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A Closer Look at The 2023 Energica Experia RS

2023 Energica Experia RS

Energica Motor Company has been in business for about 45 years. The Italian motor company is in Modena, Italy, and functions as a subsidiary of CRP Group. In 2008, the automotive manufacturer began its various lines of electric vehicles with its first fully-electric racing motorcycle project commencing in 2009, with a line of road bikes also. The innovative engineering and design team is known for its advanced automotive technology in the emerging green technology market. With F1 and aerospace technologies, the Energica bike made its debut with a range of electrified models. Energica confirms that its heart is in the international motorsports arena. It produced several electric touring bikes, and we learned that there is an electric racing bike on the horizon. Here is everything we know about the pending 2023 Energica Experia RS

Overview of the 2023 Energica Experia RS

Zip Medias reports that the Energica Experia is a fast bike made for touring through the Italian Alps. Its agile handling allows the rider to move gracefully and fluidly through winding roads and S curves. The 2023 RS model receives an upgrade over the 2022 Energica Experiawith a redistribution of the battery weight. The new RS gets an overall rating of 91.75% out of 100 from Zip Medias. Like any vehicle, the 2023 Energsica Experia RS will come with pros and cons. On the positive side, It's a nimble bike that offers regenerative braking and three ranges of charging. On the downside, Riders must schedule itineraries following available charging facilities. It's a large bike and although the engineers gave it a few tweaks, it's still heavy. Another drawback is the high price tag for ownership.

The 2023 Energica Experia RS in review

The 2023 Energica Experia RS went on a test run with critics. Their job is to fairly assess the handling and performance of the motorcycle and report their experience along with their expert opinions. Motorcycle reports that despite the heavy weight of the bike, it provides quick, and light steering. The Experia is a part of a new generation of motorcycles engineered to deliver exceptional performance with the convenience and necessity of DC fast charging options. One of the most innovative engineering feats accomplished for the 2023 version of the Energica Experia RS is that they increased the range for a single charge of the EVC motorcycle without increasing the weight. The engineering team built the new Energica Experia RS from the ground up with advanced technologies that step the EV industry up a notch with its focus on creating a longer range with a new 22.5 kWh battery. It's the largest capacity EV battery for an electric-powered motorcycle. It produces increased power with a longer range and it's lighter than comparable batteries.

A Closer Look at The 2023 Energica Experia RS

Continuing our examination of the Rechargeable Energy Storage System, which is newly created, the engineers considered the shape of the bike along with its center of gravity, to match the shape of the battery to most effectively fit into the frame to improve the handling by effectively impacting the center of gravity. They also designed a new engine with tweaks to place permanent magnets in central locations. The engine is liquid-cooled with a design that creates advanced thermal efficiency with longer life through oil lubrication. The 2023 Energica Experia RS is 22 pounds lighter than previous versions of the Experia with numerous advanced technologies, new materials, and a different approach to lightening the load and enhancing the range.


The new design features produce a bike that boasts a range of 261 miles in the city and 130 miles when driven at a consistent speed of 70 mph on a single full charge. It's an exceptional commuter bike that will take you short distances and back multiple times on a full charge. The current statistics from the motorcycle industry show that the 2023 Energical Experia RS has the longest claimed range of all production motorcycles in the EV market. Engineering is improving for EV bikes and making new advances each year. The bike's DC quick Charger achieves an 80 percent charge from a dead battery within 40 minutes. It adds a factor of convenience for busy riders who don't have hours to wait while the battery charges. The engine cranks a peak of 102 horsepower, less than the Ego model's torque range from 85 lb-ft of torque to 664 lb-ft at the rear wheel. Acceleration is immediate with the delivery of power in a split second.

New electronics

The 2023 Experia RS comes with an outstanding electronics package to sweeten the deal. Its highly legible screen is a 5-inch TFT display with high resolution, enhanced brightness, and responsiveness to various lighting conditions. Riders control the menu-driven settings on the screen through controls mounted on the handlebar for easy access. It comes with a total of seven rides provides to choose from. Riders can program up to three custom settings, or choose from Sport, Rain, Urban, or Eco. The riding mods affect the traction control settings and power delivery via a Cornering Bosch 9.3 MP system. It comes with cruise control and four regenerative modes with a setting for off, and others for low, medium, and high. The seat height is 33.3 inches which are ideal for medium to tall height riders. The chassis received a redesign to narrow the bike in the middle. Accommodations were made in the chassis design to create the ideal space for the battery and the new location of the motor. The construction is a steel trellis with two aluminum side plates for the aluminum swingarm. Braking is via radial-mount Brembo 4-piston calipers with 330 mm floating discs in front and a 240 mm disc with a Brembo 2-piston caliper in the rear.

Final thoughts

The 2023 Experia RS is a new EV motorcycle that shows the advances happening in the EV technology world. For a long time, riders wondered if EV bikes would even move from the concept stage to an increasing number of electric-powered motorcycles. We now have the Experia RS racer. It's a faster sibling in the Energica Experia touring bike likely to see new technologies introduced in the years ahead.

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