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A Closer Look at the ArtyA Wave Crystal Sapphire Case Watch

ArtyA Wave Crystal Sapphire Case Watch

ArtyA is a watch brand launched by Yvan Arpa. He is among the top watch designers in the industry today. His brand ArtyA produced its first unique timepiece in 2010 and has offered unique designs since that time. It's still a newcomer in the scope of fine luxury watchmakers, but it's risen to a significant position because of the innovations and artistic pieces that stand out in a category of their own. Arpa doesn't play by the rules of others. he crafts each piece in an audacious style that disrupts the industry. Artya confirms the successful entrepreneur and creative artist employs deliberate and provocative methods and techniques in his independent and responsive team of less than ten skilled technicians. The Geneva-based Swiss watch company has risen to a category difficult to define and it's not easy to match the brand with competitors because it appears to stand alone in many aspects. The ArtA Wave Crystal Sapphire Case Watch is its most recent release, which underscores our point about its uniqueness.

A new approach to an old art

ArtyA is known for six collections of watches housed within seven assorted cases that start at a 38 mm size up to 47 mm. The collections adopted various brand names including "Son of Sound, Son of a Gun, Son of Arts, Son of Love, Son of Gears, and Son of Earth. Variants under the categories are added annually using new approaches with raw materials that are deemed unconventional. For example, some cases have been drenched in motor oil or Arpa blood and some have been struck by lightning. You will find examples featuring mechanical gears, dinosaur dung, stones, bullets, and butterfly wings. This gives you an idea of the unconventional materials procured for the special edition watches. Each dial is handmade and features techniques not previously used in traditional watchmaking. ArtyA maintains continuous evolution in its models, which adds to the excitement of the growing number of fans. The research and development are ongoing and there is never a dull moment within the halls of the brand.

The ArtyA Wave Crystal Sapphire Case Watch at a glance

A Blog to Watch staff were fortunate to inspect the new Wave Crystal Sapphire Case and their examination reveals that the complicated shape of the crystal we see is accomplished through modern machining techniques that cut and polish the sapphire material with greater precision and polish. It's not a new process but it has been refined through the past few years to produce more intricate and novel designs in crystal. The Wave Crystal is a timepiece that features a case entirely made of sapphire crystal. The initial impression is one of wonder at the clear case with a skeletonized movement that creates a visual spectacle.

A closer look at the ArtyA Wave Crystal Sapphire Case Watch

The case of the Wave Crystal watch is 46 mm in diameter with a thickness of 15 mm to allow ample material for its design which integrates the front sapphire crystal lens into the case. ArtyA coated the entire case with AR product to cut down on the glare in bright sunlight. The case is resistant to water up to thirty meters. The case is secured together with metal screws. the crown is also a sapphire crystal.

The movement

The Artya Wave Crystal movement is an artistic rendition in a skeletonized style that shows off every possible aspect of the mechanical movement. The artistry resembles rippling waves, hence the name of the watch. Each bridge features a perlage with unmatched reflection to the movement with a hand-finishing process, according to Luxury Lifestyle. We have a full view of the movement from the full crystal case on the sides, front, and back of the watch. Functions include hours and minutes with a power reserve of 50 hours.

The strap

The ArtyA Wave Crystal Watch is affixed securely to the wrist by a genuine leather strap. The brand selects high-quality leather materials and employs handmade methods for creating each watchband.

Other facts about the ArtyA Wave Crystal Watch

The material for the sapphire crystal case is a synthetic sapphire material that is lab-created. These man-made stones are aluminum oxide and chemically pure. It bears the name corundum. The results of the creation processes render stones that maintain the same visual characteristics, physical properties, and hardness as natural gemstones. Corundum stones maintain a value of 1800 Vickers or 9 on the Moh's hardness scale. They're resistant to scratching and shattering. The ArtyA Wave Crystal watch is offered at the price of just under $30,000 from the manufacturer. ArtyA also offers a Blue Wave crystal that bears the same characteristics as the clear version with a price adjustment of approximately $1,000 more.

Final thoughts

ArtyA is a high-end Swiss luxury watchmaker that prides itself on being different from its contemporaries. The Wave Crystal Watch is a mild version of its uniqueness as its use of a crystal case is artistic and novel, but it isn't the most novel timepiece the company has produced. Those not familiar with the ArtyA brand may benefit from a more thorough inspection of its available collections to discover how far they've gone in their quest to deliver the most exceptional are rare watch designs we've seen. The Wave Crystal is a lovely timepiece that gives the wearer accuracy in telling the time in a conversation starter. This timepiece is likely to draw attention wherever it emerges. It's a magnificent example of form and function working in unison to provide a beautiful accessory that is also a practical and fully functional timepiece. The ArtyA Wave Crystal watch is available in the clear version we reviewed, or you could spend a few dollars more on a blue version. If you have an extra $30k available, it's a nice watch to add to the collection. We're in awe of the innovation and thought ArtyA puts into its creations.

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