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How Bianca Censori Achieved a Net Worth of $2 Million

Bianca Censori is an Italian-born, Australian-American jewelry designer and architect whose net worth as of January 2023 is $2 million. She is currently married to Kanye West and has worked for his firm, Yeezy, since November 2020, more recently having been Head of Architecture at that company.

Although she is a relatively low-level celebrity, she has the potential to land bigger contracts than she has in the past through her connection to her celebrity husband.

However, his erratic behavior has the potential to negatively impact her potential client pool, especially considering his 2022 association with self-described “Nazi” Nick Fuentes and associated controversial comments made by West in November and December of that year.


Although Bianca Censori possesses Australian citizenship, records seem to indicate that she grew up in Italy. This brings further questions about her background, as her educational records list her school as being Carey Baptist Grammar, an independent Baptist day school in Melbourne, Victoria.

Regardless of her true origin story, Censori is known to have attended the University of Melbourne for her undergraduate education and Australian National University in Canberra for her graduate school education, graduating in 2020 with a Master of Architecture degree. After being hooded in 2020, she went to work for Yeezy, Kanye West’s firm.


Bianca Censori runs the online jewelry line Nylons. Her jewelry designs play with patterns of light and shape, drawing from illustrations and interpreting modern-traditional symbols like the Time Square New Year’s Eve ball.

She founded Nylons in 2013 as an undergraduate at the University of Melbourne. Irene Papas was her partner in the Nylons line, which incorporates nylon meshes and leaded glass crystals to create truly unique configurations that would not be possible with more traditional materials.

In 2016, the line’s works were featured in i-D, a British magazine produced by Vice Media. She would continue the line for one more year before leaving her association with it in July 2017, coinciding with her entering graduate school.

Nylons folded as a venture, likely shortly after that with one of its two principals leaving the collection, and its website is no longer available as of this writing.

Relationships and Personal Life

Bianca Censori has historically kept a low profile. Though she’s known to have dated other celebrity men before her relationship with West, she began dating West sometime between 2020 and his divorce from Kim Kardashian in 2022, probably sometime before Kardashian’s filing for divorce in February 2021.

The divorce was finalized on November 29, 2022, and Kanye and Censori married on January 12, 2023, less than two months later.

Bianca Censori was married in a non-legally-binding ceremony to well-known rapper and controversial lightning rod Kanye West on January 12, 2022, in California.

West has been active in the business since he was a local DJ creating beats for other artists in his area, with his first official production credits coming in 1996.

Notable Works

Bianca Censori joined Yeezy, Kanye West’s company, as an Architectural Designer in November 2020. Before her association with West, she had a successful online jewelry company, Nylons, which lasted from 2013 to 2017.

She is listed on various celebrity websites as a successful model and actor, but IMDB shows no acting credits other than appearing as herself in several TV shows, mostly in early 2023 and mostly to document her marriage to West.

Censori’s architectural designs feature minimalistic use of architectural elements to effectively break up and segment space.

Censori’s designs make extensive use of juxtaposed planar and rounded elements, creating and sustaining a tension between them that she uses to heighten or relax the emotional state of the user.

Her use of color is also minimalist: Architecturally she primarily works in off-whites and natural browns and pinks, which are accented with gold and other metallic colors. When she uses dark colors – blacks and dark browns – she uses them as effective accents offsetting her otherwise warm and pale palettes.

On the large scale, her works juxtapose industrial elements like planar walls and corrugated surfaces with traditional elements like rotundas, turrets, and arches.

Her use of material and space indicates a talented young artist in her early career period, with a prolific portfolio that should be rounded out in the coming years as she comes into her own as an artist and architect and her buildings and designs become more well-rounded and better-understood.

Career Risks

The most potent risk to Bianca Censori’s career right now is her romantic linkage to Kanye West. West is a well-known lightning rod for controversy, with his earliest controversial issues coming up in the mid-2000s, criticizing George W. Bush during a televised benefit for Hurricane Katrina (next to a mortified Mike Myers) and perhaps even more famously coming on-stage during an MTV Music Awards show while Taylor Swift was being awarded for a best female artist to praise R&B superstar Beyonce’s competing video which did not win the award.

In the late 2010s, West’s controversy-seeking nature led him to seek out relationships with controversial Republican president Donald Trump, and after Trump left office in 2020 he then continued to enter a right-wing rabbit hole, including being seen with well-known self-identified Nazi Nick Fuentes.

If she can aim West’s famously mercurial nature and difficult-to-manage temper in better directions, she can manage the risk that he presents to her professional portfolio. Otherwise, their marriage may not last long as the negative impacts he might have on her career could drive wedges between them sooner rather than later.


Bianca Censori is an Italian-born Australian-American architect who primarily lives and works in California. Graduating with a Master’s in Architecture in 2020 and shortly thereafter going to work for Kanye West’s design firm, Yeezy, Censori’s works show a strong and productive use of color, shape, and contrast in creating and maintaining images and visualizations that impress.

Her previous professional engagements include a jewelry firm, Nylons, which lasted from 2013 to 2017 before folding with her departure from the firm to begin her graduate education.

Censori’s net worth of 2 million U.S. dollars indicates that she is at the very beginning of her career as a designer. She should continue to be in more demand as her skills progress.

Her largest career risk is the association with her husband’s mercurial temper and if he cannot bring his public image under control, it may damage her brand and may lead to a relationship breakup. Censori is as exciting a new opportunity as her artistic skill demonstrates.

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