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The 10 Best Essential Hiking Apps

Hiking Apps

Planning an adventure into the wilderness can be a thrilling experience, especially if you are a seasoned hiker or mountaineer, as you know, have memorized your routes. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to have a reliable hiking app installed on your phone that can assist with directions of your current environment and provide reliable information associated with your hiking journey. According to Wellplannedjourney, a good hiking app will also help you quickly navigate along with the trials and find the best route towards your final destination. Here, we have outlined some of the best hiking apps you should try.

10. Wikiloc (Available for iOS and Android)

The Wikiloc hiking app is available in a free version where you can backtrack your trail and make it easily accessible for others using the same app to follow. The app also allows you to add waypoints, information, and pictures of your hiking route to make it easier for others to follow your track without getting lost. However, if you want to follow another person's hiking route, you will need to upgrade to the premium version for an annual subscription fee of $9.99. With the premium version, you can download as many hiking trails as you wish and record your route as well. The Wikiloc app displays the miles/kilometers you have walked, your moving time, total hiking time, and average speed. The app also notifies you if you stray away from your designated hiking trail.

9. Oh, Ranger! Park Finder (Available for Android)

The Oh, Ranger! Park Finder is an all-purpose traveling app that features various sections associated with recreational areas and parks suited for activities other than running, trekking, camping, and hiking. With the app, you can find helpful information on different national forests, national parks, and wildlife sanctuaries. Moreover, you can browse your destination's maps, directions, descriptions, and reviews.

8. Guthook Guides (Available for Android and iOS)

According to Androidauthority, the Guthook Guides is among the most popular apps for long-distance backpacking and hiking, featuring approximately 35,000 miles of routes in its database. The app provides detailed information about your hike, including; waypoints, campsites, water sources, elevation, and distance, all accessible on satellite and topographic maps. Each trail provided in the app can be purchased individually, but there is an option to buy all the trail guides for a price ranging from $4.99 to $59.99, depending on the length of the trail. Moreover, the Guthook guides can track your current location on the map and ensure you remain on the designated hike trail to your final destination.

7. Hiking Project (Available for iOS, Android)

The Hiking Project is a free hiking app based on community-sourced content to help you pick the best trail to your destination. The app also provides you with some helpful information on what items you should carry to your hike. To help improve the user experience, the app is frequently updated with more user reviews and new hike information.

6. Komoot (Available for: iOS and Android)

The Komoot is a very easy-to-use app with numerous valuable features, including; turn-by-turn voice navigation, GPS tracking, and a user-friendly interface. The app can also calculate the remaining distance to your final destination. With the Komoot app, you can keep track of your hiking activities and easily connect with other hikers using the same app worldwide. By tapping a point on the map, the app will automatically create an optimal trail to your destination. The Komoot hiking app is the best app for backpackers, trekkers, and hikers as it allows you to import GPS tracks easily. However, the main downside of this app is that its topographic maps cannot be zoomed in.

5. Gaia GPS (Available for: iOS)

The Gaia GPS is one of the most preferred hiking apps for navigation. The app allows you to do everything from recording your hiking route and saving hike statistics to finding new hike trails. The Gaia GPS is available in a paid and free version; where in the free version, you can view both satellite and topographic apps and track your route with the cell service. For the paid version, you will pay an annual subscription fee of $39.99, giving you unlimited access to offline maps, such as off-road driving, mountain biking maps, backpacking, and backcountry skiing. The app will also notify you of the weather forecast and help you find the nearest camping site.

4. Spyglass (Available for Android and iOS)

The Spyglass is the ultimate view finding and navigational app for trekkers, backpackers, and hikers. The app allows you to download offline maps, get location coordinates, navigations toward waypoints. By upgrading to premium for an annual subscription of $5.99, you will get unlimited access to various amazing features.

3. Green Tracks (Available for Android)

The Green Tracks app is best-known for having a wide array of free topographic maps. This is a really important feature in mountainous or remote locations where the GSM signal is usually unavailable. This hiking app also offers you about eleven types of online maps, including; topographic, road, and satellite, that displays plenty of useful live data about your hike's location. To use the GPS tracks, you need to transfer them to your phone's storage via Google Drive, email, or cable and access them through the app. The main downside with the Green Tracks app is its poor graphic design and immediately stops updating your location if you touch the map, requiring you to touch the re-center button again.

2. Cairn (Available for Android and iOS)

According to Besthiking, Cairn is a walking and hiking route app that ensures you remain safe as you enjoy your adventures. The app helps you plan your adventure by providing estimates of how long you will take to reach your destination based on personalized data. If you take longer than expected to reach your destination, the app will automatically notify your emergency contacts. The app is also available in a premium version that allows you to use some features offline and send your live location to your contacts.

1. All Trails (Available for Android & iOS)

The All Trails hiking app is also among the best hiking apps due to its community-based database that provides useful information on different hiking trails. The app is also available in a premium version that provides you with additional features like real-time overlays and offline off-route/3D navigation. The All Trails app is an easy-to-use hiking app that makes it easier for you to find various biking, running, and hiking trails for various difficulty levels and lengths.

Final Words

Are you a frequent backpacker or hiker? Then, you certainly know the importance of getting yourself the best hiking app. Hiking apps ensure you do not get lost along the trail and immediately contact your emergency contact for help. With so many hiking apps to choose from, it is advisable to conduct thorough research before determining which app works best for you.

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