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A Closer Look at the 2022 GMC Yukon

2022 GMC Yukon

The world is changing around us and more people are moving toward EVs. Automakers are focusing some of their efforts on the emerging market, but some realize the value of the established fanbase and keep the lines running for America's most beloved full-size gas-powered models. The 2022 GMC Yukon is a perfect example. At a glance, we can tell that it's going to please drivers in need of more space. It's back for another model year by popular demand. If you're partial to traditional full-size SUVs, here is what you can expect to see in the latest edition

The 2022 GMC Yukon overview

The 2022 edition of the GMC Yukon follows on the heels of an award-winning SUV from 2021. It won the Best Resale Value Award from Kelly Blue Book, and Truck of the Year from Four Wheeler, according to Boyle Buick. Can we expect the same or better for the current version? You can expect the full-size SUV to perform at the high bar it set in the previous model year. You'll have a choice of the standard or the XL for additional space with its extended wheelbase. It comes in a choice of two engine options and offers four trim levels. GMC fulfills its commitment to luxury, style, and performance in its latest iteration. They come loaded with standard features and options you can add to customize your experience.

A closer look at the 2022 GMC Yukon

The interior of the new Yukon has comfortable seating for up to eight occupants. It's available in a configuration of either seven or eight, depending on the option you select. The design provides for a spacious interior with ample leg and headroom with second-row seating comfort. You can choose between the standard length or the extended XL. Gay Buick explains that the new Yukon is equipped with handy storage spaces throughout its interior. The rear seats are removable for increasing the storage capacity of the cargo area up to 144.7 cubic feet. It's designed for drivers that need extra interior space without cramping their style or sensibilities. Typical standard features across trims of the 2022 Yukon include Raoinsense automatic wipers, a heated steering wheel, and Bose Active Noise Cancellation. It also comes with automated emergency braking and forward-collision warning.

GMC Yukon technology and trims

The 2022 Yukon is loaded with standard tech features. It comes with a 15-inch multicolor head-up display, power sliding center console, and lane-keep assist with lane departure warning, Other features are available, depending on the trim you choose. GMC breaks down the details for each of the four trims offered for the Yukon.


Both trims come with a standard 5.3-liter V8 engine paid with a 10-speed automatic transmission. The SLT has the power-sliding center console as standard. It's optional for the SLE. You can opt for high-def surround vision in the SLT trim. Both models seat up to nine occupants and tow up to 8,400 pounds.

2022 Yukon AT4

The AT4 trim for 2022 seats up to 8 occupants and tows up to 8,200 pounds. It's equipped with a powerful 6.2-liter V8 engine, and a front skid plate featuring an approach angle of almost 32 degrees. It's delivered stock with 20-inch wheels and Goodyear All-terrain tires. It also comes with Four Corner Air Ride Adaptive Suspension. You can opt for an active response 4WD system.

2022 Yukon Denali

The new Denali seats up to 8 occupants and tows up to 8,200 pounds. It comes equipped with a 6.2-liter V8 engine, a power-sliding center console, and the Denali-Exclusive interior design choices. You can opt for a four-corner air ride adaptive suspension. It provides up to thirteen available camera views, some standard and some as add-on features.

Yukon exterior

The exterior of the 2022 Yukon has a bold aesthetic with a strong grille and premium wheel options that makes it stand out. Key features include a satin-chrome multidimensional Denali grille, a dual exhaust system with polished stainless steel tips, Denali badging, a C-shaped head and taillamps, and an available upgrade to 22-inch premium wheels in the Denali version. The AT4 and Denali r4WD versions offer available Hill Descent Control technology for making the trip down steep inclines smooth and safer. You can also add a Pro-Grade Trailering System for assistance in pulling heavy loads, a hitch view, and an app to improve the safety and performance of the feature.

Pricing and Availability

The SLE and SLT trims start at $52,500. The Yukon AT4 at $67,000, and the Yukon Denali at $70,000. You can opt to build your own 2022 GMC Yukon at the official GMC website, to customize your order and make it your own. GMC dealerships are waiting to hear from you to discuss the finer points and options of the new 2022 Yukon.

Final thoughts

The 2022 GMC Yukon is finally here and it's fully loaded with features and technology to suit the needs of drivers with large families. GMC offers a choice of four trims including an XL edition for maximum interior space. The manufacturer gives you the option of customizing your package to build your new Yukon to meet every need and desire. It's the ultimate SUV with versatility for towing, family trips, shopping excursions, and pulling steep hills with added safety features. GMC has gone over the options to ensure that the new iteration of the Yukon offers a luxurious and comfortable interior with convenient standards and available features. The Yukon comes with the latest technology for entertainment and driver assistance to make your ride safe and enjoyable. We'll likely hear more about consumer and critic ratings later this year. We predict the new Yukon to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor. We expect another award-winning performance.

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