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10 Best Romantic Beach Getaways for Couples in Florida

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There's nothing quite like a romantic trip to spend quality time with that special someone, and Florida is one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the US. Planning an intimate getaway with your partner is also one of the most romantic areas. It's a sprawling state with much to do and see for visitors. 

There are also many resorts, private beach houses, and condos to choose from across this diverse and scenic state. One consideration is that not all Florida beaches are alike. The scenery and activity options range greatly. From the panhandle to the Atlantic coast or even the Florida Keys, you can experience new and exciting places that will help you make lasting memories.

Once you choose a destination, you'll also want to know what activities to pursue, where to eat, and which places offer the most wow for your trip. So, what are the 10 best romantic beach getaways for couples in Florida, and how to choose the best for your interests? If you're interested in planning a romantic Florida getaway, keep reading to find out which beaches are the best for your romantic retreat. This article also includes what to look for and what to experience once you arrive.

How We Determine Which Beaches in Florida Are the Most Romantic for Couples

Florida has countless beaches spread across the state, but we determined which were the most romantic based on some preliminary criteria. Careful research allowed us to isolate the beaches that offered the most to couples visiting from other places who want to create the best experience possible. 

Our Criteria

The best beaches in Florida for couples need to check certain boxes. These criteria are essential for ensuring only the best-suited options stand out from the rest of the locales across the state. Romantic beaches in Florida have an atmosphere that makes you feel welcome and relaxed. Our picks for the most romantic beaches will make you feel at home and free to let your hair down and unwind while enjoying your partner's company. 

Another essential criterion is scenic beauty, as rated by visitors year-round. Some Florida beaches provide spectacular natural features and postcard-like views no matter where you go adventuring. They are perfect for exploring any time of the night or day. We also carefully consider the range of couples activities and events that provide the excitement and adventure you crave based on the experiences of past visitors seeking to make the most out of their special time together. 

Our List of Romantic Beaches for Couples in Florida

Anyone thinking of the perfect vacation to spend one-on-one time with their significant other won't be disappointed with our list of best beaches in Florida for couples. These must-visit Florida beach getaways provide the ideal scenic beauty and ambiance, making it an unforgettable experience.

10. Playlinda Beach

Starting our list of Florida beach getaways for couples is Playlinda Beach. If you're looking for seclusion and privacy, it's a great choice. 

At a Glance

  • This secluded beach is located on the Atlantic Canaveral Coast.
  • There is parking for the beach at the Canaveral National Seashore Park for the cost of an annual pass of $40. 
  • This beach is never crowded and offers space and privacy for romantic vacationers. 
  • Amenities
  • The beach is kept clean and looks incredible all year round. 
  • Visit the Kennedy Space Center or stick to the surf and sand of Playlinda Beach. 

This is probably the most secluded and least crowded beach on the list. Couples craving alone time without the hustle and bustle of tourist areas will enjoy the space and freedom this area offers.

Playlinda Beach is situated on the northern Atlantic coast of Florida. The beach offers swimming and plenty of room to lay on the beach and daydream. Some people also enjoy surfing and scuba diving. Although the waters aren't as scenic as other beaches in Florida, like the Keys or Destin, it's still very beautiful and looks like it's part of a painting at sunrise and sunset. 

Playlinda Beach has both affordable and upscale lodging options that cost between $300 per night during the busy season in the spring and summer to around $100 after Labor Day. 

9. Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is known for its beach-style atmosphere, surfing, nightlife, and plentiful things to do. This destination is a must for anyone looking for a little of everything from Florida. 

At a Glance

  • Cocoa Beach is located on the mid-Atlantic coast of Florida. 
  • There is plentiful parking at Cocoa Beach with many free options. 
  • The atmosphere is fun and casual, with a distinct surfing vibe. 
  • Cocoa Beach has a laid-back range of dining options and a bustling nightlife. 
  • Cocoa Beach has a wide natural coastline with impressive surf and scenic views. 
  • Cocoa Beach is perfect for walking, fishing, surfing, jet skis, and biking with your partner. 

Cocoa Beach is a beach lover's paradise. It has wide, sweeping beaches with the sound of crashing surf and plenty of piers and walkways for strolls. If you love seafood, you'll find an abundance at the many top-rated restaurants dotting the coastline. In terms of accommodations, there are tons of affordable options rated well by previous visitors. However, there are also some great upscale options with views overlooking the ocean. 

If you choose to visit Cocoa Beach, you can also visit Kennedy Space Center, a short drive away, or you can wander the largest surf shop in the US, Ron Jon Surf Shop. There's always something to do and see set against a causal backdrop. Cocoa Beach is a bit more expensive during the busy season with spring break festivities and summer vacationers. Your average room rate can run between $350 per night at a nicer three to four-star hotels to about $150 per night in a budget inn during the off-season.

8. Panama City Beach 

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach earned its reputation from Spring Break Celebrations, but at other times of the year, it's the perfect backdrop for causal vacations with someone special.

