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How Andrew Whitworth Achieved a Net Worth of $47 Million

Andrew Whitworth

Andrew Whitworth is a former American football player. He was an NFL offensive tackle for The Rams. During his football stint, fans would rally behind him because they considered him the strongest member of his team. One reason he was so good was that he had been playing with the Cincinnati Bengals for a decade. His impressive skillset has won him many awards and accolades in the 16 seasons that he played. Typically, athletes are advised to hang up their boots at forty years old. Andrew encountered this problem when his coach and colleagues asked him to retire. Despite being asked to retire, he did not. According to Yahoo, he proved his naysayers wrong by winning the 2022 Lombardi trophy. After winning this Super Bowl trophy, he was able to retire on a high note. To understand Andrew Whitworth's net worth, you will learn about his salary during his football heydays. Through his salary, he acquired more assets, further increasing his net worth, and we will also identify those assets here.


He began his NFL career in 2006 when he joined the Cincinnati Bengals. His contract was worth $2, 965,000 and it would run for four years. Additionally, he received a sign-up bonus of $1,100,000, an annual income of $741,250 and an overall guarantee of $1,100,000. Fortunately, his contract was renewed in 2008. This time, he would earn more. His contract was now worth $24,635,000. Moreover, it was a five-year contract that would see him earning a signing-on fee of $6,000,000, aggregate guarantees amounting to $6,000,000, and an average income of $4,105,833. Andrew became lucky for the third time when the Cincinnati Bengals revised his contract. It was a two-year deal worth $19,525,000. In this contract, he would receive a $6,000,000 signing-on fee, a yearly income of $9,762,500, and a cumulative guarantee of $10,300,000. The two-year contract was extended by one more year with new terms. For one year, the contract was worth $9,000,000, which ran from 2015 to 2016. The contract included a signing-on fee of $2,000,000, an annual wage of $9,000,000, and a total rest assured of $3,000,000. By 2016, he left the Cincinnati Bengals and joined The Rams on different terms. He signed a three-year contract with The Rams, which ran from 2016 to 2019. While playing for The Rams, he earned $30,000,077. Other packages that came with this contract were: a $5,000,000 sign-up bonus, assured perks of $12,500,000, and an average team income of $10,000,026. His contract with The Rams was again renewed with new terms. The new contract was worth $33,750,000. This contract included a signing-on fee of $5,000,000, a yearly wage of $11,250,000, and a total assurance of $15,000,000.

Car Collection

With the millions of dollars he was earning, he was able to purchase many cars. In order to accommodate many cars, he had to build a huge garage to accommodate them. Some of the cars he owns in his garage include a Ferrari, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Jaguar, and many more. To have an idea about how much cars cost, we will focus on the average price of a Ferrari, for instance. According to LLCTLC, the average price of a Ferrari ranges between $200,000 and $400,000. Assuming that he bought each car for $200,000, it would still mean that he owns cars worth several millions of dollars.

Real Estate

Andrew resides in Westlake Village, California. Initially, he was living in Choudrant, LA. He sold his home in LA and moved into a $6,050,000 estate, his current home. The house occupies an area of 10,090 square feet. The house contains seven bathrooms and seven bedrooms. For sports enthusiasts, they will like this house for its basketball court and a pool.

His Foundation

Andrew owns a foundation called "Big Whit 77 Foundation." He launched this foundation with his wife, Melissa. His foundation funds plenty of worthy causes. According to Turf Show Times, the foundation mainly helps to fund higher education, give children loving and supporting homes and give presents to Louisiana families during holiday seasons. Despite focusing on three particular areas, his foundation has responded to other needs such as hunger. For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, Los Angeles residents could not access food. The foundation, therefore, donated $250,000 to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. The foundation also helped another business affected by the pandemic called The Serving Spoon, which is a restaurant in Inglewood. At the time, it was on the verge of closing down. The situation got so bad that the managers had to pay their workers from their own pockets. Fortunately, the foundation rescued the restaurant by donating $50,000 to it. If you wonder how foundations can donate cash to certain courses, worry no longer. Basically, people donate funds to foundations. People then donate funds to an organization that they trust with their funds. Let's face it; some people start foundations to receive funds. It therefore remains up to you to research a foundation before donating money to it. Based on the donations this foundation has made, you can be sure that it doesn’t exist to fund Andrew’s lifestyle. Based on how active they were during the pandemic, it is safe to assume that the foundation will continue giving back to society.


Most athletes spend all their earnings in clubs or for other luxurious activities. It is therefore not uncommon to spot a rich athlete filing for bankruptcy. Fortunately, Andrew seems unlikely to be trapped in bankruptcy. For instance, he owns a collection of cars. If he became poor, he could sell some of his cars. Or, he could use the cars to provide taxi services. Also, he has a foundation. Still, he could use part of the donated funds to survive while still giving back to society. We can learn the importance of using your salary to start other ventures from Andrew's story. Since players tend to retire early, you cannot rely on football earnings for the rest of your life. So, athletes should not be blinded by the millions of dollars that they are earning. Instead, they should use their earnings to begin some business ventures.

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