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50 Jobs for 11-Year-Olds

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At some point, especially with the recent impact of inflation, most kids find their weekly allowance does not provide enough money for some of the cool things they would like to own.

While an 11-year-old kid probably isn’t ready for a traditional part-time job (and it is likely a violation of federal labor laws), there are many opportunities available to preteens who want to earn additional money to save and buy things their allowance would not allow for.

The reality is that taking on a part-time job as a preteen is a great way for them to learn about financial responsibility, the value of money, and what it means to make and follow through on a commitment. The amount an 11-year-old may earn will depend on several variables –

  • The child’s location.
  • The time it takes to complete task or job.
  • The difficulty level of the

The true secret in finding the perfect job for an 11-year-old is to align the job with the preteen’s interests. If done right, an 11-Year-Old should have a job that feels more like play than tremendously difficult work. If that happens, a child is most likely to bore easily and give throw in the towel – which would be counterproductive to the reasons why the child began to work.

Once your child is earning money, you'll be able to start teaching them important lessons about how to manage it, so it lasts from one paycheck to the next. Take the moment to set up a savings account, so they can learn money management skills and discover how money grows, over time, through the application of interest.

Kids this age are not old enough to apply for a traditional job, so when brainstorming with a youngster, get a little creative.

Creative Jobs for 11-Year-Olds

1. Bloggers Offer a Great Way For Kids to Try Their Hand at Writing.

A blog post is a short narrative, which makes them great for youngsters. Bloggers can write about anything in which they have an interest. Kids can add their own photos to illustrate the message of their blog. But like most things on the internet, it is important that kids be supervised to ensure an adult keeps an eye on the process and content. A parent or other adult can be the editor-in-chief of the blog and is required to approve all content prior to it going live being posted. Sponsorships/advertisements should be reviewed and approved to ensure their content is appropriate for preteens.

2. 11-Year-Olds with a Creative Or Photographic Eye Can Sell Their Work Online.

Youngsters who enjoy taking pictures and have a creative eye can hone and develop their talent while earning some additional cash by selling their work online or working with others and neighbors in the community. Online selling of photos simply needs a good camera and access to a reliable internet connection. In addition, a preteen can become involved in organizing a photo exhibit, which will help them build their confidence in a field they enjoy and excel at.

3. A T-Shirt Designer Can Use Computer Graphics to Sell their Designs Online.

Youngsters who are artists or adept at creating artwork using computer programs can use these designs to create t-shirts for sale. While a tremendously motivated 11-Year-Old may choose to become part of the t-shirt finishing process, they can also just upload a great t-shirt design and find a way to market it for sale to others.

4. Children Who Enjoy Acting Can Earn some Cash (and Gain some Experience) as Voice-Over Artists.

There are many professional companies that need a child’s voice to enhance an advertising campaign or an audiobook. Kids who have basic recording software may be able to work at home with a parent’s supervision. Examples of these types of jobs for 11-Year-Olds include voicing for video game characters, cartoon characters, or characters within an audio book. For those with talent, this job for an 11-Year-Old can be quite lucrative.

5. A Gift Basket Creator is a Fun Job For Any Creative 11-Year-Old Interested In Earning Extra Cash.

Gift baskets have become a quite popular gift-giving option for both holidays and are even customizable for birthdays, picnics, and other occasions. Kids can begin by creating gift baskets for family members or family friends. Take pictures of the finished product so the preteen can use them for marketing their talents and services online and in the neighborhood.

6. Young Actors Or Singers Can Legally Use Their Skills/Talents in the Entertainment Industry.

Youngsters with an innate acting or singing talent often begin their show biz career long before their eleventh birthday. Many start as toddlers acting or singing on stage, on a radio/podcast, on television, or in the movies. These jobs for 11-Year-Olds are among the best paying but take true commitment from the preteen and often other family members.