At a Glance

  • Panama City Beach is located near the big bend of Florida along the Gulf of Mexico.
  • There is plenty of free parking along Panama City Beach. 
  • The atmosphere is upbeat and exciting, with causal and upscale options. 
  • There are plenty of clubs, restaurants, and fun activities on and off the water. 
  • Natural beauty
  • Things to do

Panama City Beach is a premier destination in the panhandle of Florida. There are tons of great restaurants and couple's activities such as short-distance cruises, parasailing, and swimming in the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

The scenery is pristine, with pure white sand beaches, tall sand dunes, and quaint businesses along the coastline. It's one of the top Florida beach getaways for couples who want to mix fun and excitement with romantic backdrops and fiery sunsets. It's advised not to travel to Panama City Beach during spring break because hotel rooms are scarce and very pricey at around $300 per night for an average room. During the off-season, during the late summer and fall, a room can run as little as $120 per night near the shore. 

7. Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach is a great place to enjoy the southern Atlantic side of the Florida peninsula. It's got everything you could want a stone's throw away, but it offers some privacy and less crowded beaches than Miami. 

 At a Glance

  • Surfside Beach is located just outside Miami, which makes it a great location to escape the crowds. 
  • There is on-street parking at Surfside Beach for $2 per hour. 
  • Surfside Beach has a fun and upbeat atmosphere, which is great for adventurous outings during the daytime. 
  • This beach is a stone's throw from Miami, so you have access to some of the best amenities anywhere. 
  • Surfside Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Florida's Atlantic coast, with clean sand and breathtaking seascapes. 
  • Lounge on the beach during the day, or take a trip downtown for shopping or eat at top restaurants. 

Surfside Beach is a better alternative to Miami Beach. It's laid back and relaxing but still has all the conveniences you may want. Take a day trip out to the beach and enjoy surfing, snorkeling, and watercraft outings. The price for an average room during the busy season is $300, but you can visit after Labor Day for about half the price for an average room.

6. Destin Beach

Destin, Florida

Destin Beach is referred to as the luckiest fishing village in the US, but it has grown over the years to make it a top destination in Florida. It's a mix of breathtaking beach scenes and sensational activities. 

At a Glance

  • Destin is located in the western panhandle of Florida along the Gulf of Mexico. 
  • There is some free parking at Destin, but most parks and beaches charge a small fee of around $5 per vehicle. 
  • The atmosphere at Destin is very casual and free-spirited. 
  • There is a very popular boardwalk with many restaurants and vendors along the marina, as well as condos and quaint motels.
  • Destin is located along the Emerald Coast of Florida, a reflection of the water colors and sugar-white sand beaches. 
  • Enjoy a lazy day at the beach or take a helicopter ride along the shoreline to spot wildlife and experience the beauty of this stretch of shoreline. 

Destin is a bustling tourist town during the spring and summer months, but it's still quaint enough to be one of the best beaches in Florida for couples any time of the year. Experience the wide array of seafood restaurants or even some ethnic options dotted along the coastal highway.

Take time to tour the magnificent towering sand dunes and explore the native wildlife by scheduling a tour. During the off-season, you can forego the crowds and enjoy quiet strolls along some of the most beautiful shores in the world. The cost for a room can range from $250 to $150 per night during the summer months, but prices are higher during spring break and holidays. 

5. Seagate Beach 

Seagate Beach should be at the top of your list if you're looking for romance and privacy. This exquisite beach is located in Naples, Florida, and is a perfect backdrop for your next couple's escape. 

At a Glance 

  • Seagate Beach is located on the interior south peninsula of Florida along the Gulf of Mexico. 
  • Parking at Seagate Beach is $10 per day. 
  • The atmosphere is secluded and private. 
  • There are no amenities on the beach, which includes restrooms. 
  • This breathtaking seascape features white sand beaches, abundant palm trees, and native plant life. 
  • Enjoy water activities or lounge on the beach while catching a spectacular sunset together. 

Your visit to Seagate Beach is sure to be pleasant if you want to relax and enjoy each other's company while enjoying the fantastic display that nature provides in this location. The average price for a room near the beach is approximately $300 anytime during the year.

4. Anne's Beach

Anne's Beach

Anne's Beach is one of Florida's most romantic beach destinations. It's teaming with natural wonders and tropical plants and animals. If you're up for an adventure, it's the ideal place to spend time together while escaping everyday life. 

At a Glance

  • Anne's Beach is located in Islamorada along the Florida Keys. 
  • This beach is only accessible by water. 
  • The atmosphere is secluded and tropical. 
  • There are no amenities located on the island. 
  • This naturally beautiful destination is the ideal tropical location secluded from the mainland. 
  • Enjoy kayaking, water sports, swimming, snorkeling, and watching marine animals. 

Anne's Beach is the most secluded and pristine location on our list. Take a short trip by boat or watercraft to the island and stay for the day. It's the perfect backdrop for swimming and having a romantic picnic. One surprising feature is the affordable lodging for people staying near Anne's Beach. Accommodations can range from $200 during peak season to $75 per night during the late summer and fall months. 

