 7 bathrooms. You’ll be in the lap of luxury with your every request quickly attended to. At a cost of 65 grand a night, they’d better be accommodating.


The Graff Pink Diamond – $46 million

The Graff Pink Diamond is one of the most unique and magnificent gemstone examples. The stone was purchased by Laurence Graff at a Sotheby’s auction for the staggering price tag. This is among the rarest diamonds in the world. The British Billionaire added it to his collection with the diamond weighing in at 24 carats of pure delight and rarity. If your preference is to purchase a rare and delightful gem that is placed in a setting, you may want to consider something like the Chopard Blue Diamond ring. It’s all ready to wear to your next social event, but it comes with a price tag of $16.26 million. It may inspire a robber or two, so it’s best to have a bodyguard close by if you choose to go out into public with this gem. It’s not nearly as expensive or lovely as the Graff Pink Diamond, but if you’re low on cash, it’s an alternative that is slightly more affordable.


The Card Players – $275 million

Who wouldn’t love to own this series of oil painting that are so well known throughout the world. At a cost of $275 million the price is a bit steep for the average art collector. They are the creation of Paul Cezanne, famed French Post Impressionist artist. Just one of the pieces in this rare collection sold for $275 million, and it was purchased by the Royal Family of Qatar. It is notably listed as the second most expensive art piece that has ever been sold in the history of the world.


Saffron – $11 per gram

If you’re into spices and you have expensive tastes, then check out the price of saffron. It goes for a whopping $11 per gram. This isn’t your every day cooking spice through. The process that it takes to make an edible form of the herb is very time consuming. This is why the great tasting herb with tremendous health benefits is so very expensive to purchase. There is no other spice like saffron and many people both rich and poor are willing to let go of the cash to enjoy its benefits.


Rhinoceros’s horn – $110 per gram

Rhinoceros’s horn is another item that is very novel yet expensive. This rare animal product was once thought to hold amazing medicinal value, but modern science has debunked this myth. It is still highly valued for use in making knife handles. Although illegal to harvest rhino horns, there are scores of poachers who are willing to take the risk of fines and jail time to gather this precious material that goes for a whopping $110 per gram. Rhino’s are nearly extinct and they are on the protected species list, so do them a favor, and refuse to support the illegal operations that offer the horns for sale.

Antimatter – $62.5 trillion per gram

Antimatter just happens to be the most expensive substance that can be purchased on the face of the planet. It costs $25 million dollars to produce just one milligram of positrons. The average person may not even be aware of what antimatter is, but it’s the material that has the potential for fueling spacecrafts that may be developed at some point in the future. It’s so expensive to manufacture that the cost, as it stands currently, is prohibitive. There isn’t really anyone in the world as of right now, who could afford to set up a manufacturing plant. Plus, the advantages of this substance are highly speculative in nature, so why would anyone want to take such a risk with their fortunes?

Watch: Haute Joaillerie from Chopard – $25 million

Attention all watch collectors who have a spare $25 million lying around. One of the most rare and breathtaking collectible watches in the world is the Haute Joaillerie, created from the Chopard watch makers. If you’ve not yet heard of this brilliant rare example, then you’re most likely not a person who runs in the company of luxury horologie circles. This high end watch is studded with diamonds. It is truly a brilliant example of how watchmakers can take an otherwise useful timepiece and dot it with so much glitter, that it is best left as a financial investment and stored safely out of sight. It scores high on the glitz scale, but it’s not something that could reasonably be worn to any public event, unless you were about to advertise its availability on the market. It’s lovely, but a bit on the gaudy side.


Sculpture: L’Homme qui marche (Walking Man) – $104 million

This unique and valuable sculpture is the most expensive piece that has ever been sold in the history of the world at auction. Previously, Pablo Picasso’s Boy with a Pipe held this distinction. An art collector who saw the piece, obviously placed its value a little above the famed Picasso piece, and catapulted “Walking Man” into the top position with a high bid of $104.3 million smackers.


Burger: Le Burger Extravagant – $295

How many times have you complained about a burger that exceeds $15 in price. Try paying $295 for a single hamburger. Well, in all fairness, this burger is a bit different than your run of the mill fast food offering. It is sold in New York City at the world famous Serendipity 3. It is served with a diamond encrusted toothpick that is made of solid gold. As long as you get to keep the toothpick, we suppose that this burger may be worth the cost. Maybe you could wash it down with a 1907 Heidseck Monopole Champagne at $25k a bottle. After you’re done with that, perhaps a $1,150 Gurkha Black Dragon Cigar would help to settle thee meal. It’s amazing what people are willing to pay for luxury in food and recreation.


Cellphone: iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose by Stuart Hughes – $2.9 million

This isn’t your average cell phone. Perhaps you won’t feel so bad about paying $1,200 for the latest Samsung gadget at your local cell phone retailer. This Stuart Hughes cell phone isn’t one that you’ll want to loses at a price tag of nearly three million dollars. Just to drive a point home here, any time that you see the brand Stuart Hughes or the branding Supreme Rose, it’s going to be expensive. When you’re through talking on your pricey cell phone, you could watch your Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition television for a price tag of $2.3 million. Of course, the television is covered in alligator skin that has been hand sewn, and there is a ridiculous amount of diamonds that have been embedded into the cover of the television. No doubt, it is highly reflective in the light and this could be a distraction when you’re trying to watch your favorite show.

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