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20 Things You Didn't Know About Buy Buy Baby

Buy Buy Baby, Inc. is a retail chain store that is based in the United States. The store specializes in clothing, accessories and equipment for infants, toddlers and young children. The company has an interesting history and if you're not familiar with the chain, you can learn more about it with these 20 things you didn't know about Buy Buy Baby.

1. They've been in business since 1996

Buy Buy Baby, Inc. was founded in 1996 by two brothers. Richard and Jeffrey Feinstein opened the first Buy Buy Baby in Garden City, New York. The two worked diligently to grow their business. It expanded initially through New York and New Jersey. It was a success which allowed them to open more stores. By 2007 there were a total of eight Buy Buy Baby store locations.

2. Bed Bath & Beyond purchased Buy Buy Baby

The famous home goods retailer acquired BBBaby in 2007. The company was considered to be a good fit with their current line of merchandise and executives in charge of the acquisition entered into negotiations to make the purchase of the chain that had grown to eight locations. The cost of the purchase was $67 million in cash and BB&B also acquired a debt of approximately $19 million that had to be repaid. Bed Bath & Beyond still retains ownership of the Buy Buy Baby, Inc. company. At the time of the purchase, Buy Buy Baby operated stores in New York, New Jersey, Virginia and in Maryland.

3. The company is thriving under Bed Bath & Beyond's umbrella

The purchase of Buy Buy Baby was a good move for Bed Bath & Beyond. They have the financial stability necessary to propel their subsidiary forward. Buy Buy Baby has expanded its chain of retail store locations dramatically. At the time Bed Bath & Beyond acquired them, there was just 8 stores open across four states. Currently there are a total of 135 store locations in operation. You can find their retail stores in twenty-six states. The chain is thriving under the new management and ownership.

4. The stores offer a huge selection

If you haven't yet visited a Buy Baby Buy store you might be surprised when you first walk through the doors. Each of the stores is approximately 40,000 square feet in size. Their shelves are packed with a variety of infant and young child items. They offer more than 30,000 different products for their customers to choose from. Part of the success of the business has been because they maintain such a larger inventory and they offer a really great selection.

5. They have a customer-centric mission

Another reason that Buy Buy Baby is so popular is because the company has built its mission around the needs of the customer. Their target consumer base is expectant and new parents. It has been their goal since the time of opening the first retail store through the present to offer everything that a new parent will need to welcome their new baby into the world. The store is focused around the needs of the parent and the baby and it even extends through toddler years up to school age.

6. The company expanded into Canada

Buy Buy Baby stores can also be found throughout Canada. They opened several stores with one of the most recent being the location in West Edmonton, Alberta. This was the seventh Canadian based store to open its doors. They have since become one of the leading retailers in their niche, serving the needs of expecting parents not only throughout the United States, but throughout the North American continent. The business is doing well in both countries and continues to expand its offerings of locations and new products.

7. They carry a lot of popular brands

Buy Buy Baby is an excellent place to find some of the more popular brands in baby clothing and merchandise. It's not easy to find stores that offer such a big collection of baby-centered brands and merchandise in one place. Just to name a few of the brands that you'll find at Buy Buy Baby, there is aden + anais, Baby Jogger, Jolly Jumper, The Honest Company, Chicco, UppaBaby, Stokke, Kushies, Joovy and many more. The store is a haven for expecting parents. One of the best things about Buy Baby Buy is that they don't charge outrageous prices for their products. They're offered at moderately reasonable prices so it's affordable to shop with the company.

8. The store environment is unique

Buy Buy Baby is all about their customer's enjoyment and convenience. They have set up their stores to accommodate the needs of expecting parents as well as moms who have recently given birth or who are shopping with their little ones along. The shopping environment includes a place where mom can take a break from shopping when it's time to change baby or to feed their child. A special room is set up at each location to offer a private area to feed the baby and they also offer a changing room. They've thought of just about everything that a new parent might need to shop in comfort and to make the experience not only convenient, buy also enjoyable.

9. You can plan your nursery with Buy Buy Baby

Buy Buy Baby offers about the largest selection of baby clothing that you're going to find under one roof, but that's not all that they sell. They also offer a line of furniture and bedding so you can start planning out your baby's nursery. There are two ways to do this. You can either drive to one of their brick and mortar locations to check out the great selection of baby furniture and nursery room items or if you prefer, you can get online and check out their complete line of furniture. You'll be able to find baby cribs and beds, safe and attractive bedding sets, changing tables, storage units, organizers and much more. They also offer bath accessories. There are a lot of people who are not aware of the fact that Buy Buy Baby operates a comprehensive nursery design center. They can help you with the important details to plan and create your baby's nursery in a way that is customized and personalized to suit your preferences.

Some of the top brands in nursery and children's furniture are offered at Buy Buy Baby. When it comes to nursery furniture, they carry dressers, armoires, cribs, crib mattresses, gliders so you can rock your baby to sleep and much more. You can choose from some of the leading brands including Natart, Stanley, Mother Hubbart, Bonavita, Berg, Dutalier, Sorelle, Westwood Designs, Baby's Dream and more.