3. Miami Beach


Miami Beach is the perfect blend of urban excitement and laid-back beach vibes. If you and your partner are looking for a little of everything, then Miami Beach can definitely accommodate you. 

At a Glance

  • Miami Beach is located on the southern Atlantic coast of the Florida peninsula. 
  • Parking is free after metered hours but $15 for the day or $2 to $3 per hour. 
  • The atmosphere is fun and exciting, with plenty of action. 
  • This beach has every amenity you could want, including bathrooms, food, and beach rentals. 
  • Miami has beautiful sand beaches and sweeping urban views. 
  • Enjoy biking, water sports, dining, dancing, and sunbathing. 

Miami Beach is known for its culture and things to do. There's never a dull moment in this bustling beach city. Enjoy a wide array of cuisine from every culture you can imagine. Cruise the beach with the top down if you have a convertible, or check out the latest fashions from boutiques dotting the coastline. 

Be sure also to experience the nightlife that this spot is famous for providing to visitors. Hotel accommodations during the busy months can reach upward of $400 per night, but room rates can run just over $150 for a nice hotel room during the off-season.

2. Palm Beach

Palm Beach

Palm Beach offers fun, excitement, and all the amenities you could want at a scenic beach in Florida. This tourist destination has plenty of seaside activities, clubs, lodging, and incredible coast views. 

At a Glance

  • Palm Beach is located on the exterior panhandle of Florida along the Atlantic Ocean. 
  • There are some one and two-hour free parking spaces along the beach. 
  • Atmosphere
  • Amenities
  • Natural beauty
  • Things to do

Palm Beach is a busy tourist town, but it's more manageable than Miami Beach if you want to experience a more low-key location. You still have access to every amenity you want, but the crowds vary throughout the year. 

Make reservations in advance to ensure availability during the spring and summer, as the area has an influx of vacationers. During the busy season, you'll pay around $300 on average for a room. During the slower months, the rooms are around $150 per night. 

1. Honeymoon Island Beach

Honeymoon Island Beach

This beach is at the top of the list for a few reasons. Primarily, this location is free from the hoards of tourists Florida is known for year-round. It also features incredible romantic views and plenty of couple-friendly activities. 

At a Glance

  • This island is located just off of the Tampa coastline.
  • You can only access the island by boat or watercraft. 
  • This beach is especially designed for romantic getaways and couple's activities. 
  • This island is undeveloped, with few amenities aside from a ferry to the mainland. 
  • This island has pristine white beaches and incredible sweeping views of the natural landscape. 
  • Enjoy swimming, picnics, walking, and water sports. 

Honeymoon Island Beach was developed decades ago, but the condos were removed, and all that remains is beautiful beaches for visitors to enjoy. It's the ideal location for a romantic getaway, far from the crowds. 

Plan to take the ferry to the island for the day and return to the mainland during the evenings to enjoy your lodging in nearby Tampa. It's the perfect blend of modern convenience and secluded romantic beach scenery. The average cost of a nice hotel in the area is around $250 and up, depending on the time of the year. In the off-season, rates are much lower for budget options.

Tips for Enjoying Romantic Beaches in Florida

Knowing some helpful tips before you set out for romantic beaches in Florida is recommended. This information helps you plan accordingly to ensure you maximize your time with someone special.

  • When choosing your location, consider if you want to experience laid-back or quaint areas without much traffic and crowds. Some places on this list offer the perfect quiet getaway that allows you and your partner to unwind without the hustle and bustle of busy areas and packed beaches. It would be best if you also considered waiting for the busy season to end so that it's even more relaxing and affordable.
  • If you plan romantic evening dinners, check out the restaurant options with the best view and service. Call ahead to make reservations and find out the best times to avoid the crowds. Although Florida is known for its spectacular seafood dishes, there are heavy concentrations of Latin and Caribbean cultures with incredible dining options along the state's southern portions and into the Keys.
  • The best way to choose accommodation is to set a budget for lodging and divide that amount by the number of nights you plan to stay. That will give you an estimated price range to guide your lodging selection. There are plenty of Air BnB homes and countless hotels and motels. There are options for almost any budget, but check out previous guests' reviews to find hidden gems and determine which places to avoid.
  • Some great romantic activities to consider include sunset cruises, sailing, riding bikes along the boardwalks, or even dining on the beach if allowed. Some caterers host beach dining, enabling you to share an intimate meal and catch an incredible sunset while enjoying the sounds of the waves and seabirds. If you stay at a resort, you may have access to the spa for couple's massages or access tours to notable places in the area.
  • Decide which time of year you plan to visit and act accordingly. If you want to visit Florida in the spring, expect larger crowds and fewer hotel or lodging options. Depending on your chosen location, you'll need to call over six months in advance. However, if you opt to go during the late summer or early fall, you'll have plenty of availability in most cases, with better pricing for any accommodations and travel expenses. Romantic beaches in Florida are best to visit after Labor Day to ensure the water is warm and the temperatures are milder than the peak of spring and summer.
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