7. If the 11-Year-Old Is Crafty, They Can Sell Their Crafts at Shows Or Online.

Many 11-year-olds are quite artistic and talented in the creation of crafts. Depending on their particular interests and skill, a preteen could make (and sell) a variety of items that may include the following -

  • Jewelry – bracelets, earrings, rings, or necklaces.
  • Garden decorations.
  • T-shirts – designed or tie-dyed.
  • Knitting scarves, hats, and gloves
  • Making Signs with Calligraphy talents.
  • Painting or drawing in various mediums, to name a few.

Note that these finished crafts can be sold online through various websites, like Etsy, which lets them set up and customize their own online store.

8. Face Painter at a Friend’s Birthday Party is a Great Job.

Face painting has been around for many millennia. Its initial purposes were to camouflage hunters and religious decoration during Indigenous Culture’s ceremonies, to name a few. Face painting is also used extensively for entertainment purposes and can be found at festivals throughout the world. Now, face painting has become a popular entertainment choice for birthday parties and a great way for an artistic kid to earn some extra money.

9. Jewelry Makers Create Beautiful Wearable Art.

Jewelry is simple enough for most creative 11-Year-Olds. In the digital age, selling handmade or custom jewelry is as easy as setting up an account online with Etsy or other wholesaler websites. Kids can make jewelry for other kids or adults, depending on their interests and talent.

10. Homemade Soap & Bath Bombs are Surprisingly Fun & Easy to Make.

Making soap and bath bombs is a bit of science that can offer a creative way to earn some cash for 11-Year-Old entrepreneurs. Selling these homemade products can be done in person or online and is a great way to introduce business concepts while generating extra money. Homemade soap and bath bombs should include creative packaging and a variety of colors and aromas.

Seasonal Jobs for 11-Year-Olds


11. Spring Cleaning their Family’s or a Neighbor’s Home is an Ideal Way for Kids to Earn Some Cash.

Spring cleaning is routinely done each year and is the type of job an 11-Year-Old can do without training or supervision. The tasks typically included dusting, cleaning windows, vacuuming, and storing winter clothing while bringing out clothes for the warmer months. This job for an 11-Year-Old is easy for youngsters to get started. If a parent needs no help, check with family members, friends, and neighbors to see who may help around their home after winter finally departs.

Even if preteens complain about their chores at home, it is likely the incentive to make some money will help shift their perspective. And, if the kid does a great job, others will likely hire him or her based on a recommendation from a friend or family.

12. Most Adults are Only too Happy To Outsource Their Lawn Mowing Chores to Someone Younger.

Lawn mowing is a necessary task. Many kids begin helping their own parents with this chore long before they reach double digits in life. So, by the time they are 11, many kids have the experience of operating a lawnmower to begin to start helping neighbors and friends with their yard work. With some time and hard work, a preteen can develop a list of clients to service.

13. A Lemonade Stand Owner is One of the Most Traditional Kid’s Jobs.

Kids have been making and selling lemonade on their front lawn on a hot summer day for as long as anyone can remember. All a preteen need to grab is a table from the house/garage, a pitcher, disposable cups, and an excellent recipe to make this thirst-quenching delight. Complete the outdoor lemonade stand with a handmade – eye-catching sign to help attract business. This simple business will help teach a youngster how to interact with customers, appreciate what it takes to earn money, and hone their math skills all at the same time.

14. Washing Cars Is a Great Way For Youngsters to Earn Some Extra Cash & Get Some Fresh Outdoor Air.

Like a Lemonade Stand, a car wash is a business and a great way for 11-Year-Olds to gain basic business concepts while earning some extra money. Most adults will appreciate paying an industrious kid half of what they would pay at the local car wash. To begin, all a kid needs is a large bucket, a sponge, soap, a squeegee, and window cleaning solutions. Ask neighbors and family members, and friends. Then create a simple leaflet or notice that can be put up to attract new customers.

