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How Al Gore Achieved a Net Worth of $330 Million

Al Gore

Al Gore may not have won the office of president when he lost the race for the White House to George W. Bush, but his life improved in many different ways. We recently learned that he slipped away from his public life in politics and focused his energy on building his fortune. He is worth an estimated $330 million as of 2023, but how did he manage to become so wealthy? We checked into his business activity after the failed bid for the presidency and here is what we discovered.

His net worth after work in Congress

Most of former senator Al Gore's time in politics was spent working in Congress. He did very well for himself during his tenure, and as of 1999, his net worth was $1.7 million. Gore's family had holdings in a zinc mine from which he received royalties, as well as pastures which were rented out from his family's farm. The Gore family was wealthy but their fortune was tiny compared to what it has grown into today.

Wise investments

Al Gore was brilliant when it came to business and investing and in 2004, he assisted in the creation of the Al Jazeera Satellite Network. The network flourished and when it was sold, the price it fetched was $500 million, and adter clearing all o the debts, his share of the 20 percent stake that he had in the network was $70 million.

It wasn't long before Gore sold the Apple Inc. Stock that he earned when he served on the board of the company, which was worth about $30 million. These were just a little over half of the stock that he owned in the company so he still holds Apple stock that is valued at about $45.6 million, which also contributes to his overall net worth. In addition to holdings with Apple, Inc, Mr. Gore had also invested in Ebay Stock.

The Global warming frenzy

When president Clinton's campaign to battle global warming became popular, this gave Al Gore yet another avenue to pursue income streams. He became a prolific author, writing books on the global warming trends and the dangers of carbon emissions.

This was a great success for him and he not only participated in efforts to combat global warming, he also invested in companies which specialized in green technology. He won the Nobel Prize for helping to arise the awareness of the public about the dangers of global warming. Some believe that this was little more than a hoax to trick the public while others fear the future because of man's disinterest in protecting the earth and her natural resources.

Whether you agree with Mr. Gore or not, he is a Nobel Prize winner and much of the world thinks that his writings are timely and spot on.The cash award that went along with the prize was $1.5 million at the time. Al Gore maintains that his intentions were and are pure and that he very much believes that global warming is a threat while some accuse him of getting rich on public fear and hysteria.

His net worth is increasing

Prior to 2019, Al Gore had an estimated net worth of $200 million after the sale of Al-Jazeera, but it is now estimated that he adds another hundred million to the figure and is worth $300 million. He is now 70 years old and the former Clinton Administration Vice President and Nobel Prize winner for his book on global warming is enjoying a tidy fortune.

He also made a venture investment in a new startup called VideoSurf, in 2011, and he has an estimated stake of $28,000,000 to ad to his asset base. Mr. Gore also headed the Goldman Sachs' environmental investment group just prior to the writing of his book and this helped to spur his interest in the issue as well as increase his passion and sense of urgency.

It was reported by the Daily Wire that Mr. Gore's personal net worth increased by more than $100 million because of his involvement with climate change. He has been criticized for his profiting from the situation which is still considered by many to be a hoax, while others call him a hero and one of the great humanitarians of our age.

How he made so much money

Mr. Al Gore has lived a fascinating life and whether you believe his is a genuine environmentalist, or a charlatan that became richer by capitalizing on a hoax, he's made some significant contributions to the way that we view our planet and our use of energy.

Any effort that intends to preserve the health of the ecosystem that we live in, whether it's to prevent global warming or to preserve the purity of the earth, is a worthy cause. When he ran against president George W. Bush and lost, he didn't have so much as $2 million to his name.

When we look back over his career and the financial decisions that he made since losing the election it is clear that he worked hard to make wise choices and investments. His involvement in Al-Jazeera and its subsequent sale kicked off a new financial chapter in the life of the Gores. Leveraging Apple Inc investments just a few weeks later brought his total net worth up by $100 million within just a few weeks' time. He was on his way.

Final thoughts

Mr. Gore has made some excellent investments and he's worked hard throughout his lifetime. The work of a senator and congressman isn't easy and there is a great deal of stress and soul searching that goes into this line of work. He has joined the upper echelon of American society with a net worth that is still on the rise. He was considered wealthy as a congressman but he didn't amass his millions until he left the public life and focused upon his financial holdings.

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