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The Best Glamping Campgrounds in Pennsylvania

Camping Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a state with plenty of wildlife, pristine waters, and a great place for fun outdoor activities such as water rafting, hiking, or fishing. It is also home to some of the best glamping campgrounds. If you are wondering what glamping is, it is the same as traditional camping. Still, it includes modern amenities such as electricity, running water, a queen- or king-size bed, and some air-conditioning. According to Pennlive, glamping provides a perfect way of enjoying the best of both worlds. You will also be able to get in touch with nature by participating in various fun outdoor activities. Here, we will take a closer look at some of the best glamping campgrounds in Pennsylvania.

5. Luxury Safari-Style Tents (Gettysburg, PA)

The Luxury Safari-style tents are one of the best glamping campgrounds in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It is the ideal getaway location from the noisy city. These unique safari-style tents are handcrafted from native cedar logs and tin roofs that provide them with a fully furnished modern look. There is also a wood-burning stove placed inside these tents to keep you warm throughout the whole night. Each tent also has a private, eco-friendly outdoor shower and restroom. You will also get to enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi, electricity, locally-made toiletries, and electricity, which means your electrical devices will remain powered as you enjoy your camping adventures. The Luxury safari-style tents have welcoming camp attendants ready to cater to all your camping needs. This glamping campground is located on an island in the middle of the Delaware River, offering you a calm and relaxed outdoor ambiance. It also provides you with an exclusive camping experience. There are other amazing modern luxuries offered at this camping site, such as a fitness center, indoor pool, Jacuzzi, and business center. You will get to enjoy and relax at the sandy beach after a day of fun and tiresome outdoor activities.

4. Lake in Woods Resort (576 Yellow Hill Rd, Narvon, PA)

According to Hipcamp, Lake in Woods Resort is best-known for having numerous glamping options for you to choose from, including; cabins, double-decker buses, tents, RVs, and covered wagons. They also have big yurts that can comfortably fit two adults and four children. The accommodation is fitted with a queen bed, while the other rooms have bunk beds where the children can sleep. There is also an additional mattress in the loft area. Their yurts are built with sturdy materials and are fitted with most of the essential modern comforts. There are plenty of fun activities you can enjoy while at the dock, but it is a requirement to wear the life jackets that will be provided before paddling the boats. Other fun outdoor activities you can participate in include basketball, shuffleboard, softball, mini-golf, quoits, and volleyball. You can also rent a bike and hike on the Total Fitness World Trail. Other modern amenities provided at the Lake in Woods Resort include; a microwave, ceiling fans, basic utensils, a propane gas fireplace, lakeside view television, and a kitchenette with chairs and a table.

3. Lake Raystown Resort (Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania)

Lake Raystown Resort is one of the best glamping campgrounds in Pennsylvania that offers comfortable and fun accommodations. They have tent-like yurts that are well-framed with wooden windows and floors. They have also furnished their yurts with a comfortable bed with clean, fresh linens and cooling and heating options so that you have a unique glamping experience. The yurts are designed to have a pleasant skylight that lets you view the state's beautiful sky. There are also plenty of fun outdoor activities you could try out during your stay at the Lake Raystown Resort. There is a picnic table to enjoy an outdoor meal and a deck to enjoy the fresh air. The yurts also come with a fire ring that allows you to light up a bonfire. Additionally, the yurts are fitted with a walnut bathhouse, where you can enjoy private toilets and relaxing baths. The resort also features cottages and cabins with several modern luxuries such as Wi-Fi connectivity, a fridge, and a TV. People with large families mostly prefer the cottages and cabins.

2. Kozy Rest Campground ( 449 Camp Ground Rd, Harrisville, PA)

The Kozy Rest Campground is a very comfortable glamping campground in a spectacularly beautiful location right in the middle of the woods. Each cabin is a very cozy single-room structure fitted with a double bed, small refrigerator, benches, tables, and microwaves. The cabin is big enough to host four people comfortably. The cabin is surrounded by a lush green forest that helps create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. This campground also accommodates people on rentals, which is the perfect option for people who prefer living outdoors while enjoying the modern amenities. You can also visit McConnell's Mill State Park, which is twenty miles away from the resort, and enjoy hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing.

1. Keen Lake's Hermit Island (155 Keen Lake Rd, Waymart, PA)

Since it is located on a private island, Keen Lake's Hermit Island is the perfect glamping campground to escape the city. Keen's Lake is located on a 3-acre natural paradise surrounded by some of the most stunning landscapes. According to Triptodiscover, they have plenty of modern luxuries and fun outdoor activities you can enjoy during your stay on the island. There is a boat shed where you can rent kayaks, rowboats, canoes, and paddleboards for your friends and family. If you love fishing, there are several fishing supplies and bait to fish in the Lake. There are two large charcoal grills and picnic tables on-site, where you enjoy your favorite meals with the whole family. At the Keen's Lake Hermit Island, you can tag along with your pet on your adventure as there is a Pet Beach fully designated for your pets who probably love to play in cool water. The open spaces of Dorflinger Suydam Wildlife Sanctuary and preserved woodlands allow us to explore the island's beautiful nature. Moreover, there is a local Snack Bar on the site, where you can enjoy the campground's free Wi-Fi and satisfy your cravings. The clean bathrooms and convenient Laundromat allow you to refresh after fun and tiresome day of exploring the island.

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