15. Summer Tutors Can Make Extra Money While Reinforcing the Work They Have Learned the Past School Year.

Kids who love learning can use this inherent talent by offering to tutor either fellow students or kids who are in a younger grade. As an added bonus, an 11-Year-Old tutor can earn some extra money and get paid to reinforce what they have previously learned. This is often one of the better-paying jobs for 11-Year-Olds and one which could be done year after year and even in college.

16. Reliable Pool Cleaners are Hard to Find & a Great Job Opportunity for 11-Year-Olds.

Swimming pools are great to have but need regular maintenance to operate safely and without an issue. Maintenance includes regular cleaning of the pool using a net to scoop out errant leaves and often a specialized pool vacuum. The pool also needs consistent sanitizing to keep swimmers safe. Kids who live in a neighborhood where there are many swimming pools will find this is a great way to generate some extra money.

17. A Mechanically-Inclined Kid Can Use fix & Maintain Bicycles in Good Working Order.

A youngster who has a natural mechanical ability may find they can earn some serious money fixing and maintaining bicycles (their own and others). A part-time job as a bike mechanic can help hone the child’s analytical skills and are easily translated to more sophisticated machines – like their first car. If the youngster has a serious interest, invest in a set of quality bicycle tools.

18. Let your 11-year-old Declutter your House and Gather Up Items to Sell at a Yard Sale.

Getting ready for a yard sale? A youngster is energetic and is great help collecting items in the house to be sold at an upcoming yard sale. They can help tag and price each item ahead of the yard sale, making the process easier. If they find something to sell at the yard sale that was not known by their parent, let them share in the profit. This should incentivize them to search for new things to sell.

19. Let a Preteen Assist Someone Who Is Setting Up a Yard Sale.

As noted above, an 11-Year-Old can be helpful when running a yard or garage sale. And while a yard sale is a great way to generate extra money for families, setting up a yard or garage sale can translate to a lot of work. A preteen can help others by doing the more physical pre-sale setup work. This would include putting up tables and placing tagged items on display. They can also help put away those items that did not sell as well as return the tables to the house from the front lawn.

20. An 11-Year-Old Can Collect Golf Balls to Earn Cash.

If you live near a golf course or are a member of a country club, a youngster can collect golf balls at the end of the day. After they have cleaned the golf balls, kids can then resell these ‘recycled’ golf balls to golfers at a fraction of the price they would be at a store or professional shop.

21. If your Child Enjoys Gardening and Other Outdoor Activities, They Can Simply Start Their Own Business.

Working in the yard and starting a business is a great way to teach a youngster about self-employment, being dependable by honoring a commitment, and engaging with clients as a person offering a service. While the business is not an ‘official’ business, it can operate like one and prepare young entrepreneurs for a career as a business owner. Yard maintenance can be quite diverse but usually simple, straightforward jobs that most adults will gladly someone else to do. Generally, it may include raking leaves, watering/planting flowers, weeding, and trimming bushes and small trees. Most of the tasks will also help youngsters maintain fitness levels while generating some extra cash.


22. Raking Leaves is Another Job Adults Are Happy to Pay Strong & Entrepreneurial 11-Year-Olds.

Raking leaves is hard but necessary work. As a result, most adults would prefer to save their backs (and shoulders and knees) by jumping at the opportunity to pay a preteen to complete this autumn chore. Tell neighbors and friends about the service, which should include raking and bagging of leaves. Raking leaves is a great way for youngsters to build muscle and stamina.

23. Assisting Friends and Neighbors with Gift Wrapping is an Excellent Way to Earn Some Additional Cash Over the Holidays.

Most people are pressed for time during the holidays, so they often look for assistance in finishing up their holiday tasks. Crafty or creative kids may find they can earn some extra money during the holidays by wrapping gifts for friends, family members, and neighbors. Kids with an eye for detail can dazzle clients with added ribbons and customized designs.

