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20 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond is one of the biggest American domestic merchandise retail stores. The international company was the dream of two men starting a business venture in Springfield, New Jersey back in 1971. Seeing the need for a store specializing in home products such as bedding and bathroom supplies and decor, the men founded Bed 'n Bath which grew into a company that not only offers home decor necessities but also respects its customer base and is involved in the community. Bed 'n Bath grew to become Bed Bath & Beyond. The stores, both brick and mortar and online continue to offer top quality and designer merchandise for the home. Inventory includes everything from a soap dish to sheets to kitchen appliances. Today, you can even purchase food and beauty products at a great price at a local Bed Bath & Beyond. The company strives to make the customer's experience exciting and fun. Bed Bath & Beyond has expanded to the internet. The company may be one of the most customer and community friendly place to purchase products to make your home family and guest friendly.

Here are 20 fun facts you didn't know about Bed Bath and Beyond.

1. It was first called Bed 'n Bath

Bed Bath & Beyond was once just casually known as Bed 'n Bath. When Warren Eisenberg and Leonard Feinstein saw the need for a store specializing in bedroom and bathroom necessities in 1971, they hoped to create a specialty store where customers could come and find the exact decor they needed for their bedroom and bathrooms. The company grew to much more. Eisenberg and Feinstein were correct in their guess. Bed 'n Bath was so popular in their hometown that they soon expanded to the New York City metropolitan area. In just over a decade Bed 'n Bath was opening chains on the west coast. Noticing competition with stores like Lines & Things, Luxury Linesn and Pacific Lines, Eisenberg and Feinstein changed their store's name to Bed Bath & Beyond in 1985 which proved to be a great idea.

2. Expansion

As Bed Bath & Beyond hit the west coast and continued to thrive on the east coast, the store's chains continued to grow. Bed Bath & Beyond also acquired new companies that sold domestic merchandise and discount apparel and health and beauty products. By 1985 Bed Bath & Beyond was a major domestic merchandise retailer throughout the United States. The company would keep growing and continue to expand throughout North America to Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada.

3. The store went public

Bed Bath & Beyond continued to expand and added more chains including superstores. The company went public in 1991. The store's headquarters is located in Union Township, New Jersey. The company CEO is Steven Temares and Arthur Clark is the company's President. There are currently 1500 Bed Bath & Beyond stores including all divisions. The company employs 6500 people. Bed Bath & Beyond maintains its status as a Top Fortune 500 Company.

4. Subsidiaries

Along its nearly 50 year path to becoming a major North American retailer of domestic merchandise, Bed Bath & Beyond acquired several companies specializing in both discount and luxury domestic products. These companies include World Market, Buy Buy Baby, Christmas Tree Shops, Harmon Stores, Of a Kind and One King's Lane. Bed Bath & Beyond is a major internet retail presence with online sites including and Bed Bath & Beyond Invitations.

5. World Market

World Market was founded in California in 1958. Anyone shopping at a Bed Bath & Beyond knows that a World Market store is nearby and offers the same incredible customer experience, quality products and great discounts that Bed Bath & Beyond does. World Market offers specialty and imported items for the family and home. The stores offer items with both domestic and international flare. World Market's inventory includes furniture, decor, apparel, food, coffee, wine and craft beer, and much more.

6. Harmon Stores

Bed Bath & Beyond purchased Harmon Stores which is based in Utah. Harmon Stores began as a discount supermarket chain but grew to much more as a part of Bed Bath & Beyond. Harmon Stores include eighteen chains. Each sells discounted items including food, health and beauty products and items for the home and office.

7. Other home decor, beauty and health subsidiaries

Bed Bath & Beyond has acquired several companies that offer home decor, beauty and health products and apparel. Offering excellent products, excellent customer service and great discounts, Bed Bath & Beyond remains an important North American retailer. Major subsidiaries of Bed Bath & Beyond include Buy Buy Baby, Christmas Tree Shop, Of a Kind and One King's Lane. Buy Buy Baby offers fine baby furniture, clothing and everything new parents need for their newborn and growing family at a great cost. Christmas Tree Shop offers holiday decor with attention to each families style. Not only does the company offer traditional holiday decor such as tree decorations, but Christmas Tree Shop also specializes in holiday entertainment. Inventory includes decor, furniture, outdoor decorations, food and drink for entertaining, and special seasonal gifts. Bed Bath & Beyond also operates Of a Kind which offers fashionable clothing, jewelry and home products, and One King's Lane where inventory includes the most fashionable and luxurious furnishing in vintage style.

8. There is a Bed Bath & Beyond in New Zealand

Did you know there is a Bed Bath & Beyond in New Zealand? It's hard to believe that Bed Bath & Beyond has expanded beyond North America to New Zealand. Well, it hasn't. There is a store called Bed Bath & Beyond in New Zealand, but the store has no corporate connection to the company with over 1500 chains throughout North America. Maybe someday there will be a Bed Bath & Beyond in New Zealand and other places throughout the globe.

9. Store Managers have a lot of say

Until recently Bed Bath & Beyond has not had a Vice President. In fact, each store's manager has a lot of say about what goes on in the individual store and a lot of corporate responsibility. Store managers can decide marketing strategies for his or her store and decide on price cuts. This way, each store adjusts and reflects the need of its individual market. Bed Bath & Beyond started as a community store and maintains that attitude in sales. The company believes in providing for its particular customer base.