10. Buy Buy Baby also offers developmental products

We all know the importance of surrounding your baby with the developmental toys and products that will help him or her grow and develop a variety of new skills through the first five years of life. This is an essential. At Buy Buy Baby, you can find a huge selection of learning and developmental products. They offer soothing toys that play lullabies to help baby get to sleep. There are also baby toys that are designed to enhance the learning process from early infancy and throughout each of your child's developmental stages until he or she reaches the age where they will start a preschool or kindergarten.

11. Buy Buy Baby has a great registry service

When you learn that you're expecting and share the news with friends and family, the excitement seems to spread to everyone around you. One of the old traditions observed by most families is to throw a baby shower to welcome the new little one in grand style. Buy Buy Baby maintains an excellent registry service. This allows expectant parents to go in and set up the registry in a hassle free and simple process, and make a list of everything that you want and need to have prior to your baby's arrival. You can include anything that is offered for sale whether big ticket items like furniture, car seats or strollers, to the smaller items. This is a great benefit that makes it easier for the guests at your baby shower to buy exactly what you want without the need for guessing. You choose the exact items and place on your registry and as guests make the purchases, the registry updates.

12. You can register in-store or online

If it's too difficult or not convenient for you to go into a store location, you can complete your baby gift registry completely online. It's nice to be able to sign up from the comfort of your own home. They offer a comprehensive website with an easy to follow process. In addition to being able to sign up for the gift registry online, your friends and family can also make their purchases through the online service.

13. You can sit down with a Buy Baby Buy consultant

Here is yet another great service that is offered by Buy Baby Buy. You can call to make a convenient appointment to sit down with an in-store registry consultant. The service is 100% free. They will sit with your and answer any questions that you might have and thy will also walk you through every step in the process. If you're having trouble deciding which items to put on your registry, they can give you pointers about popular items as well as providing information on the quality of one brand or model over another. They an also suggest items for your baby that you might have forgotten. Perhaps there's a new and innovative baby product that has just been released for sale. They can also point out these new items that you might not have even heard of yet. This consultation service is especially helpful for people who are expecting their first child.

14. Buy Baby Buy offers savings and freebies

Just for keeping an appointment to sign up with a registry consultant, Buy Baby Buy gives out free goody bags. They also offer a completion discount for any of your friends who are shopping for your baby shower both online and in-store.

15. Buy Buy Baby has a great rewards program

In addition to all of their other services, Buy Buy Baby also has an excellent rewards program. They like to let you know that they appreciate your business. They offer a friends referral reward program that allows your to earn benefits and discounts just from shopping with them or sending a friend their way.

16. Buy Buy Baby also has other necessary baby equipment

When it comes to transporting your baby from one place to the other, it's important to purchase equipment that has been thoroughly tested and approved for safety. Buy Buy Baby carries products that met and exceeded the standardized testing requirements for health and safety. The brads of car seats, booster seats, strollers, swings, bouncers, pack n plays and high chairs that they carry are Maclaren, Peg Perego, Graco, Combi, Bugaboo, Britax, B.O.B., Baby Jogger, Phil & Ted and more.

17. They offer a complete line of baby entertainment

You can also find a great variety of products to keep your baby stimulated and entertained. Buy Buy Baby has a broad category of entertainment CDs and DVDs. They also carry toys that are made to stimulate your baby's sense of wonder and they fulfill the dual purpose of both keeping your child entertained while allowing them to learn more about their unique abilities as well as the world around them. You'll also find some excellent activity centers that are developed for specific age groups and developmental stages. They carry books and audio/visual products with some of the most reputable brand names in the industry. When it comes to quality, this really does matter because these companies take extra care when manufacturing their products.

18. Buy Buy Baby offers home delivery and setup services

This is an added convenience that expected parents have come to appreciate. If you purchase furniture or other items that need to be assembled, you can order them online or make a purchase at one of the local stores and make arrangements to have them delivered directly to your home. You can also opt to have the delivery person set them up. It's a service that's intended to make your experience hassle-free and more convenient.

19. They also cover the basics

We've talked about all of the different accessories that Buy Buy Baby carries but there is more. They also maintain a huge inventory of the essentials for feeding and changing your baby. You can find bottles, formula, bibs, lotions, wipes, diapers and more. Buy Baby Buy has special departments for feeding, nursing, health and safety.

20. The reviews from employees are mixed

We also like to find out what kind of a work environment these specialty stores maintain. Finding out what employees really think isn't that difficult. There are a lot of useful reviews posted online about Buy Buy Baby. We discovered that there are many workers who feel satisfied with their overall experience, but there are others who don't recommend working for this company because the pay is low and the expectations are high for putting in a lot of hard work that goes over and above the norm. It's a mixed bag but you can't please everyone.

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