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The Best Places to go Apple Picking in Maryland

Apple Picking

Maryland is a small State that has many apple orchards. Apple picking is one of the activities that ushers in the fall. If you want to enjoy the cool weather and bake a delicious apple pie, here are the best places to go apple picking in Maryland. These apple-picking spots will guarantee you a fun-filled afternoon.

10. Waters Orchard- Germantown, MD

Waters Orchard is a family-owned farm in Germantown, Maryland. The farm belongs to a hardworking couple whose main goal is to produce fresh farm apples grown in the most sustainable way by the local community. A trip to the farm explains why it is one of the best places to go apple picking in Maryland. Visitors are allowed to explore the farm and pick apples. Afterward, they sit by the fireplace and enjoy eating the apples and some freshly squeezed cider.

9. Butlers Orchard- Germantown, MD

The orchard is also located in Germantown, Maryland. The orchard is part of a large farm that hosts regular annual events. They have an open air market where visitors can purchase fresh farm produce. From August to September, guests can visit the farm and enjoy picking the largest and juiciest apples. The farm employs the integrated pest management method to cultivate all its produce. The method reduces the number of pesticides sprayed on crops. The farm also has fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Apart from apples, visitors can also enjoy picking flowers and late spring fruits like strawberries.

8. Catoctin Mountain Orchard- Thurmont, MD

Catoctin Mountain Orchard dates back to the sixties when it was one of the commercial orchards. It was later purchased by a family who transformed it into a family owned orchard with an open air market. It is one of the best places to go apple picking and enjoy pressed cider. They have a wide variety of apples like crimson crisp, pink lady, blonde, and September wonder. Besides, visitors can enjoy other fruits and vegetables like grapes, kales, apricots, and tomatoes. The farm has a playground where kids can enjoy running around as they play.

7. Milburn Orchards- Elkton, MD

Milburn orchards are located in Elkton, Maryland. It is not only one of the best apple farms in Maryland but also in America. The apple season starts in July and continues to late October and sometimes early November. The apple varieties produced are orange honey, red Rome, and McIntosh. The farm has regular events throughout the year where visitors can enjoy picking apples and other activities like yoga and Easter Egg Hunts. According to Thehotelumd, they also have a bakery that bakes delicious apple pies made with an original 19th-century recipe.

6. Baugher’s Orchards and Farms- Westminster, MD

They are located in Westminster, Maryland. Baugher’s is a traditional farm that will leave you with an unforgettable experience. The farm allows visitors to pick and eat apples. They have an orchard restaurant that sells freshly baked pies and pastries. They also make freshly pressed cider. The apple season is from August to October, and they produce varieties like Ida Red, Fuji, Granny Smith, and Empire Stayman Winesap. Kids can enjoy themselves in the playground and have a fun-filled experience. The farm has plenty of other fun activities like hayrides and a petting zoo for the visitors.

5. Lewis Orchard Farm- Smithsburg, MD

Lewis Orchard farm is one of the oldest farms in Maryland. According to Bestthingsmd, it is a family farm that started in 1888 and is currently managed by the fourth generation. The farm has gone through extensive renovations throughout the years, with the recent one being in 2003. There is an open market with large storage where visitors can buy fresh apples. You can buy fresh apples in the fall. The farm also bakes fresh apple pies. With advanced storage machines, summer visitors can also find apples and apple pies. The orchard produces pink lady, honey crisp, Fuji, and gala varieties.

4. Gardenhour Orchards- Smithsburg, MD

These orchards were started in 1890, and it remains a family orchard to date. It is currently managed by the fourth generation, who have managed to produce fresh, delicious apples. The apple season starts in August and ends in November. Visitors can pick fresh apple varieties like Fuji, Gala, Cameo, Golden Jonathan, and Pink Lady.

3. Heyser Farm- Colesville, MD

Heyser farm is located in Colesville, Maryland. It is a family owned farm managed by the third generation. Fall is the time for apple picking, and this is one of the best places to go apple picking. They have many types of apples, including their very own unique Spencerville Red. Apart from apple picking, they have fresh-pressed cider and other forms of entertainment like hayrides.

2. Shaw Orchards- Norrisville, MD

The orchards are located along Mason-Dixon Line between Norrisville, Maryland, and Stewartstown, Pennsylvania.  The orchard started in 1840, making it one of the oldest farms in Maryland. Despite the age, it is one of the best places to go apple picking. The apple season is from September to October with Gala, Cameo, York Imperial, and Pink Lady varieties. They also sell fresh apple jam, apple butter, and honey. The orchard has other fruits like berries, peaches, and melons.

1. Weber’s Cider Mill Farm- Parkville, MD

Weber’s farm is a family orchard located in Parkville, Maryland. The family’s fourth generation currently manages it. They mainly cultivate apples alongside other fruits like berries and peaches. The farm has the oldest cider press in Maryland. They also have a market that sells fresh apples, baked apple goods, and jelly. The apple season starts in July and ends in late October or early November. They have many varieties like Fuji, Evercrisp, Blondee, Crispin, Crimson Gold, and Ambrosia.


Apple picking is a fun family activity. Apple orchards have contributed to agri-tourism in Maryland. Many orchards are family-oriented, where kids can enjoy picking apples and head to the playground for more fun-filled experiences. Families can also bond through other activities like eating apples, apple pies, apple cider donuts, caramel apples, apple cider slushies, and enjoying hayrides. For an unforgettable experience, you can visit any of these best places to go apple picking in Maryland.

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