24. Shoveling Snow Offers Great Exercise & Offers Great Opportunities to Generate Additional Money.

If you are just getting started, begin by clearing the snow from your family’s sidewalk and/or driveway. Take a few pictures that can be converted to flyers that promote the snow shoveling service. Depending on the amount of snow that falls, a preteen can make some serious cash for this outdoor job.

25. A Holiday Decorator can be a Fun Job for 11-Year-Olds who have an Eye For Design.

In the hurried modern holiday world, many people simply don’t have enough time to decorate their homes for the upcoming holiday season. Kids love to decorate for the holidays, and this is a smart way to generate some additional funds.

26. Removing Snow From Cars Is a Great Before or After School Job for an 11-Year-Old.

Most kids love to play in the snow, so removing snow from a car is usually enjoyable and fun. Other than a shovel and some warm clothing and gloves, there are no other tools required. The one consideration for this job for an 11-Year-Old is that many people will want this service done early in the morning - before they must leave for work, so this means getting up earlier than usual – something many youngsters find challenging.

27. Making Wreaths Is a Great Option For Creative Kids During the Holiday Season.

During the Christmas season, a creative youngster with nimble fingers can put together holiday wreaths. These wreaths are made from evergreen varieties that include cedar, pine, bittersweet, holly, juniper, boxwood, and turkey beard, to name a few. The tools required include pruning shears, floral wire, and a wreath form – which can be homemade.

All-Year Jobs for 11-Year-Olds

28. Working in The Family Business is a Great Option for Preteens.

A family business offers the most obvious solution for an 11-Year-Old interested in earning extra money. While labor laws prohibit certain types of work, there are many other tasks in a family business that can be done by a preteen for a fee. These types of jobs offer a way to introduce a youngster to the family business. In addition, parents or other family members can spend time with the kid while offering guidance and supervision.

29. Being a Plant Caretaker is an Essential Job that will Instill Responsibility in an 11-Year-Old.

If neighbors or family members are leaving town, their plants still need to be cared for – and they need to be cared for responsibly and on time. And while caring for a plant doesn’t take oodles of time, it does require that it be done as promised, on time. Make sure the 11-Year-Old understands how to care for plants that may require care by having the neighbor or family leave specific instructions. Entrepreneurial types can even offer a “plant daycare,” where neighbors going on vacation can drop off plants to be cared for.

30. Have a Home Office? There are Many Tasks a Child Can Do to Assist.

Youngsters who are looking to earn some extra cash can help with some of the more routine office tasks. Any eleven-year-old can help with organizing, collating, filing, mailing, and even running errands for other office employees. Many preteens are adept at typing – having grown up in a digital world, and they can help answer phones at busy, peak business times.

31. Taking care of Younger Kids is an Excellent Job for 11-Year-Olds.

Most 11-Year-Olds work as mother’s helpers, which is a job that includes supervising as well as entertaining younger kids while their mom or dad is within a near distance. This is a great opportunity for a preteen to learn how to be a responsible and reliable worker – to both the child they babysit and the child’s parents. Note that the Red Cross offers classes to teach and hone the skills required to be a successful babysitter. These classes are available to children from the ages of 11 to 15. In addition, an 11-Year-Old can learn basic first aid skills, which is essential in an emergency.

32. An 11-Year-Old can also Work as an in-Home Assistant for an Elderly Neighbor or Family Member.

Older adults often need help with simple everyday tasks. Most are more than happy to pass along some extra cash to youngsters who can help by running to the grocery store, taking care of their pets, or cleaning/organizing their home or yard. If the adult and their helper have similar interests, they can both enjoy them together.

33. House Sitting is Another Job for an 11-Year-Old During The Summer.

Taking care of other people’s homes while the owners are away on vacation offers youngsters a chance to help and make a few bucks to buy some cool earbuds or video games. House sitting can include a variety of simple chores and tasks that include checking on the house several times a day, bringing in the mail, watering the plants, and generally ensuring the property is safe and secure.

