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Remembering The 2002 Aprilia Mille R

2002 Aprilia Mille R

The Italian 2002 version of the Aprilia Mille R is a bike that some fondly remember after twenty years since its release to the public. It offered riders an alternative option for open-class sportbikes. The Mille R was an attractive bike that delivered the power and handling riders found thrilling. The Aprilia Mille R came equipped with luxury features that raised an eyebrow or two and a design that outclassed some of the other comparable brands of its day. Some without prior experience with the bike may wonder what's the big deal, while those with a history and understanding are ready to explain it. After two decades, memories of the model will still generate conversations that explain why it will hold a place in the history of sports bikes. The topic deserves an answer to explain why the 2002 Aprilia Mille R was and still is a big deal to some.

A closer look at the 2002 Aprilia Mille R leads us down memory lane with an overview of the specifications of the 2002 Aprilia Mille R. The frame was made of a new aluminum alloy in a box-type with a sloping double side beam. The front suspension features upside-down 43 mm forks with adjusting for the rebound, compression, preload, and 4.7 in travel. On the rear, Aprilia equipped the bike with a progressive linkage and adjust for preload, rebound, compression, and 5.3 in travel. The engine is a 997.62 cc 60 degrees V Twin with anti-vibration double countershaft, bore & stroke 97 x 67.5 mm, fuel injection, and electronic ignition with two spark plugs for each cylinder. The engine is matched with a six-speed transmission. Aprilia equipped it with dual 320 mm disc brakes with four 34 mm pistons and 220 mm disc dual 32 mm pistons on the rear. The wheels are forged aluminum alloy with a 120/70 ZR 17 tire on the front and a 190/50 ZR 17 tire on the rear. The fuel tank holds 4.8 gallons of fuel. The seat height is 32 inches tall when fully extended.

The 2002 Aprilia Mille R sold for $17,299 when it was new, off the lot. It was a beauty that offered a few outstanding features that gave it a leg up on some of its closest competitors. Aprilia designed the bike with durability and a bit of heft. The carbon fiber lairing louvers and carbon fiber rear fenders were just a few that justified the cost. Ohlins shock, steering damper and forks, and polished aluminum. Under review, the Aprilia Mille r was a world Superbike offering an easy ride. The big-bore bike is a versatile multifunctional model that can go anywhere. The Mille R has advantages over the Mille with its carbon fiber dash cover, and generous application of the material to the rear hugger, fairing louvers, and the front fender.

Why the fuss over the 2002 Aprilia Mille R

Frontwheelup offers the shared opinions of quite a few riders who go for the bikes that are now termed in the "vintage" class, even though they're just a few decades old. The Aprilia Mille R reached its twentieth birthday in 2002 and it's a classic bike that qualifies for the accompanying insurance rates, plus its value as a classic collectible gives it a place in the hearts of those who remember it for the dream bike it was upon its release. Giving credit where it is due, the Mille R is easy to maneuver at any speed and the clutch is light. On the road, the low-end torque gives it plenty of zip when you need it the most. The cornering and handling on windy roads are exceptional. it's a superbike that can hold its own on the track, especially if you enter a vintage bike competition, but it might surprise you how well it can perform up against newer bikes. It's not perfect, and you're subject to the ravages of time with vintage bikes. the electrics are a frequent problem in wet and cold weather as they can fail occasionally. Another complaint is the occasional issue with the rear suspension linkage and leaky fork seals, but all things that can be fixed without a lot of hassle. It's still a superbike and it's fulfilled the dreams of boys and men for a few decades now. Collectors and vintage bike enthusiasts know the value of a well-preserved Italian classic motorcycle. The best part is that they tend to increase in value over time. The 2002 Aprilia Mille R is the first Superbike released by the brand. Any misgivings about its merit were quickly dispelled as the model hit the open market. Wikipedia confirms that the model line continued through 2010 with a few changes and modernizations, but the 2002 edition has a place in the hearts of collectors.

Final thoughts

The 2002 Aprilia Mille R is a fine Italian superbike that had its heyday about twenty years ago. It never completely faded from the memories of those privileged to take one off the lot and give it a new home. Enthusiasts and collectors don't mind finding an Aprilia Mille R that needs some work. There are plenty of replacement parts that are still available on the market. In its fully restored condition, it's a fun superbike that boasts a few luxury components that make it attractive to the eye and fun to ride. Most riders can consider the appeal of a fine Italian superbike whether they've had personal experience or not. The 2002 Aprilia Mille R is a bike that some have stories to tell from their experiences with the bike. They created memories that will last a lifetime. The Aprilia Mille R takes its place with the host of Italian superbikes that occupied wall space as posters on teen bedroom walls. The Aprilia Mille R is still a highly desired acquisition for those who understand its inherent value.

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