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How Ashley Flowers Achieved a Net Worth of $5 Million

Have you ever thought about the possibility of becoming a podcast host and wondered how much money you could potentially make from participating in such an endeavor? It’s an extreme case, but if you have wondered something similar at some point in time, you might look at the net worth of Ashley Flowers, one of the world's foremost podcast hosts. At the moment, her net worth stands at approximately $5 million. That's a lot of money when you're talking about any type of profession, but it almost boggles the mind when you start thinking about someone who hosts a podcast, as so many of them are hosted and operated in almost total anonymity. Clearly, that's not the case here. The question is, how exactly has she managed to do this. Maybe the more important question you need to be asking yourself is whether or not it's possible for someone else to do it or if there are extenuating circumstances here that you're not likely to find lining up in such a particular fashion again. In order to better understand that, you have to take a closer look at her career and exactly how she has made her net worth.

Preparation for a Very Different Career

As it turns out, Ashley never intended to become a podcast host, nor did she intend to have anything to do with true crime, something that one of her podcasts centers almost squarely in the middle of. As a matter of fact, the lover of all things about true crime, who was born in 1989, attended college at Arizona State University. It might surprise you to learn that her degree had absolutely nothing to do with solving crime. In reality, she studied biomedical research. Upon graduation, she even started working at the University of Notre Dame as a genetic researcher, something that a very small percentage of the population is capable of doing. This is important because it is a career path that adds significantly to her net worth. It's not fully known exactly how much money she made while she worked in this position, but there is only two or perhaps three percent of the population that is capable of holding this job. That fact, coupled with extensive training that one must undergo in order to do it, means that you're likely to get paid a lot more in this particular position than you are in a lot of others. It's possible then, that the work that she did here still contributes to her net worth, especially if she was wise about the way she invested the money she made while working there. You might be wondering why she doesn’t work in this field any longer. Something happened to her that ends up happening to a lot of people. After training for a job and working in that sector for some time, she ultimately decided that it wasn't what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. As a direct result, she switched to selling software and began working at a major software company in Indiana. That was another job that paid very well, but it clearly wasn't the thing that truly resonated with her.

A Lifelong Passion

Eventually, she allowed her lifelong passion of solving crimes to guide her in her career. In 2017, she started a podcast called “Crime Junkie”. She also began serving on the board of directors at the Indiana chapter of Crime Stoppers, something that she considers to be one of her most important career decisions of all time. If you're wondering how she started making her podcast, she had a friend that was in the business and the two of them teamed up together in order to create this podcast which would do a deep dive into a particular story about an actual crime that happened, each and every week. It was obvious that she loved what she was doing and that passion was reflected in the fact that people were almost instantly hooked. She even became so popular that she started doing a 20-minute long radio show on Radio Now 100.9, based in Indianapolis. It didn't take long for the wheels to start turning and eventually, she turned her love for doing podcasts and her passion for true crime into a full-fledged business.

Not Just a Side Hustle

After her initial podcast became such a hit in 2017, she started to explore the possibility of changing careers permanently. By 2019, she had made the decision to do “Crime Junkie” as a full-time endeavor, adding to it “It's Supernatural with Ashley Flowers,” another podcast that focuses on crimes that seem to have a supernatural or strange twist. She also developed her own company, Audio Chuck. It's a company that focuses on helping to empower women by giving them their voice through podcasts. Not only is she the founder of the company, but also its CEO. At the moment, she produces roughly a dozen different true crime podcasts through her business. She's also the author of several different books. When you put all of her endeavors together, it is estimated that she makes roughly $480,000 a year. Add to that her presence on a number of different social media platforms, all of which are monetized, and you have another $40,000 to $70,000 each year. As you can see, that's a fairly respectable sum of money. Therefore, it doesn't take a terribly long time to get to a net worth of $5 million.

By all accounts, she has no intention of slowing down anytime in the near future. She's young, she has loads of passion for what she does and of course, she enjoys having the opportunity to make a lot of money. Most people would agree with that statement if they were actually being honest with themselves. For her, it's all in a day's work. It will be interesting to see where she takes her company next and how much her net worth increases over the years as she continues to do exactly what she loves.

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Written by Allen Lee

Allen Lee is a Toronto-based freelance writer who studied business in school but has since turned to other pursuits. He spends more time than is perhaps wise with his eyes fixed on a screen either reading history books, keeping up with international news, or playing the latest releases on the Steam platform, which serve as the subject matter for much of his writing output. Currently, Lee is practicing the smidgen of Chinese that he picked up while visiting the Chinese mainland in hopes of someday being able to read certain historical texts in their original language.

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