34. Washing and cleaning Family Cars are Great Jobs for an 11-Year-Old.

While a youngster may not want to wash cars all over the neighborhood, they may be willing to wash and clean their parent’s cars. If they have older siblings, they may be able to make a deal with their older brother or sister as well. Some kids may not be tall enough to reach the top of an SUV, but they can definitely manage the rest of the car’s exterior and then vacuum the dirt and crumbs on the floor and seats. 11-Year-Olds can easily wash the windows on the interior of the car as well.

35. A Paper Route is an Ideal Job For a Child Who is An Early Riser.

Paper routes have been generating extra cash for as long as anyone can remember – and there are no age restrictions for this job for 11-Year-Olds – although paper routes are less and less available in the digital, modern world. This is a particularly ideal job for those preteens who are early risers because this job requires newspapers to be delivered before school starts. Make sure the youngster understands that newspapers are delivered in all kinds of good and bad weather, and the job requires a commitment.

36. 11-Year-Olds With an Existing Paper Route can make Additional Money by Delivering Promotional Materials.

Young entrepreneurs can enhance their existing paper route by finding businesses that wish to deliver flyers and promos to nearby potential customers. These advertisements can be delivered at the same time the newspapers are delivered. Note these take a bit more planning but offers the kid a real opportunity to understand how businesses can offer more than one service.

37. 11-Year-Olds can Collect Cans and Bottles and Turn Them into Extra Cash at the Recycling Center.

If you live in a bottle-deposit state, grab a wagon or Small Pushcart (and a pair of gloves), and walk through the neighborhood. Look for bottles and cans but stay away from broken glass or other sharp objects. The youngster can then take what was collected to the recycling center to redeem them for a payout. This job for an 11-Year-Old is a simple and effective way to earn extra money while helping to clean up the environment.

38. Taking Care of a Neighbor's Pet While Away On Vacation Teaches a Child Responsibility.

Pet care is a great job for youngsters who love to play with pets. This job for an 11-Year-Old would include ensuring the pet has food and water and, if applicable, possibly cleaning out the pet’s cage or litter box. It may be helpful to help them create a task schedule related to the steps required to care for the pet throughout the day. An adult may want to take a peek periodically to make sure the required tasks are being done.

39. A Part-Time Job as a Dog Walker is Ideal for an 11-Year-Old.

Dog walking offers youngsters a chance to enhance their allowance while enjoying time outside and away from a digital device. Many dog walkers work for a few clients, which requires the youngster to create and stick to a dog walking schedule. Depending on the client, a dog may be walked more than once per day.

Note that kids can do it before or after school. Make sure the preteen sticks to a predetermined route, so an adult will know where they are always.

40. Numerous Businesses Conduct Surveys with Preteens to Learn Their Preferences About Their Products and Services.

Many businesses depend on client feedback to determine how to enhance or expand their services or product line. Many require opinions from youngsters because their business’s target market is the young buyer. These businesses create surveys that include a series of questions about a particular product or upcoming advertisement. An 11-Year-Old's opinion is given on a survey that compensates them for completing the survey – usually online.

41. A Youngster who Loves Creating Delectable Desserts can participate in a Bake Sale.

Many bakers discover their love of baking at a very young age – sharing it with their mother, grandmother, or another family member. Remember that baking takes preparation and cooking time, so an 11-Year-Old must be able to manage their time to ensure their baked goods are ready on time for the sale. Also, someone must supply the youngster with the supplies required to make their sweet items.

42. Many 11-Year-Olds Love Posing For the Camera. Modeling gives an Opportunity to Make Extra Cash.

Many modeling agencies and agents look for talented youngsters who can fill unique photographic campaigns. The first job may be challenging to land, but for those youngsters who really have a desire (and what it takes), models make some serious money. It is also the type of career a kid can transition to. The types of work available include photoshoots, fashion shows, and traditional/digital advertising campaigns.

