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How Elisabeth Moss Achieved a Net Worth of $30 Million

Elisabeth Moss

For most movies and TV shows enthusiasts, the name Elisabeth Moss is nothing new to you. You must have come across her in many roles that she has acted on over the years in her dynamic career. She has earned wider recognition in the drama series “Mad Men,” which was airing from 2007-to 2015, where she played the role of Peggy Olson, a secretary who switched to become a copywriter. Her hard work was rewarded when she won the critics’ choice Television Award” as the best actress under the movie/Miniseries category. The other awards that she scooped were two Golden Globe Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and two Primetime Emmy Awards. Her acting prowess has given her fame and made a huge fortune. This article is a guide to understanding how Elisabeth Moss has made her fortune. From the moment Elisabeth Moss began her acting career at a younger age and debuted in a TV movie in 1990 called “Bar Girls,” she has never looked back, and her star has continued to shine. In that movie, she acted as Robin and later appeared in another TV miniseries called “Lucky Chances.” Most of her cash comes from acting roles, where she has featured in many roles in movies and TV series. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Elisabeth Moss net worth was at $30 million by the end of the year 2021.

Drama Series Mad Man ($75,000 per episode)

Moss’s fame rose when she starred in this AMC drama series in the 1960s. As Peggy, a secretary who became a typewriter, her role made people glued to their screen to catch a glimpse of her. Because of this series’ entertainment effect on millions of viewers, its production team decided to continue producing more episodes. It aired from 2007-to 2015. According to the Express, The more the series production continued to air, Moss’s bank account continued to swell as she was making about $75,000 per episode that she acted when the show was at the peak.

The Handmaid’s Tale ($175,000 per episode)

This is the third prestigious series that Moss has stirred in. It became an instant hit when it hit the screen and won an Emmy Award. Moss loves her role in this series because she played a character that she knew very well and enjoyed. The more she was enjoying her role- play in this series, the more she was making good money. She made around $175,000 per episode during the maiden series season. As an executive producer, Moss took additional roles in Handmaid’s Tale behind the scenes. Her pay cut increased to $1million per episode between September 2018 and September 2019, when this series was airing. She has made a whopping $24million.This amount took her to the top ten most paid actresses worldwide. Between September 2019 and September 2020, in all the roles she played, she earned $16 million. The series took a break during COVID-19, but it is now back with season 4 productions.

The Invisible Man ($143million)

This movie’s debut in February 2020 in theaters across the World, and its demand rose when COVID-19 hit the entire World as many people were indoors and were looking for content to keep them busy. She played the role of Cecilia Kass, a modern-day architect who has relationship issues and has escaped from that toxic relationship. She ended up in a problem as she was being stalked and terrorized. Her prowess in an executive role in this movie is mesmerizing as she displays her character perfectly well to demonstrate how women deal with invisible men in their daily lives.

Get Him to the Greek ($60 million)

This movie demonstrates bad behaviors in society. It was released. Moss was not misused properly in this movie according to the hype before its release.

Did You Hear About the Morgans? ($29.5 million)

This movie premiered in 2009 on the silver screen. It is a romantic comedy in which Moss made $29.5 million for her appearance. It earned $85 million in the opening weekend around the World.

Girl Interrupted ($29 million)

In this 1999 movie, Moss was invited to play the role of Polly’ Torch’ Clark. She featured among other big stars like Angelina Jolie. The film follows the life of a young lady who, after trying to commit suicide, was admitted to a psychiatric facility from 1967-to 1968. In the film, as a sixteen-year-old girl, she acts as a person who gets upset quite easily. She gets annoyed when her parents decide to take her puppy because she develops allergies to the canine’s fur. She acts wild to make money and pours gasoline everywhere.

The Missing ($27 million)

This film was released in 2003 where Moss played the role of Anne, a film that is set in is based on the book “the last ride.”

Movies and TV series Production

Besides making a fortune in various acting roles, Moss takes another role in the film industry as a producer, contributing to her salary. Some of the production work she is credited for include “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Ballet Now, “which were released in 2018. Others include” Her Smell” (2018) and “Light from Light” (2019).it seems she will continue to contribute to the film industry for a lifetime. What is she up to next?


Elisabeth has taken various spokesperson roles which contribute to her paycheck. Her role involves conveying development messages about upcoming movies that the public should expect.

Award Winning

Moss’s acting role hasn’t gone to waste; her prowess in the various roles has earned her recognition throughout her career. This has helped her attract bigger projects that have contributed to bigger paydays. In 2014, she was awarded the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in the television film “Top of the Lake. In 2009 and 2010, Elisabeth Moss scooped the awards for outstanding performances in Screen Actor Guild Award for her role in the drama series “Mad Men.” Her accolades did not stop there. She was awarded again in 2018 with a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her role in the movie ”Handmaid’s Tale. “Other awards she has won are Primetime Emmy Awards, Producers Guild of America Award, and Critics Choice Television Award. Overall, you can use your talent to earn money while having fun. In everything that you do, hard work can be rewarding; this is a demonstration of Elisabeth Moss’s achievement in acting and production, where she has become a household name.

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