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A Closer Look at the Omega Seamaster Railmaster

In 2017, Omega celebrated the 60th Anniversary of a trilogy of watches comprising the Seamaster 200, the Railmaster and the Speedmaster. The reinvention of the trio was met with hearty enthusiasm and a warm welcome. In the spirit of the original Trilogy, the Omega Seamaster Railmaster is a modern reinvention of the original Railmaster with impressive technical updates and a modern aesthetic that takes inspiration from the edition that marked the 60th anniversary of the iconic watch. This special and highly lauded example deserves a closer look

The intention of the original Railmaster

Before moving forward, we must pay our respects to the original Railmaster. The intention of the vintage example was for the purposes of assisting those involved in scientific and engineering pursuits. Those who required precision and accuracy without disruption by fields of magnetism.

A limited edition in progressive design and flawless workmanship

The Omega Seamaster Railmaster in clean and retro aesthetic delivers the ideal melding of past with the present. An inspection of the finer details reveals the story of its purpose and current value to those who remember the vintage relative but prefer to maintain progressive standards with a mere glance towards the past.

The Case and Bezel

The round shape case is similar to the Aqua Terra model with differences in finishing. It measures 40mm in diameter with its satin brushed lines made of premium stainless steel material that reinforces its simple elegance. The polished understated bezel belies a calm personality that is disrupted by the striking contrast of the vibrant black dial and brightly applied index markers. We turn to the case back which is crafted of solid stainless steel and features an artistic engraving of the hippocampus. A conical crown allows for easy time adjustment and the sweeping lugs twist in the signature feature of the Omega brand.

The Dial

The designers began the dial with a base of brushed metal for distinctive detail. It's offered in a black or gray variant and boasts simple elegance. What disturbs the otherwise smooth and peaceful calmness is the striking contrast that the markers deliver. Arrowhead style in a vintage flavor bests describes the marker which is lumed for all light levels. To understand the remarkable detail is to take a closer look and observe that the markers are actually recessed into the top of the dial with the remaining elements printed. Adorned with Arabic numerals a railroad minute track, a lollipop on the seconds' hands we observe that the simple lume filled batons maintain the theme of simple elegance.

The movement

The movement is a co-axial master chronometer caliber 8806 and it's a magnificent mechanism which exceeds the magnetic resistance of the original by up to three times. The single improvement for aesthetics would be the replacement of the solid case back in favor of a screwed sapphire crystal to show the intricacies of the movement, but the sacrifice of the degree of water resistance would be the price to be paid and in this instance, it was not meant to be.


A domed sapphire crystal is an inset to protect the dial with scratch resistance to maintain the highest degree of legibility. This is enhanced by the anti-reflective coating as treatment applied to both sides of the crystal.


The Omega Seamaster Railmaster is fitted with a 20mm brushed steel bracelet This version retails for $6,675. Other strap options include a NATO mid brown leather strap with deep vintage overtones. In addition, the option from a grey and black herringbone fabric option featuring stitching that matches the lume is also available, each of the three alternate options offered at $6,525.

Final thoughts

The new Omega Seamaster Railmaster is a modern masterpiece that recollects past ages with a vintage reflection of the original in craftsmanship and quality, with modern updating and a uniquely progressive aesthetic. Simple elegance falls short of describing the true personality of the salute to the vintage timepiece now an icon in the history of the brand. Another classic in the making that will only gain in value with the passage of time when a new example is born to honor its contributions to the Omega brand, which consistently delivers without disappointment, what enthusiasts have come to expect in their new creations.

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