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20 Things You Didn't Know About Gympass


In the changing world that we're living in we all must be adaptable to changing social situations. We've recently learned that with the advent of the Coronavirus outbreak. Perhaps more than ever, maintaining a strong immune system is vital to ward off illness. Plenty of sleep, a healthy diet, and regular exercise. With gyms around the nation closing, there are now alternatives for getting the exercise that you need. Gympass is a unique company that offers gyms, apps and wellness classes wherever you're at in the world. To help you become more familiar with the company, here are 20 things you didn't know about Gympass.

1. Gympass is a membership health and fitness provider

Gympass offers its members unlimited access to a variety of different fitness programs. The company has established a network of 11,700 gyms that it works with. Members may choose from 570 different fitness activities to participate. There are 2, 100 cities with Gympass.

2. There are several different packages to choose from

Gympass offers a variety of packages for online fitness training. The basic package allows for online access to gyms and studios with 56 activities. The Silver package gives you access to 176 activities. The Gold package has 256 activities to choose from. Platinum provides 288 activities and Diamond membership offers 291 activities to choose from. All of these options are available for online participants.

3. Gympass offers health and wellness options for corporate entities

Gympass is an excellent option for companies who desire to offer employees a corporate-sponsored health and wellness benefit. The staff works with HR professionals to determine which packages will work best for their workers and then supplies the company with credentials that allow those authorized to log into the program with their own accounts to begin building their own health and wellness programs.

4. Gympass offers holistic health and wellness services

There are so many different activities to choose from that members can build their own wellness plans to individually tailor their experiences to suit individual needs and preferences. This is a holistic program that offers fitness training as well as meditation classes through the NEOU program. The Zen App is designed for those who need a little help with relaxation, meditation and getting a good night's sleep. The 8fit program is tailored for each person online workouts and nutrition planning to connect members with a network of online fitness and wellness partners.

5. The Gympass plans are affordable

We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the Gympass membership packages are remarkably affordable. The basic package that provides members with a choice of 56 activities starts at just $9.99 per month. When compared to many other fitness memberships, this is an excellent value for the services that are being offered. The packages go up in cost depending on the number of benefits available.

6. Gympass has been in operation since 2012

Gympass was established in 2012. It was originally founded in the country of Brazil, but it relocated the operation to New York, New York where the headquarters now makes its home. The startup has done remarkably well since its inception, providing memberships to clients in 14 different countries. The associated apps are available in several different languages as well with over 2,000 clients.

7. Major companies have signed with Gympass

Some of the largest corporations in the world have established partnerships with Gympass. These are companies that value their employees and seek to provide them with health and wellness benefits. Some of the companies include Tesco, Activision Blizzard, Unilever, and more. These businesses recognize the tremendous benefits that a holistic approach to health and wellness can have upon their workforce.

8. Gympass has achieved unicorn status

Companies that reach the $1 billion mark in valuation are classified into the elite group of companies referred to as unicorns. According to, Gympass' raised $300 million in venture capital funding in a round that was led by the SoftBank Vision Fund Latin America Fund that pushed the startup over the $1 billion mark including its other assets.

9. Gympass has some significant financial backing

In addition to SoftBank's Vision Fund Latin America Fund, there are several other investors that have put their money on the success of the company. These include General Atlantic, Atomico and Valor Capital Group, and others. Gympass has spent the last 7 plus years in a steady upwards trajectory which boosted investor confidence. It has all of the earmarks of achieving a sustainable financial future.

10. Gympass has plans for expansion

Although the startup is currently active in 14 countries throughout the world already, there are plans for further expansion. These include extending services into the Asian region of the world. Other long-term strategic plans for the fitness and wellness company include the use of the new funding that it has received to further personalize its products and to enhance the user experience beyond the current offerings. They did not expand on precisely what that might include, but it's exciting news for members who are already enjoying the health and wellness activities that are currently offered.

11. Gympass is a late-stage privately-held startup

Gympass has entered into the late stage of its funding cycles, having completed a round of Series D funding. This is an excellent indication that there is solid investor confidence in the company. Gympass is a privately owned company that has not indicated the need to file for an initial public offering. The rationale for not going public is because they have done well enough in raising funds through the private sector without the need to offer shares in the company to raise funds for operations or for expansion plans.

