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The 20 Best Brunch Places in Chicago

Lou Mitchells

Chicagoans love their brunches. Meeting friends midway between breakfast and lunch is a tradition in some circles, and it's a healing ritual for a serious hangover. The city is known for its outstanding brunch scene, and some restaurants cater to these crowds. Here are the 20 best restaurants in Chicago, specializing in brunch menus you'll want to try.


20. Porkchop

Porkchop is the best place in the Hyde Park vicinity for brunch. Sunday is the best day to go if you enjoy an active eatery that offers live performances to enjoy with your meal. The Grand Cabaret speakeasy is for the adventurous and those who like to party. Enjoy its "Drag Brunch with Bottomless Drinks" on summertime Sundays with other entertainment options throughout the year. They serve classic American breakfast and lunch options. The food is good, and the prices are reasonable.


19. Beatrix

Beatrix is a staple offering multiple locations for Chicagoans in the River North area. The restaurant offers dine-in and catering services for all-day meals with healthy options. They squeeze the juices fresh, and the breakfast menu is extensive. Each location is similar, with a cozy cafe atmosphere, homestyle American classic cuisine with a modern twist, a coffee bar, cocktails, and menu items from brunch to dinner. The prices are affordable, and the food is exquisite. You can also find Beatrix cafes in Fulton Market and Oak Brook.

The Egg & I Restaurant

18. The Egg & I Restaurant

The Egg & I is a restaurant chain that serves breakfast and lunch items and combinations on its menu. The American homestyle eatery is among the most popular choices for brunch. The prices are reasonably low, and diners receive great value for the cost. The eatery offers dine-in and takeout options for eating out or picking up brunch to enjoy at the office or home. For more information about the menu and ordering takeout, visit the official website.

The Dime

17. The Dime Lincoln Park

The Dime is an iconic brunch establishment in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. The eatery is popular for its weekend gatherings and boisterous environment. It's a place where friends and family can gather for a tasty brunch with a choice of breakfast and classic lunch fare, but you'll share the space with the afternoon crowd fond of the sports bar environment. The music is great, and the drinks flow like water. Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest times when Chicagoans enjoy the $35 brunch that includes a day of bottomless drinks to accompany the meal. They serve classic foods with a generous menu of cocktails and brews.

Hubbard Inn

16. Hubbard Inn

Hubbard Inn is one of the most popular brunch destinations in the River North area of Chicago. It's a bright and sunny eatery that features revolving interior decor changes. The menu and setup constantly change from Secret Garden themes to other bright floral accessories. The environment is spectacular, but the food is even better. They offer a variety of menu items to choose from for brunch with special deals that makes it a value for the price. You can go single, as a couple, or bring the entire family. The lounge is adjacent to enjoying brews and cocktails with a theme that complements the current theme. It's a popular lounge for brunchers who like to chase their meals with a few drinks.


15. Nana Bridgeport

Nana Bridgeport is an iconic fixture in the 33rd Street area, serving its signature dishes made of healthy ingredients. The brunch menu features ethically and sustainably sourced local produce and farm foods, guaranteeing that they're organic. The food is delicious, with ample portions for a reasonable cost. It's a family-owned establishment featuring a brunch menu and Mexican-American fare. The menu offers signature dishes you can't find anywhere else in the city. It's among the more popular brunch restaurants in the Windy City.

Big Apple

14. Big Apple Pancake House

Big Apple Pancake House opens its doors at 6:30 am to serve the early bird crowd. It offers a generous array of breakfast choices at the most reasonable prices in the city. The establishment is family-owned, specializing in breakfast and brunch menu options. The prices are among the lowest in Chicago, and the portions are large. Choose from dine-in or curbside pickup. The restaurant is open until 2 pm daily.


13. Yolk- Marina City

Yolk is a brunch establishment at the Hotel Chicago Downtown Autograph Collection. It's part of a restaurant chain that serves breakfast dishes for contemporary brunches. Guests may dine in and enjoy the impeccable service with comfortable seating in the modern eatery, order takeout or opt for no-takeout delivery. The extensive menu offers everything from omelets and full-breakfast options to fresh fruits, a myriad of coffee and juice options, or more continental choices. They also offer a range of breakfast sandwiches. For more information about ordering takeout or delivery, visit the official Yolk website.

Summer House Santa Monica

12. Summer House Santa Monica - Lincoln Park

Summer House Santa Monica Lincoln Park is popular for its California summer-themed dining room. The colors are light and breezy with a West-coast summer vibe with hanging plants and a glass roof. The establishment sets the mood for a positive gathering of friends and family with breakfast and brunch items that get rave reviews from regular diners. The extensive menu offers multiple choices ranging from classic American breakfast fare to other items more aligned with lunch dishes. The food is fresh and tasty, and the service is exceptional.

