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A Closer Look at the 2022 Mini Cooper JCW

2022 Mini Cooper JCW

The 2022 Mini Cooper JCW is considered a high-performance type that you can buy from the BMW engineering release. It ticks all boxes with all the features of a prodigious hot hatch. This article is a definite guide on this German machine release. The current 2022 Mini Cooper JCW is an update of the current generation of Mini Cooper; it comes with a convertible top, which is an absolute hoot about this vehicle. You can either choose a hardtop or soft-top convertible when you walk into the showroom. You will find the hardtop John Cooper Work (JCW) in Classic, Iconic trim, or Signature. A Standard Cooper comes with an aspirated 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine. The latest 2022 version is the hottest because it has a little go-kart. According to MotorBiscuit, this trim is exciting because it is the most fun vehicle due to its stylish package, its 228 hp, sport suspension,and superior brakes. However, it is not the best suitable for casual drivers.

Features of the 2022 Mini Cooper JCW

The designer of this convertible car has developed the ragtop of this sports car that when you want to open it, it only takes 18 seconds for the roof to open with a touch of a button when at a speed of 18.6 mph. When you are looking for this car in the market, you can buy the MINI version that has a soft top containing a woven-in jack graphic. According to Automotivemap, this vehicle is incorporated with two unique 85-millimeter tailpipes, which are stainless steel to serve as the car exhaust part option.

Engine Feature

The 2022 Mini Cooper JCW operates with a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four engine capacity, making 228 horsepower. The convertible sole transmission version has an eight-speed automatic, while the hardtop can run with an eight-speed automatic or a six-speed manual. The engine can move the Mini Hardtop when you ignite it from zero to 60 mph at a record speed of 6.1 seconds when the car is equipped with a standard six-speed manual program. This speed can be reduced to 5.9 seconds when cut using the eight speeds Steptronic Sport transmission. The Cabrio can clock 6.3 from zero to 60 mph when the engine is paired with an automatic transmission system.

Sporty Suspension

The engineering work has paid attention to give it a sporty suspension. This includes fine-tuning to fit the car with sport brake systems which 17-inch light-alloy wheels have developed in conjunction with Brembo. You can also choose the eighteen inches version that has a JCWW circuit spoke fitted wheel design.

Adaptive Suspension

The team has also redesigned the Adaptive Suspension system of this model. This includes the addition of an improved version of frequency selective damper technology. This technology functions with an additional valve that acts on the traction side. Further, the maximum damping force of this suspension can be increased by 10 percent from the previous version.

Infotainment Touch

For those dreaming of buying the 2022 Mini Cooper JCW version, you will get this version with a new design of an infotainment touch screen display that is 8.8-inch. It has a black panel design. You will also find two different scheme color options to select from for the exhibits that are fitted on the central instrument part, namely the Sport and Lounge. The lounge display mode has relaxing shades of turquoise and blue on the surface. When you switch lounge mode to sport mode, the screen background will turn and glow in anthracite and red. You can change the display to color worlds by linking it to the standard MINI Driving Modes.

Sporty Seats

The 2022 Mini Cooper JCW is fitted with special sporty seats with headrests. This model also has an anthracite roof lining with beautiful coloring, a model-specific gearshift, and stainless steel pedal gallery. The steering wheel is comfortably covered with Nappa leather. It also has multifunction buttons with grey contrast switches with a logo of John Cooper Work at the center spoke.

Equipment Packages

Mini will sell the new 2022 Mini Cooper JCW with contemporary comfort, driver assistance equipment packages, and connectivity. Other additional features that are making this mini-vehicle special are as follows. The car comes with a heated steering wheel and a lane departure warning to help drivers with driving assistance when to go and stop functions.


When the 2022 Mini Cooper JCW was released to the market, the version with a hardtop was retailing at $32,900 and then maxes out performance at $33,900. On the other hand, the convertible version has a starting MSRP of $38,900, which stretches to $44,000 depending on the kind of top-tier trim specification you choose. For every model you choose, you will pay an extra $850 destination and delivery fee.

Safety of the 2022 Mini Cooper JCW

The engineering design of this model has fitted this latest version with an Active Driving Assistant protection suite that includes rear parking sensors and an automatic emergency braking system. This ensures that your safety is guaranteed when you are on the road to reduce avoidable accidents. This car model has lane-departure warning signs which automatically cause the steering to start vibrating when you are driving, and you start to drift from your track. This model has an active cruise control system that can stop entirely and resume driving again.

Speed Limit

The 2022 Mini Cooper JCW version is high-speed if you know how to use it. It can hit the track and reach a maximum speed of 155mph. The configurations of this John Cooper Works can double the speed limit recommendation of most states. Therefore, when you want to overtake, you will not have an issue if you're accelerating using additional power. You can also cruise and enjoy all the sporty quickness of this model while pulling down on the road with a combined speed of 30 mpg.


Suppose you plan to purchase the 2022 Mini Cooper JCW schedule for a test drive when it arrives at a dealer near you. You will enjoy how it will fit into your daily schedule seamlessly. This car is a good recommendation because it is good-looking, fun to drive, quick and great on gas.

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