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How Sal Vulcano Achieved a Net Worth of $7 Million

Sal Vulcano

Multiple sources report that Sal Vulcano has a net worth of about $7 million. Sal Vulcano is an excellent example of how much a funny person can make if they know how to play to the right audience. While he might not be a household name in some areas, Vulcano is well-known by online comedy fans and has parlayed his minor celebrity into high earnings.

Let's take a look at his earnings and his career to showcase how budding comedians can make good money.

Sal Vulcano Net Worth 

$7 Million is a solid number for a primarily YouTube-centered comedy celebrity who, while popular, never hit the mainstream the way other celebrities have in recent years. Sal made much of his money through the comedy troupe, The Tenderloins, but also has other side gigs that have helped him earn a consistent income.

These include being an actor, podcast owner, and producer on various projects. Sal has stayed busy throughout his career and consistently finds new ways to make money.

By working hard and hustling early in his career, Sal Vulcano net worth numbers keep increasing. Those who don't know much about this figure may wonder exactly how he made such good money without hitting high-volume numbers.

Sal Vulcano's Background

Salvatore Edward Anthony Vulcano is a New York City comedian who was an incredibly popular and funny young man in high school and beyond. He competed in multiple sports teams and clubs in school, including improvisational comedy.

During his high school years, he met James Murray, Brian Quinn, and Joe Gatto, who later joined forces with him to become The Tenderloins.

Sal Vulcano was not set on a comedy career and was initially interested in becoming an entrepreneur. He attended St. John's University and earned a finance degree. However, running into his old high school friends years later convinced him to try comedy. They started The Tenderloins in 1999 and filmed comedy sketches throughout the early 2000s.

The Beginning of Impractical Jokers

The Tenderloins not only posted content on YouTube, but on MySpace and Metacafe. Their content went viral quickly, though viral in the early 2000s was on a much lower scale than it is now.

Their profile went up heavily in 2007 when they won NBC's competition “It's Your Show” for their sketch “Time Thugs.” Amazingly, the group still posts popular content on their YouTube channel.

However, it was the show “Impractical Jokers” on truTV that truly hit the big time. In 2011, the show was watched by over 30 million people, and while not as heavily watched, it is still on the air.

On the show, the group does various practical jokes and “punishes” each other for their behavior. Sal quickly became popular for being heavily punished and taking his punishments well.

Sal Vulcano is Still Active with The Tenderloins

While The Tenderloins' initial popularity has waned from their heady early days, they are still an active and respected comedy group. They even appeared on the game show “The Misery Index” in 2019 and created a long-delayed movie, “The Impractical Jokers: The Movie.”

With a fairly small budget of just $3 million, it earned $10 million. It was popular with fans of the show, with a 76% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes but with a poor 35% rating by critics.

Beyond these successes, Sal Vulcano and The Tenderloins also appear on multiple podcasts, like “What Say You?” and “The Tenderloins Podcast,” as well as performing live together regularly.

These improvisational tours are very popular on college campuses and keep the group together. Fans claim that the group's brand of low-brow comedy works well because of the group's personal chemistry.

Spin-Offs From Impractical Jokers

While “Impractical Jokers” was at the peak of its popularity, several spin-offs emerged. These included “Joker's Wild,” with skits and a storyline. The show never gained much popularity because fans wanted more of the wildness of the original series.

After just four episodes, it was canceled. However, the “Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes” was more successful.

It featured commentary, pop-up facts, and behind-the-scene stories that highlighted previous “Impractical Jokers” sketches. While it wasn't as popular as the initial series, the interesting facts kept fans engaged with the show.

Other spin-offs like “Impractical Jokers: Dinner Party” included the group eating dinner and visiting with guests and was aired early the early days of COVID-19 to replace their regular content.

Sal Vulcano's Other Investments

Surprisingly, Sal Vulcano isn't known for more investments considering his finance degree. He has mostly focused on expanding his comedy career, which has paid off well.

Though there's no breakdown of how much Sal has earned over the years, he has consistently improved his finances. However, there was one investment he made from 2010 to 2014 that could have affected his bottom line.

Sal and a few others invested in The Full Cup, a music venue in New York City. At the time, it was a well-known comedy and music club that had served many people for generations.

Though it had changed hands multiple times, Sal and his partners looked to keep it open. However, it experienced real legal and financial problems throughout its ownership period. Though these issues weren't connected to him, they did affect the bar's success.

Sal sold out his shares in 2014, believing that the bar would not last much longer. Unfortunately, it eventually closed down in 2016. Though an Indiegogo campaign helped to keep the bar going for a few more years after Vulcano left, it just couldn't survive.

Since then, Vulcano is not known to be involved in any other financial investments or projects, though there is a chance he may have taken a few quiet investments over the years.

The exact impact on his financial health is uncertain, though Sal Vulcano net worth research and estimates still put him at about $7 million. He likely minimized his losses by leaving the bar early, which helped him invest more in his comedy career, including his podcast careers and in producing "Impractical Jokers: The Movie," which, despite a fairly small domestic gross, likely still made the cast money.

Personal Life

Sal Vulcano has been chiefly very private about his personal life, including not divulging much about his dating history. For example, there is a picture of him posing with a woman who he calls his wife. He never gives her name, nor does anyone outside of his personal circle know her name.

That gives Sal Vulcano an interesting mysteriousness that has kept him out of the scandal presses for years. It has also given him a more low-key profile he seems to prefer. While other comedians from his time, like Johnny Knoxville, are incredibly open about themselves, Sal keeps his cards close to his chest.

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