12. Gympass was founded by 3 entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurs who founded Gympass are Cesar Carvalho, Joao Barbosa, and Vinicius Ferriani. Carvalho currently serves as the Global Chief Executive Officer for Gympass, and he is located in New York, New York. Joao Barbosa is the Global Head of Partnerships/Gyms and is located in Milan, Lombardia, Italy serving the European Union regions. Vinicius Ferriani is a co-founder who serves as a board member and advisor.

13. Gympass maintains a strong social media presence

One of the avenues that Gympass uses for advertisement is through social media. The company has its own official website that is located at www. It also has a presence on Facebook, on LinkedIn, and on Twitter. These are powerful means of spreading the word about the services that are available. They realize the power of word of mouth advertisement as well as the targeted advertisement campaigns available through most social media sites.

14. The CEO has a high approval rating

We were interested in knowing more about the inner workings of Gympass, and how the employees of the company feel about working there. According to surveys gathered by, the CEO, Cesar Carvalho has an approval rating of 64%. While on an academic test this may be considered a failure, in a company that employs over 500 people, it's a fairly high score. The company gets a 3.5 out of 5 rating. 59% would recommend employment to a friend.

15. Staff reviews are a mixed bag

According to staff who rated the working conditions at Gympass, there are pros and cons to working for this company. On the positive side, the majority of staff report that Gympass is a business that is experiencing rapid growth. They demonstrate a caring for the culture of the company as well as for each individual employee. There is an opportunity to grow with the company for some. On the downside, some report that most of the leadership is from Latin America and employees that are not from this region feel that there is a glass ceiling for them with preference given to Latin American workers. Not all of the processes are working well yet as it still embraces a startup culture, but in general, it's a good place to work for most. There were some negative reviews however that insinuate the products are not as great as advertised.

16. Gympass offers Brunch and Breathe Webinars

We were fairly impressed when we visited Gympass's LinkedIn page. We saw that the company sponsors community service webinars to remind people of how important it is to take a few moments to regroup. They called the webinar the Brunch & Breathe session. It offered a guide for employees to help them to stop what they're doing for a few moments, to breathe, and to take the time to connect during these "uncertain times." This certainly supports one of the reviews that we read from staff that points to the Gympass philosophy of caring deeply about its employees and promoting the company culture in a positive manner.

17. Gympass is currently hiring

It's always a good sign when you see that a company is hiring new employees versus laying them off. This is especially true when there is a worldwide crisis and there are so many who are unable to report to their regular jobs. Gympass has advertised 43 positions available throughout the world at last glance. To name a few, there is a Partnerships Coordinator position open in Barcelona Spain, a Community Manager in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a Banco de CVs Jovern Aprendiz in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

18. Gympass launched its US campaign in 2018

If you haven't yet heard of Gympass, it's probably because it hasn't been available in the US for very long. The company officially launched its expansion into the United States market in March of 2018. They started by rolling out their fitness services in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville, Houston, Columbus, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Chicago, and Miami. This was a huge campaign that resulted in locations being established in gyms throughout these cities, but there are online programs available beyond the borders of these locations.

19. Gympass could signal a change in the world of fitness

Gympass has a unique delivery system for hooking up employees in the corporate world with health and wellness options. They currently work with thousands of gyms and fitness providers throughout the world. The app functions through a GPS system that shows the closest gyms available for fitness workouts. Passes are issued through membership that provides the holders with unlimited access to between 56 and 291 different activities depending on which type of plan they are enrolled in. This service is intended to change attitudes about health and wellness and it is believed that it will have a positive impact on the overall physical and emotional health of the workforce. As more corporations enroll in these plans to encourage their workers to get more physically active, there is a great potential to see the overall health of nations improve with improved access to a larger variety of health and fitness activities.

20. Gympass is a unique middleman

Gympass has achieved a tremendous level of success in the short time that the company has been active. They offer a unique approach to health and wellness that so far, has been well-received. The company has advanced to the unicorn status without the need to go public. This is a company to keep your eye on as it continues to grow and expand its services throughout the world. So far, there has been no mention of plans to take Gympass public in the near future as it has ample financial backing.Gympass is a brilliant concept because it links people with the services that will benefit their health and wellness, and they are making their profits by being the broker that connects people with desirable services. The concept for the startup is nothing short of brilliant.

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