11. The Bongo Room

The Bongo Room has two locations in Chicago. It's a classic brunch restaurant with a casual atmosphere in a cafe format. Guests are relaxed and choose from comfortable seats at tables. The establishment is known for its outstanding selection of breakfast and brunch dishes ranging from croissant sandwiches and breakfast burritos to upscale Lobster Benedict. They also offer meat-free options for diners. Chicagoans bring their families or meet friends for casual meals with ample servings, supreme quality, and reasonable prices at the Bongo Room.

The Publican

10. The Publican Fulton Market

The Publican is an eclectic eatery where Chicagoans gather for a unique blend of simple farmhouse cooking and European flavor. Breakfast and lunch items favor hearty dishes with a focus on seafood and pork. All ingredients are sustainably raised and hand-selected. The rustic environment is ideal for a relaxing escape from the busy city outside. Guests may enjoy a range of brunch items from the menu or relax in the European-inspired beer hall for a few brews.

Little Goat Diner

9. Little Goat Diner West Loop

The Little Goat Diner is an iconic brunch restaurant. Chef Stephanie Izard is the lead, directing the kitchen. The former winner of the Bravo "Top Chef" competition is the first female to emerge as the victor. The establishment serves traditional brunch items on the menu centering around classic American comfort fare. The atmosphere is casual and cozy with a midcentury retro modern interior. The food gets top ratings, and the pricing is moderate.

Pick Me Up Cafe

8. Pick Me Up Cafe

The Pick Me Up Cafe is a popular brunch location for friends and families with mixed eating preferences. It's not always easy to find cafes catering to vegans/vegetarians and meat eaters. It's a hot spot in the Wrigleyville area of Chicago because of the broad menu options for breakfast and lunch. The food is delicious, with meat and vegetarian meals to satisfy most preferences. It's a "trendy hangout" with uplifting interior decor, bright colors, and an eclectic yet modern vibe.

Twisted Spoke

7. Twisted Spoke

Twisted Spoke is a popular brunch establishment on the River West rooftop. The eatery is essential for party-going Chicagoans in the neighborhood. It opens at 10 am offering brunch through 3 pm on weekends with its "Hangover Hospital" brunch menu. Diners may choose from three variants of the Bloody Mary Cocktail for the hair of the dog. The casual rooftop restaurant prepares exceptional breakfasts with a decent-sized menu of classic American fare. You can learn more about the house specialties and weekly specials by visiting the website.

Chicago DIner

6. Chicago Diner

The Chicago Diner is an iconic brunch eatery. It's in two Chicago locations: a diner in Logan Square and a diner in Lakeview. It's one of the city's top picks for vegans and vegetarians. The owners changed the menu in 1983 and built its reputation on providing meat-free options in their most beloved American classic fare offerings. They serve breakfast, brunch, and dinner, serving menu items that appeal to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Batter and Berries

5. Batter & Berries

Batter & Berries has been a mainstay in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago since 2012. Chicagoans feel at home in the sunny and upbeat environment with its floral decor and homestyle breakfasts and lunches. It's the ideal place to meet for brunch with a choice of hearty breakfasts ranging from french toast, hashbrowns, eggs any way you like them, and a host of assorted syrup flavors, including maple syrup that's 100% pure. The sausage is handmade, and most ingredients are locally sourced.

Lula Cafe

4. Lula Cafe

Lula Cafe has been an eclectic eatery in Logan Square since 1999. After opening, it became a hotspot for breakfast and brunch. Chefs prepare farm-to-table dishes with seasonal produce. The menu options are extensive, with seasonal favorites, modernized traditional options, breakfast sandwiches, and more. Choose from specialty coffees, espressos, and signature cocktails to go with your order. Prices are reasonable to moderate, with the average full meal priced at around $23 per person. The atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable, with outdoor patio seating available during warm seasons.


3. m.Henry

m.Henry is a brunch restaurant in the historic Andersonville neighborhood that provides some of the city's best breakfast and lunch items. The highly-rated establishment serves an all-day breakfast with an extensive menu of classic American fare and healthier options. Most foods are organic and meat-free, catering to vegan and vegetarian diets. Enjoy organic tofu with tempeh strips, sliced avocado, and more.

The Duck Inn

2. The Duck Inn

The Duck Inn is a popular brunch cafe in Pilsen/Bridgeport. The eatery combines the best elements of a cafe and tavern to provide guests with a cozy and welcoming environment. It has the most exceptional Sunday brunch menu, with a decent selection of classic American breakfast foods and house specialties. The Banana Foster French Toast and Salmon Avocado Toast are a few examples. You can get the Inn's specialty eggs, shrimp, grits, the famed "Bridgeport Breakfast," and many other menu choices. Learn more about the trendy Inn and its exceptional brunch menu at the official website.

Lou Mitchells

1. Lou Mitchell's

Lou Mitchell's has been in business since 1923. It's preparing to celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. As one of the oldest restaurants in Chicago's West Loop area, the diner has a large following of regulars. Since its inception, the eatery has specialized in serving breakfast, brunch, and lunch. You'll find the largest selection of pancakes, omelets, and waffles with an old-school flair and some modern twists. The signature coffee is another drawing card for the establishment.

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