10. Company Slogan

Bed Bath & Beyond are all about the customer experience and the community each store is a part of. Bed Bath & Beyond's company slogan is "Everything to Entertain". While this motto reflects the company's status as providing just about anything for the home for families to enjoy and for families to welcome guests into their homes, Bed Bath & Beyond's mission statement goes further. The company's motto extends with the dedication to provide customers with superior service, huge selections, everyday low prices, and a fun and exciting shopping experience for its valued clientele.

11. But be sure to shop on Mondays

While anyone can find a great deal or coupons in store or online at Bed Bath & Beyond just about everyday of the week, Mondays are the best days to shop at the store in person. All Bed Bath & Beyond stores restock on Mondays. This means that each store must get rid of the previous weeks' merchandise. Just about everything offered in stores the previous week is on sale every Monday. We all know what it's like to get a bargain on clothing in retail stores as the season changes, but domestic products aren't going out of style each week. Shop Bed Bath & Beyond on a Monday and enjoy valuable savings on domestic products that are still very much in style.

12. Coupons

Aside from quality merchandise and a dedication to great customer service and care at Bed Bath & Beyond is their unbelievable coupon policy. Most brick and mortar stores and online stores offer weekly or monthly coupons. However, coupons nearly always have an expiration date. Often when you come into a store you are offered a coupon that can be spent a week or two later or you receive a coupon in the mail or email or in a newspaper that offers you a percentage discount that expires within a month or so. Bed Bath & Beyond's coupons don't expire! Never throw out a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon. They don't expire. Whether you get it in store, through a mailer, by email, by text, or on Facebook, don't throw it away.

13. More about Bed Bath & Beyond's coupons

But there's more...Not only do Bed Bath & Beyond's coupons ever expire, the company offers many other perks that most retail stores don't. You can always use multiple coupons at any point of sale. Bed Bath & Beyond offers App that offers advice on how best to get the most out of your coupons. Bed Bath & Beyond's App also allows you to keep track of store deals. Save those 20% coupons!

14. Even more about Bed Bath & Beyond coupons

But wait...there's even more...Bed Bath & Beyond coupons can be redeemed at all Bed Bath & Beyond owned stores and at face value. This includes Cost Plus World Market, Harmon Stores, Christmas Tree Shops, Buy Buy Baby and more. The corporation works as one whole entity. It's a great way to save money on just about anything you can use for your home, family and to entertain.

15. Groceries and Makeup

Shopping at a Bed Bath & Beyond is always an adventure. The company supplies just about anything you can imagine for your home decor. Each store offers a variety of everyday necessities from bed sheets to wall decor to soap dishes to candles to kitchen cutlery to kitchen appliances, from patio decor to potpourri, and everything in between. Some Bed Bath & Beyond stores even offer groceries. Some even offer make up supplies. Anything you can think of that can enhance your home can be found at Bed Bath & Beyond.

16. Pop Culture

Bed Bath & Beyond is so prevalent in American culture that the store has become a part of popular culture. Having been around for fifty years, Bed Bath & Beyond has infiltrated into pop culture more than any other domestic merchandise retail store. Bed Bath & Beyond has made important appearances even in film. The store has been featured in television shows and movies including Broad City, Bewitched and The Other Guys and many more.

17. Moving Site

Bed Bath & Beyond knows exactly what its customers need. The company knows how stressful moving into a new home can be. Decorating the new home of your dreams to create a comfortable environment for friends and family and a great place to entertain can be stressful. The company even created a special moving App for its customers to help them with the stresses of moving into a new home. Bed Bath & Beyond offers a special Moving App. The site provides everything from tips on moving, tips on decorating your new home and extra coupons to use as you prepare your new home for your family and guests and make your dreams come true.

18. Getting Married?

Getting married goes hand in hand with moving into a new home. Newlyweds starting a new life together not only need to decorate their new home for themselves, family and guests, but also need to start fresh with an entire household of items including furnishing, decor, bedding, bathroom necessities, kitchenware, kitchen appliances, items to make guests feel welcome in their new home and so much more. Bed Bath & Beyond appreciates this big step in a couple's life. The store offers an extensive, easy to use bridal registry. Any bridal couple to be can request the necessary items to start their life together. Whether it's bath towels, bed sheets, kitchen appliances, a vacuum cleaner or a new set of dishes, Bed Bath & Beyond's bridal registry makes it easy for guests to shop for the new bride and groom's new home.

19. Online

Bed Bath & Beyond began in 1971 but has evolved with the times. The company has a strong online presence to help its valued customers create a home that is as cozy and inviting as can be. Not only can you conveniently shop at a Bed Bath & Beyond brick and mortar store, but you can also conveniently shop online. Either way the same quality name brand products are available to you. Either way you can use the incredible discounts offered.

20. Customer Service

It makes no difference whether you shop at a Bed Bath & Beyond or anyone of its subsidiaries in person or online. The company strives to give each valued customer the best shopping experience when decorating and furnishing their home. Bed Bath & Beyond has always believed in quality and customer service.

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