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The 10 Best GMC Hummer Models of All-Time

H1 Alpha

Before the Hummer, there was the Humvee, a tough off-roader with monstrous proportions and military aspirations. Eventually, GMC realized that civilians were just as eager to fork out for a decent off-roader as the army, and remodeled the Humvee into the Hummer.

For the next two decades, the Hummer was the biggest, baddest machine on the road. Then, in 2010, it disappeared, only to return this year with two brand new EV models. Here, we take a look at the 10 best GMC Hummer models of all time.

Hummer EV Edition 1

10. Hummer EV Edition 1

In fairness, the Hummer EV Edition 1 might well be the best Hummer ever made. The problem is, there's no way of knowing - at least, not yet. The first deliveries are looming, but it's still unclear whether Hummer is about to stage the greatest comeback ever, or fall flat on its face. According to, it's looking promising.

At $112,595 per unit, the Hummer EV Edition 1 is no one's idea of cheap, but with a projected driving range of more than 350 miles on a full charge, an eye-popping 1,000 horsepower, a removable top, and speeds of 60 mph in 3.0 seconds, all the ingredients are in place for Hummer to regain its title as the king of the trucks.

Hummer H2

9. Hummer H2

When the Hummer H2 was released in 2003, it was the most frightening thing on the road. It wasn't particularly fast, it drank gas like it was going out of fashion, and it had been branded to within an inch of its life.

On the plus side, it was lighter, longer, and roomier than previous models, with a cozier interior and some nice little concessions to comfort, including tri-zone climate controls, a tilt leather-wrapped steering wheel, and BOSE premium sound system. Celebs snapped it up, although the extravagant base price gave the rest of us considerable pause for thought.


8. Humvee

The Humvee, a four-wheel-drive military vehicle that basically made the Jeep obsolete in military circles, is where it all started. Without it, there'd never have been a Hummer at all. Its story started back in 1983 when AM General signed its first military contract.

Six years later, the first Humvee rolled into action during the invasion of Panama. With unparalleled off-roading capabilities and a tough attitude, it took the world by storm. When the company realized that a civilian version would do the same, the Hummer was born.

NXT 360 Humvee

7. NXT 360 Humvee

The NXT 360 Humvee made its debut in 2018, several years after everyone had given the brand up for dead. Designed to withstand any kind of terrain or circumstance it came across, it offered superb off-roading capabilities, a super-powerful turbo-diesel engine, upgraded exterior armor, kinetic energy threat protection, and even blast seats.

Obviously, it's a vehicle designed for troops rather than soccer moms... although anyone who turns up at the school gates in this is going to get some serious kudos with the kids.

Hummer H2 Limo

6. Hummer H2 Limo

The Hummer H2 Limo is the kind of vehicle that's designed to make a big impression. They're big, bulky, and take up way more road space than any single vehicle has a right to. With a spacious enough interior to accommodate up to 20 passengers, a minibar, flashing interior lights, and an epic surround sound system, they've been successfully marketed as the ultimate party experience.

If you plan on using one to take your kids to school, you need to check yourself. If you're planning on hiring one for a hen night, a prom night, or any other occasion when going big is the only way to go, you're in for a treat.

Hummer H1

5. Hummer H1

The first Hummer intended for the civilian market was, appropriately enough, the Hummer H1. It came in a choice of five different body styles, including hardtop, open top, and wagon. Although ostensibly designed for civilians rather than soldiers, there were very few nods to comfort.

They were cool, they could run on a flat tire, and they could climb vertical walls, but nice little daily runners they were not. They did, however, come with the option of leather seats... they weren't partially comfortable leather seats, but with a vehicle this aggressive, you didn't complain.

Hummer H3

4. Hummer H3

As Ranker notes, the Hummer 3 was produced from 2005 to 2010, with the first model year falling in 2006. It was the smallest Hummer ever produced, although its four-wheel capabilities and 242-hp engine were still as monstrous as ever.

The fuel economy was better than the H2, the interior was a little more comfortable, and for the first time, Hummer was clearly trying to tap into the luxury car market. It performed reasonably well, selling 159, 529 units over the course of its 4-year run.

Hummer HX

3. Hummer HX

The Hummer HX was a two-door, off-road concept compact SUV released in limited numbers in 2008. Made exclusively for the London, UK market, it was small, electric powered, and had more in common with a golf cart than a military machine.

Powered by an AC brushless motor and utilizing a 72v drive system, it could run for 60 miles on a single charge and achieve top speeds of 19mph (yes, you read that right). It was as far removed from the original Hummer as it was possible to get, but it proved a nifty little option for Londoners looking to whiz around town without incurring any pesky congestion charges.

H3 Alpha

2. H3 Alpha

If you want a zippy little sports car that'll impress your neighbors and look good parked up on your driveway, don't bother with the H3 Alpha. If, on the other hand, you care less about speed and elegance than you do about functionality, it's ideal.

Designed to handle any kind of terrain you throw its way, the H3 Alpha is an off-roading legend. The V8 engine may have had its faults, but it offered superb towing capacity. Aesthetically, it was pretty impressive too, with a snazzy chrome plating and a nifty silver bumper.

H1 Alpha

1. H1 Alpha

Hotcars describes the H1 Alpha as the best H1 on the market. In our opinion, it's got a pretty good claim to being the best Hummer, period. Unfortunately, it's exceptionally rare - only 693 units were ever produced, and finding one on the second-hand market is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. If you do luck out, you'll find it an exceptional hulk of metal.

Produced in both wagon and hardtop varieties, it boasted a Duramax V8 and, in a first-ever for Hummer, an automatic transmission. The standard H1 may have been good, but in terms of performance and comfort, the Alpha was a game-changer.

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