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10 Reasons To Visit the Barnyard Flea Market

Flea Market

If you love shopping but hate what it does to your wallet, it's time to discover the joys of the Barnyard Flea Market. Or rather, the Barnyard Flea Markets. Because unlike other local markets that expect you to come to them, Barnyard Flea Markets come to you. With locations throughout the South East, you won't have to travel far to find a market near you. Home to thousands of vendors selling everything from household products to toys, electronics to vinyl records, the markets are a great place to enjoy a bargain-filled shopathon. If you're not sure it's for you, check out these 10 reasons to visit the Barnyard Flea Market.

1. It serves the whole of the South East

The Barnyard Flea Market is a little different from certain other flea markets. For a start, it's not just one market, it's many. As The Crazy Tourist notes, the business has been running for over 20 years across five markets in three different states. Depending on where in the South East you are, you might want to visit Lexington (4414 Augusta Rd; Saturdays from 7 am to 4.30 pm and Sundays from 8 am to 4.30 pm); Augusta (1625 Doug Barnard Pkwy; Saturdays from 7 am to 4.30 pm and Sundays from 8 am to 4.30 pm); Greer (2000 SC-101; Saturdays from 7 am to 4.30 pm and Sundays from 8 am to 4.30 pm); or Dallas (3856 Dallas High Shoals Hwy; Sat-Sun 6:30-4:00).

2. It's like Craigslist but better

As says, if scouring through the listings on Craigslist or eBay is your kind of fun, you're going to love the Barnyard Flea Market. With over 500 vendors selling their wares each weekend, you're almost guaranteed to find some quirky finds to lose your heart and a few dollars to. The range of goods on offer is immense, with everything from dog beds to dolls, pressure cookers to pot plants. Basically, if there's something in the world you didn't know you needed but are certain to want, you're going to find it here.

3. You can make just as much money as you spend

Fancy coming home with more money than you left with? Then why not put all that junk gathering in the attic to good use and set yourself up as a vendor at the Barnyard Flea Market? If you've only got a few odds and ends to clear, it's easy enough to register as a one-time dealer. If you make a regular habit of collecting bric-à-brac from garage sales and thrift stores, you could make anything from $250 - $1000 per weekend by selling them for a profit as a market regular. Prices and reservation policies vary by market, but you shouldn't need to spend much more than around $15 or so to rent a table.

4. There are snacks

If you start wilting after a few hours without sugar, don't panic. If there's one thing Barnyard Flea Market has in abundance (apart from great deals on flea), it's snacks. After a hard morning of browsing the tables, join a line at one of the food booths to enjoy some tasty tacos, boiled peanuts, fried dough, pretzels, or pork skins. If you prefer a sit-down option, head for one of the cute little indoor cafes instead.

5. It's fun for all the family

If your kids are getting bored of spending every weekend the same way, introduce some variety into your family's routine with a trip to the flea market. Sure, the kids might pull a face when you tell them they're going to spend their Saturday trawling through piles of other people's old junk, but once they release just how many toys and video games are in among that junk, they'll soon be singing a different tune.

6. It’s heaven for bargain hunters

Sometimes, the only difference between something new and something old is that the one comes sealed and the other doesn't. If you're happy enough to sacrifice some fancy packaging for a smaller price tag, you won't be disappointed with the cost of shopping at Barnyard Flea Market. Regardless of what you buy, you can bet your bottom dollar it'll be at a price that won't leave a dent in your wallet.

7. It'll help you brush up on your negotiation skills

If your negotiation skills are getting a little rusty around the edges, the Barnyard Flea Market is the perfect place to polish them off. The vendors here won't look at you suspiciously if you ask them for a better price. In fact, they'll think it's stranger if you don't. Seasoned flea dealers fully expect their customers to haggle - most of them will even build a bit of wiggle room into the price for that very purpose.

8. It's a good way to support your local community

Supporting your local community is a very good, very noble endeavor. But let's be honest - it's not always a whole lot of fun. If you want to do your bit without picking up garbage or cleaning graffiti, try a visit to Barnyard Flea Market instead. Every cent you spend will be going directly into the hands of local businesses, but you'll also get to experience a very unique, very enjoyable shopping experience... it's a win-win.

9. It's better than the gym

Can't face spending your weekend sweating it out at the gym? Fortunately, you don't have to. Walking up and down the aisles of the market is a great way to burn off the calories... even if you do end up eating more than you burn thanks to all the good eats on offer.

10. It's always changing

Maybe you've already been to Barnyard Flea Market once and are looking for a reason why you should visit again. Well, here it is - it won't be the same next time as last time. Fleas markets aren't a been there, done that, got the T-shirt kind of a deal. Every week, there's a new bunch of vendors selling a new bunch of stuff to rifle through. One week you might find a great deal on kid's clothes. The next week, you might find some toys for the cat. Sometimes you'll come home with a bag of rare vinyl, other times you'll come back with some handicrafts. Every week is different and every week is an opportunity for a different flea experience.

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