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10 Things You Didn’t Know About ADP CEO Carlos Rodriguez

As one of the largest payment processing companies in the world, ADP has quite a long history. At the head of the company is Carlos Rodriguez. Here are 10 things about him that you may not have known about him before now.

1. He is one of the few Cuban-American CEOs in the American business world today

Rodriguez is openly proud of his immigrant roots. His family actually fled Cuba back in the 1960s, eventually settling down in Miami when Carlos was only three years old. He was the first person in his family to attend college and is now responsible for managing more than 55,000 employees at ADP. He draws inspiration from his parents, who always instilled a hard work ethic into all that he did. That paid off by him getting into Harvard and then landing his position at ADP.

2. He has been with the company since 1999

In 1999, Rodriguez was working for Vincam. During that same year, ADP acquired Vincam and he came on board with the company at that time. He gradually began working his way up the leadership ranks, serving as Chief Financial Officer and then President of ADP TotalSource. He would then become CEO of the company in 2011.

3. He is on the board of Hubbell Inc.

Demonstrating his knack for many different types of businesses, Rodriguez currently serves on the board of Hubbell Incorporated. This is a multinational company that focuses on the design and manufacture of electrical components that it sells for both residential and commercial building products. Hubbell Inc. is headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut.

4. Rodriguez is a member of World 50

This is quite the honor. Membership in the private organization that is World 50 is reserved exclusively for the top level executives currently serving at highly respected companies throughout the world. As a member, Rodriguez is frequently asked to share his ideas and solutions to certain problems plaguing the business world today. It is a forum designed to spread ideas and work collaboratively to bring lasting change.

5. He is a part of the Business Roundtable

Again, this is an honor that Rodriguez is proud of. As a member of the Business Roundtable, he is able to partner with other chief executive officers throughout America. The goal of this organization is to promote and execute public policies that are business friendly and support the spread of capitalistic ideals.

6. He is also a part of the Economic Club of New York

The Economic Club of New York is another membership only organization that Rodriquez is a part of. It consists of invited top management level leaders in the areas of business and finance. The Club has a purpose of studying various issues affecting economics and politics and then proposing solutions that are meant to benefit the business community.

7. He has a Harvard Education

Carlos Rodriguez is a product of Harvard University. He first earned his Bachelor of Arts from the Ivy League school, before going on to receiving his Master of Business Administration not long thereafter.

8. His total compensation from ADP in 2018 was over $12 million

While his official salary is just over $1 million, Rodriguez has various other incentives in his contract that brings his current compensation package to a bit over $12 million. This includes more than $2 million in bonuses and $3.4 million in stock options. He has also received roughly $5.3 million in company stock.

9. He is the sixth CEO ADP has had in its history

ADP has been in business since 1949. Prior to Rodriguez coming on board as CEO in 2011, the company had only been through five different CEO’s. It is this type of stability at the top levels of leadership and administration that has been credited with the companies sustained growth over the decades. For his part, Rodriguez also appears poised to stick around at the top for quite some time to come.

10. He is the one responsible for ADP branching in providing Human Capital Management services

Prior to Rodriguez coming on the scene, ADP was primarily a payroll processing company for businesses around the globe. It has since branched into offering a complete human resources package to clients, including benefits administration. This has allowed them to expand its reach and increase the number of companies it is able to serve.

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