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How Bella Hadid Achieved a Net Worth of $25 Million

Bella Hadid

Growing up on a farm in Santa Barbara, where she started riding horses at two years old, Bella never thought she would one day become a supermodel, let alone an expert at makeup application. Riding never required wearing much makeup, but she used to raid her mum’s cabinets for the fun of it. Now she has become such a major social media influencer that Tommy Hilfiger said that anything she promotes sells. Bella still has not given up on horses, and one day she hopes to buy a big farm and have lots of horses; until then, she continues to accumulate more money. Bella Hadid’s net worth so far is $25 million, so let’s get into the details of how she became this wealthy.

Stepping out of her sister’s shadow

Bella described herself as the black sheep of the family, perhaps because she could never measure up to her sister or mother. Her mother, Yolanda, was a successful model who instilled a love for the camera in her three children by always taking pictures of them since they were babies. However, she was very strict about allowing any of her three children to venture into the workforce before they were 18 because she feared they would be judged by the way they looked. Despite such a fierce motherly love and protection, Bella still felt she fell short of her mother’s expectation; to her, Gigi was more likely to succeed as a model because of how well-composed she was in front of the camera. Bella thought she could never be in the same league with Gigi; she disclosed that Gigi was more beautiful, smarter, and funnier and it was up to Bella to prove she did not have to be compared to her elder sister. Therefore, Bella decided to set herself apart by becoming rebellious and dyeing her hair brown.

What made matters worse was the fact that Bella had a lot of insecurities regarding her body. By the time she was 15, the model was chubby, and her brows are so thin that her face was the last thing she had to grow into a model. Despite all these insecurities, Bella knew that she had to work hard to become independent. She told Elle that she had watched her father, real estate mogul Mohamed Hadid, build his empire from scratch. Her mother also had to ride her bike to school, so spending the money that parents had worked so hard for was not in her plans. Consequently, when she turned 17, she began her career, and by 18, she was financially independent.

However, it was not a smooth journey, especially for someone so young. Although the model managed to achieve her goal of financial independence at 18, Bella had to be very aggressive to do it. Yolanda had told her daughters that there are so many beautiful and talented girls globally, so it was up to them to prove they were worth the business deals. Bella had already developed a strong work ethic as an equestrian when she had to wake up at 5.30 to cater to the horses and attend horse shows on her own for weeks. However, beginning a modeling career still took a toll on her mental health. Being a person who has a hard time saying “no,” Bella told The Cut that she would cry every morning, during lunch breaks and before going to bed as she tried keeping up with the rigorous 14-hour work schedule, every day.

Her hard work paid off

After making her debut in the modeling industry in 2014, it only took Bella four years to be named the youngest model; hence she appeared in Forbes list among the highest-earning models. In 2018, she made $8.5 million, but even in the previous year, she had earned a spot on the list for the first time when she earned $6 million. Her millionaire status would not have been quickly achieved had she continued with her equestrian passion. Unfortunately, after contracting Lyme disease, she had to give it up and venture into modeling. In 2016, Bella was reportedly making $11,000 per hour during the Australian Fashion Week.

It is not just her walking in the runway that rakes in the millions; being on Instagram has increased her net worth too. According to Hopper HQ, Bella Hadid is ranked #45 on the Instagram Rich List 2020, where her 31.3 million followers allow her to make $91,900 for each post. Although she has fallen from the 24th position she held in 2018, the amount of money per post has more than tripled because two years ago, she made $27,000.

Although details of her contracts are not usually revealed to the public, Bella has made quite a fortune from several endorsement deals. Since renowned athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Jordan scooped over $1 billion from deals with Nike, it is safe to assume that Bella might as well be making millions since she is among the most sought-after models. She inked a deal with Nike in 2016, and although most fans felt she was not healthy looking enough to represent the brand, that did not stop her from pocketing her millions.

Will her net worth increase in future?

In 2017, Bella, alongside her sister and Kylie Jenner, were named the top celebrity endorsers. She was in the lead, having landed 14 endorsement deals. The Drum explained that most brands favor celebrities with a high number of social media followers and an active presence since they can easily influence people into buying their products. Still, Bella Hadid’s net worth is bound to rise as the president of IMG Models, Ivan Bart, predicts. According to Bart, the sky is the limit for Bella and her sister; hence in 2016, he added that their entrepreneurial spirit could see them lead a brand soon. With that kind of confidence in a person’s abilities, only time will tell how far Bella is willing to go to break the glass ceiling that had limited her for so long.

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