43. Window Washing is Another Great Job For Industrious 11-Year-Olds.

Youngsters interested in earning some extra money can help by washing windows for neighbors, family members, and even local businesses. This is usually an easy business to start because most people do not like the task of window washing. And, if the youngster is dependable and delivers what they promise, the business will grow and generate a fair amount of money for a youngster.

44. A video game tester is a Perfect Way to Earn Money Playing Video Games.

Before a video game is launched, it must be tested by a variety of people – including end users like preteen gamers. As a video game tester, a preteen can show off their talents (and have some fun) by playing through the game while determining if there are any bugs in the software. While the gameplay is fun, this job does require that the 11-Year-Old be responsible and document glitches by keeping careful records of their gameplay. In addition, this job may also require the completion of a survey related to their experience, with an option to suggest improvements based on that experience.

45. A Fence Painter is a Great Way to Earn Additional Spending Money.

Most youngsters have helped a parent with a small painting task by the time they reach their eleventh birthday. Some love painting which makes fence painting a great fit for preteens to make some extra money. This outdoor job is a great way to help others improve how their property looks. Remember that when painting, the youngster should wear old clothes and probably bring their own paintbrush – the paint is usually bought by the customer. Fence painting is not a complicated job, but it does require hard diligent work.

46. Help Teach Older Adults Computer Skills.

Recent generations were the first to grow up in a digital world – surrounded by technology. As a result, many computer skills become innate learning and really second nature. This is not true for older adults who are trying to navigate a modern world that is very different from when they were 11 years old. Helping older adults learn computer skills requires patience, as what appears easy to a young person is quite foreign to a senior. A great place to start looking for clients is at the local senior center or the YMCA. These organizations usually offer tutoring services for seniors; most of these businesses provide computers and phones on which to work.

47. Youtubers Upload Videos That Can Generate Advertising Money for 11-Year-Olds.

Being a Youtuber is simply about creating videos that are interesting, unique, and entertaining. While there is a fair amount of competition if you can create a video that trends or gains in popularity, you can generate advertising dollars faster than one can imagine. A YouTube video creator requires work and creativity but is a great outlet for preteens; however, parents or guardians should have final approval of content before it is uploaded to the internet.

48. Tech Support is a Great Job for an 11-Year-Old Who Loves Technology.

Kids are often the most tech-savvy people around, which makes them quite valuable to those who are not. A tech support business offers a variety of services, which may include setting up a new computer or phone system. A youngster can help create and design websites or link social media accounts. Those with photographic skills can help retouch or touch-up photos. They can also scan papers to digital form and often help someone who has what appears to be an unsolvable digital issue.

49. Preteens can Teach Others a Skill or Hobby.

Many preteens and youngsters have talents and hobbies they can teach to others who wish to learn. What is taught depends on the kid but may include hosting a computer coding class, for example. An 11-Year-Old is old enough to offer music, art, or cooking lessons to interested kids and adults.

50. Event Setup Helpers offer a Smart Way to Learn the Catering Business.

If a family member or local business offers catering or event services, an 11-Year-Old can be of great help and earn some extra money setting up chairs and tables before the event. They can also add to their income by working after the event by wiping off tables and removing trash, etc.


What are the child labor laws for 11-year-old workers?

State and federal laws set forth allowable hours, times of day, and the type of work available to youth. The primary legislation regulating child labor in the U.S. is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Note, however, that his legislation does not prohibit minors from starting their own small business. But first, check with local authorities to determine if local ordinances require a permit.

The FLSA notes that children under 14 years old may not hold a traditional job. Those who are 14 and 16 years old are permitted to work for a limited number of hours each week. Those 16 and 17 years old can work any job so long as the job is not dangerous.

These laws are in place to protect children from exploitation and dangerous situations. The only exception is farm work, where 12-13-year-olds can work with parental permission. Children 11 or younger are allowed to work on their family’s farm.

Does Each State have different labor laws?

Yes, each state sets forth laws regarding the minimum age of a child who can legally work – including how many hours per day. For more information regarding these laws, visit the US Department of Labor’s website.

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