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The Best and Worst Years for a Used Ford F-150

Ford F-150

The world of trucks is saturated with light, medium, and heavy-duty ones. The Ford company manufactures the Ford F-150 and has been in the market since 1975. Over the years, the truck has undergone major changes in design and structure, with the latest one being the 2022 Ford F-150, and there are media reports that the truck will continue to be on the market in 2023. According to Cars.News, depending on the trim level, the F-150 has a starting price of $31,520, and the top ones go for up to $81,085. The regular cab F-150 has one seating row which can host only the passengers, while the Super cab F-150 has two rows that can comfortably accommodate six passengers.

Rear-wheel and four-wheel drive trains are available, and through different trims, they produce horsepower that ranges from 290 to 450. The truck's engines start with a 3.3 L or 5L Ti-VCT V6, a 2.7L/3.5 L EcoBoost V6, and a 3.5L Power Boost V6 hybrid. The torque of all these engines ranges from 256 to 570 lb.-ft. Lovers of the Ford-150 pointed out that there were years when the Ford F-150 was better than others. This article will discuss the best and worst years for the F-150.

What to Look for When Determining the Worst and Best Years for A Particular Vehicle

Before we start looking at the best and worst years for the Ford F-150, we wish to guide you on some of the factors you should look for. Foremost, you should compare several sources where drivers and car owners register complaints. To avoid biased sources, look at the ones with the highest rankings. Secondly, look at the opinion of legal authorities such as the NHTSA.

In particular, determine whether these authorities have investigated the vehicle's model. Together with other bodies, the legal entities give awards to the best performing vehicles-do not fail to check them out to identify the best ones. Price is not necessarily a determinant of the best or worst year for a vehicle. The total sales of a certain vehicle play a great role in helping you to make the right choice; the more sales, the higher the possibility that the vehicle was better in that year.

Best Years for The Ford F-150

Most people would like to hear a story's positive part before getting into the negative one. If you are among those people, relax as we take you through the best years for the Ford F-150.

4. 2021

For law enforcement agencies to consider a truck, it must have proven stability, speed, and reliability. The 2021 Ford F-150 Responder is perhaps one of the best trucks in its history. The most outstanding feature is the 3.5-liter engine V6 (twin-turbocharged) which makes it very comfortable for police work. The engine generates 500 lb.-ft torque and 400 hp. This truck has the highest torque compared to other chase-rated cop cars.

In 5.4 seconds, it can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour at a speed of 120 miles per hour, which means that it is 0.4 seconds faster than other cop cars that Ford tested. With a good rod and an experienced driver, it can hit up to 120 miles per hour. The police love the Ford F-150 because they can easily modify it to suit law enforcement duties, and if you buy a used one, you can reverse it to the original shape. A used F-150 Police Responder truck has an average of $4029. Different sources indicate that it is the fastest cop truck in the United States.

3. 2020

If you have been looking for one of the most recently used Ford F-150, we highly recommend that you go for the 2020 model. By looking at the Consumer Reports, you will realize that it scored above average in satisfaction and reliability. This year, some of the problems reported on previous F-150s, such as cooling and drive systems, were highly improved. The functionality of the engine receives a very high rating among different customers.

Ford introduced an aluminum body for the 2020 model to make it better, which made it very strong and improved its ability to cope with different climatic conditions. The underneath of the aluminum body anti-rust coating. In addition, it came with standard automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning features. Those willing to have a used 202 Ford F-150 should be prepared to spend $27,663 to $34,400.

2. 2016

2016 is one of the years in which lovers of the Ford F-150 got another opportunity to enjoy the comfortability of the truck. So safe was the car that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave it the Top Safety Award. Though owner satisfaction and reliability ratings of the 2016 F-150 went down slightly, they remained above average. Its users loved its strong transmission, and fewer reported issues around it.

Besides having a well-performing 2.7 Liter engine, it also had comfortable seats and a very attractive style. According to, the truck came with a SYNC 3 infotainment system and a pro trailer backup system. On the same website, the truck has an overall rating of 8.6 out of 10, with the highest rating being on its safety at 9.8/10, and even critics rated it at 9.5/10, proving the truck's reliability. According to Edmunds, a used for $13,243 and $41,616.

1. 1996

Comparative analysis of different sources shows that the 196 Ford F-150 remains one of the best trucks you can get. According to the, 95% of the drivers who visited their website said they would love to buy the truck. Out of 5, it received a reliability rating of 4.7, an appreciation for value for money of 4.5, in terms of comfort, it got a 4.3, and a performance rating of 4.3. If you want to purchase the 1996 F-150, then be prepared to part with $14,150 to $17,250.

The truck receives an almost similar rating from Edmunds which gives it an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5. and Kelley Blue Book even gave it a higher rating of 4.5 out of 5. Drivers in Edmunds suggested that you will only be required to replace a few parts in the truck, and then you will be good to go. If a good driver owned it, you would likely get the outer body intact, and it only needs some furnishing.

Worst Years for The Ford F-150

Despite its success in the vehicle industry, there are some models which we highly recommend that you avoid. In the years given below, consumers gave various complaints about the models.

4. 2018

Though it appears as one of the most recent years you can get a Ford F-150, several complaints were made about the 2018 models. Most drivers complained that the doors were not latching. In cold weather, the latching would be more problematic. Another problem is that the tailgates would even open by themselves, which made it riskier, with some drivers suggesting that the problem was because the tailgates were electronically operated. Internally, the 2018 F-150 was associated with problems in shifting gears, and the engine would stall from one time to another.

The faulty interior systems were so common that they recalled some of the 2018 trucks. According to Car Complaints, the engine problems ranked the highest, followed by transmission, exterior accessories, and electrical ones. The used 2018 F-150s range from $15,998 to $122,488 depending on the trim levels and the condition of the truck.

3. 2013

The Vehicle History gives a detailed report on how some 2013 Ford F-150 were faced with serious transmission issues, brake loss that was attributed to a leaking master cylinder and unexpected loss of their engine power. The truck faced three investigations as well as an equal number of recalls.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) received more than 2000 complaints about the truck. The investigations were based on unexpected downshifts that would lower gear while the vehicle was in motion. The NHTSA also investigated the 2013 model over claims that it lost power when drivers would adjust to hard acceleration. The authority established that the acceleration problem was caused by a misfire when the truck was exposed to either humid or rainy conditions.

The manufacturer gave a technical service bulletin on how to solve the problem. When you visit the NHTSA website, you will interact see how different drivers complained that the deceleration made them lose control hence leading to accidents. In some circumstances, drivers reported that the truck's rear wheels would lock themselves.

2. 2010

When buying used Ford F-150s, remember that the 2010 model is a money pit. The truck's major problems are with its transmission, with some drivers reporting that they experienced hard shifts when transmitting from the first to the second gear. While stopping, the poor transmission would make some trucks jerk. The transmission problem would be complicated by mechanics claiming that the system appeared okay even when owners would take them for repair. Those who thought they could solve the problem with flushing oil could not get a solution either. Several drivers also reported that when they hit the 45-mile-per-hour speed mark, the trucks would either start vibrating, experiencing loud bangs during transmission, or they could have unresponsive acceleration.

The other dominant problem with the 2010 Ford F-150 truck was that, upon hitting more than 100,000 miles, they would develop electrical failures that resulted in lights switching off, and radio systems would also fail. More than 170 drivers complained that the 2010 model had its rear window shattering easily, especially when they drove on medium-rough roads. Though on a minimal scale, some owners reported body paint wearing out faster and AC/heater problems. If you still wish to get this truck, be prepared to part with $13,500.

1. 2004

According to Motor Biscuit, from 2004 to 2007 FordF-150 had one of the most glaring problems, which were attributed to the V8 Triton engines. The engine problems were so pronounced that the company had to recall the trucks 16 times. Besides the engine, the truck's window regulators would not function well before becoming faulty. Their plastic chips broke easily, causing them to smash into the doors. In addition, the gas tank straps would corrode easily, leading to the detachment of the tank from the main body trunk.

The Car Complaints reports that owners would pay an average of $300 to fix window problems in the first 67,000 miles, $5800 to fix engine failure issues within an average of 104,000 miles, and the engine would probably knock within an average of 86,000 miles. The same problems replicate in the report by Repair Pal, which states that users reported engines running rough while idle and ignition coil failures that were caused by an excessive spark plug. According to Edmunds, you can get a used 2004 F-150 at the cost of $1501 to $15,966.

In Conclusion

Like any other vehicle, the Ford F-150 has had some good and bad years. One of the most recommendable behaviors of the Ford company regarding its Ford F-150 is that it has treated customer complaints with the concern they serve. The same has been demonstrated by its ability to recall vehicles with serious problems besides the provision of revised repair manuals. This discussion highlights the effectiveness of the NHTSA in ensuring that the company treats customers fairly and, where necessary, has never hesitated to conduct investigations.

If you are a car owner, kindly participate in ranking your favorite vehicle, and neither should you shy from pointing out specific problems. As they say, one man's meat is another's poison, therefore, do not be astonished by the idea that a different driver would go for a vehicle you deem so bad. Most of the cars discussed herein are only available used. Therefore, conduct a comprehensive market review before purchasing them.

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